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A special goodbye gift that took forever!!!! @torchix its finally here!!! I love you and I'll miss you!! So i hope you enjoy this :D (it took me forever lol) WARNING: MATURE CONTENT AND mommy kink AHEAD!!!!! You had been meaning to ask him this for a while now but you had always cowered out at the last second. But there was no escaping it today. You were finally going to do it. “Jungkook,” you half whined, putting your hand on his knee. “Yeah baby?” He didn’t look up from his phone. Your hand started climbing up his thigh, trying to get his attention – he still didn’t look at you. “I have a question for you... more of a proposal I guess,” you told him, voice getting quieter as his eyes moved to you, his body registering where your had was. “And what is this ‘proposal’?” His eyebrow lifted up knowingly. You began to get a little shy under his gaze, not wanting to have to come out and say it. “Can I, next time we do the sex, can I be in charge?” That had definitely not come out how you wanted. Do the sex? What are you, a fourteen year old virgin? You scolded yourself in your head. You quickly lost your train of thought when you saw Jungkook’s expression. “You don’t know how long I have been waiting for you to ask that.” Your cheeks flared red and your stomach tightened. Jungkook always seemed like the type to only ever want to be in charge, to have things his way, not to let you do what you want with him. The idea of all your wildest fantasies coming true made you press your thighs together. “Wanna start now?” You asked with a smirk, your hand running over his crotch and applying slight pressure. The action forced a groan from him. “Yes, please,” he replied instantly. “Good boy,” you whispered into his ear, leaving a soft kiss against his neck. You brought yourself away from him, Jungkook’s expression holding disappointment, standing up and walking towards your bedroom without looking back. When you reached the bottom of the stairs you looked over your shoulder. “You coming then or what?” You called to him, starting up the stairs. He didn’t waste any time in jumping up and taking the stairs two at a time. You shut the door behind him as he entered, his body turning to face you. “Someone’s eager,” you said with a smirk, walking towards him slowly. He excitedly nodded his head ‘yes’ and you felt yourself get a little wetter at how eager he was for you. You could feel his chest rise and fall as you pressed your hand to it, walking him backwards until he hit the wall. You brought your face closer to his, lips just out of his reach. You used your forearm to keep his shoulders to the wall, making sure he knows that you’re the one in control now. Your breath fanned across his lips as you spoke seductively to him. His eyes never left your lips and his tongue kept licking his in anticipation of the feel of yours against his. “I’m going to make you feel so good, baby. But only if you’re a good boy for me.” His breathing started speeding up as your face got closer to his, your hand running down his torso to the bulge forming in his jeans. Your head tilted to the side, eyes roaming his face and watching his reaction as you brushed your fingers teasingly over the zipper. You repeated this a few times, adding pressure each time until he groaned. “Please, God please let me kiss you,” he said, a little breathless. You brought your hand from his crotch, forearm also releasing him. “Since you asked so nicely.” Your lips pressed together, gently at first but it soon got heated. His plush lips melded perfectly with yours and they felt like heaven to kiss. You started to bite a little at his bottom lip. Reaching up, your hand brushed through his hair, pulling it back to keep his head against the wall. Your tongue licked a stripe up his neck, blowing air on to the saliva there, the sensation making him moan. You took the skin of his neck between your teeth, biting till he winced a little then using your tongue to sooth the skin, sucking and biting your way down his neck. While you worked on his neck you brought your hand down to his crotch, slipping your hand into his boxers, pumping him as you bit down on his shoulder. His hips bucked up into your hand while he moaned your name. It sounded so sexy coming from his mouth, you wanted him to say it over and over again, the same rasp that came with pleasure covering each syllable. “Bed. Now.” He followed your instructions, positioning himself in the middle of the bed. You bit your lip at the sight of him hard, breathing heavy and wanting your touch. “So you can be a good boy, who knew?” You said, standing at the end of the bed. “Shirt and trousers off then lay back down for me,” you ordered, pulling your pajama shorts down too. But he didn’t need telling twice. When he was left in just his boxers you crawled over him up the bed. You left open-mouthed kisses along his thighs, his eyes glued to you. When your face reached his clothed dick, you pressed a kiss against him, a muffled moan escaping his mouth. You carried on up him until you were at his ear. You grinded your hips against him, watching as his eyes rolled back and he bit at his lip, making you moan quietly at the sight of your boyfriend squirming under you. “Why don’t you just say it? I know you want to, I can see it in the way you bite your lip when I do something you like, trying to stop yourself,” he looked at you with wide eyes as you continued speaking in a low voice. “I hear you moan it after my name in your sleep so say it.” You decided to give him some encouragement, grinding your hips down harder on him. “Mommy,” he groaned, eyes closing at the friction. “I’m sorry I couldn’t hear that, let’s try again,” you moved down and straddled his thigh, fingers teasing at the elastic waistband of his boxers. He let out whines and whimpers as you pulled the elastic and let it snap back against his hips. “Mommy, please,” he whined pathetically. You pulled his boxers down and watched as his dick hit his stomach, a sigh of relief coming from his lips. You used your hand to pump him a little, watching as pre-cum leaked out. Using your tongue, you licked it off before taking the tip in your mouth, swirling your tongue. Gradually, you began bobbing your head, taking more and more of him in each time. You hollowed out your cheeks, sucking lightly, teasing him. “Fuck, mommy,” he moaned, making you grind down on his thigh. You flattened your tongue against him and took as much of him into your mouth as you could, your hand working on the rest. He hit the back of your throat and you gagged a little. “God mommy, please, please do that again mommy,” he begged, small whimpers leaving his mouth. You were happy to do it for him, wanting to give him as much pleasure as you could. He was squirming and writhing under you, his hands fisting desperately at the bed sheets, moans that reverberated deep within his chest music to your ears. You moaned around his dick as you grinded down on his thigh, needing some kind of friction. The vibrations around him brought him over the edge, coming down your throat, his knuckles turning white as his fists clenched. You finished by leaving kisses against his stomach while he tried to regain his breath. You straddled his stomach, looking down at his face, his hair a mess on the pillow. His lips formed a lazy smile, looking up at you lovingly. “So that was....” he trailed off and you felt your cheeks burn, getting shy again. “But now it’s you’re turn.” With a burst of energy, he flipped you over, his fingers dancing over the delicate skin of your stomach, over your ribs and to your breast, his lips kissing along your jawline. He pulled his teeth across your earlobe. “I’m going to make you feel so amazing.” You didn’t doubt that he would. You pushed him onto his back and looked at him, lust darkening his eyes and features. “Are you ready baby?” You asked, positioning him at your entrance. You ran his tip against your walls and he felt how wet you were, but you hesitated to move on top of him. “Please.” He whined and refrained from moving his hips up into you, liking the teasing a little more than he would ever admit. “Please mommy. I want you to ride me.” His words were laced with lust and the way he looked up at you stopped you from waiting any longer. You sunk down onto his length and he let out a struggled hiss, feeling your clench around him. “You like how Mommy feels?” you asked seductively as you rolled your hips along his. He couldn’t even use words as you picked up the pace, meeting his thrusts. He admired the way you bounced on top of him and how sexy he thought you were when you were riding him. You could set the pace and let him take control if you wanted but you wanted to make him feel good, having toyed with him enough. You gave him a good show, running your hands along your body as it bounced and wiggled above him. You ran your fingers through your hair and rolled your hair back, exposing your neck and moaning his name. “Fuck. You feel so good.” He breathed out, and you moved to lean over him, kissing him while your hips swiveled from side to side. You attached your lips to his and you breathed him in, his exhale and your inhale the only thing either one of your needed. He moved his lips to the crook of your neck, licking and sucking hard enough to make marks that he hoped everyone would see the next day. “Baby, Mommy wants you to fuck her hard, can you do that for me?” You whispered in his ear and held your hands on either side of his head, positioning yourself above him to give him more room to thrust into you. He didn’t say yes but the way he snapped his hips into yours was answer enough. He was so focused on the way you looked above him and how good he felt he didn’t see his release coming. His thrusts were hard and fast and made the bed rock against the wall. His jaw went slack and he closed his eyes and his head lolled back. “Y/N” He moaned your name, spilling his admiration and lust into you. You watched his perfect lips and the way his eye lashes fluttered and couldn’t help but smile at how beautiful he was. You moved down to kiss him, startling him as his eyes were still closed when you closed the space between the two of you. You rocked your hips a couple more times and then sat up and slid off the bed. He just smiled at you and pulled you back down to cuddle with him as he buried his face in your hair. “Kookie. I’ve got a lot to do, still.” You complained, trying to wiggle out of his embrace. “I want a nap mommy.” He playfully whined and pulled you closer to his chest. “When we wake up I’ll help you finish cleaning.” You just laughed, letting yourself melt into the boy next to you. <3 O.O <<<<< Everyone's expression right now xD TAGGING ONLY MY PRECIOUS YAKPAK FAM: @AimeeH @baileykayleen @ChelseaJay @kmeier230 @MorganElisabeth @SarahVonDorn @sugajin94 @tayunnie @Tigerlily84 @PrincessUnicorn @XergaB20 @jgallegos222 @VixenVivi
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As of March 15th 2016, I will be going on an extended hiatus to last anywhere between 4-6 months. (My approximate date of return is August/September 2016). I will NOT have access to a computer, phone, or wifi. Also, even immediately after the hiatus is over, I cannot guarantee that Ill be nearly active as I am now (which recently, because Ive been preparing, hasnt been much, Im sorry). As for the reason why, lets just say its very personal and if youd like the actual reason, message me on here or KKT and Ill let you know. On the plus side, after I get settled, Ill hopefully be able to purchase a new computer which means: 1. Ill be able to make edits and gifs for the first time in nearly 3 years. 2. My fiction updates will be more consistent (hopefully, all depends on inspiration). If Im already on your tag lists, please continue to keep me there. Im sure Ill miss a lot in the kpop community, so Id love if you guys kept me informed. (ESPECIALLY IF IT INVOLVES MONSTA X!!) I love you all, and these past few weeks have been great. Lets make memories in the future!! Love, Arii❤️ Tagging my usuals: @ChelseaJay @MorganElisabeth @SarahVonDorn @moonchild03 @CreeTheOtaku @MadAndrea @JohnEvans @SugaOnTop @Seouls @PrincessUnicorn @staceyholley @nerdy3000 @Emealia @Lexxcisco @KeziahWright @JasmineWilliams @sherrysahar @amobigbang @yewookyu @kpopandkimchi @SarahVanDorn @VIPFreak2NE1 @reyestiny93 @ToppDogg @HuonTreeRoo @staceyholley @sarangseoltang @krin @LenaBlackRose @Tigerlily84 @GDsGF @BulletproofV @suenaripop @DestinaByrd @Jiyongixoxo @solodaywithB1A4 @DawanaMason @SugalessJams @JinsPrincess86 @TLeahEdwards @jessicacheung97 @SamanthaRae19 @sugasweetness @bangtanella @LeighHolgate @KarlythePanda66 @Vay754 @MelissaGarza @Chace @SugaMint @LysetteMartinez @MelissaGarza @luyawn @lilloulou @P1B2Bear @KpopandKdrama @SaiT @StephaniePoore @katekendrii @pharmgirlerin @resavalencia @merryjayne13 @Tamaki1618 @yaya12 @JaxomB @sarahdarwish @amberg171997 @MomoChamie @Jinnyrod3 @ammagrande @raenel @CallMeMsDragon @SindyHernandez @Stefany17 @ChelestiEdwards @QueenLele @dchapple45 @aliahwhbmida @CrystalGuerra
You like thighs? I like thighs! Thighs! Thighs! Thighs! I blame Kpop Idols for my recent obsession with muscular thick thighs. I'm a complete sucker for thighs now and this is my Top 10! Thank you to the squad for helping me put together this list: @PrettieeEmm, @Ligaya, @gabbylu1 and @dallasyamane If there is someone that you think should be on this list, let me know in the comments! If I get enough suggestions I will do a series of hot thighs for you! 10. KIM MINSEOK (Xiumin) EXO 9. Kang DaeSeong (Daesung) BIGBANG 8. Lee Ho Won (Hoya) Infinite 7. Song Min Ho (Mino) Winner 6. Jeon JungKook BTS 5. Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) BTS (aka Love of my life) 4. Kang Dong Ho (Baekho) Nu'est 3. Park Jimin BTS (this was also a nice excuse to show off his abs) 2. Lee Jooheon Monsta X (I think it was Jooheon that started my obsession with thighs) 1. Jackson Wang GOT7 As usual, if you would not like to be tagged on future cards, please let me know. <3 @Ligaya @gabbylu1 @dallasyamane @PrettieeEmm @Emealia @PrincessUnicorn @CreeTheOtaku @moonchild03 @kpopandkimichi @KpopGaby @xsandos17 @SarahVanDorn @VeronicaArtino @amobigbang @herreravanessa9 @KaiTakashima @VKookie47 @KatieRussell @Mercii @Lexxxcisco @torchix @exobts947 @RihannaTiaMay, @SugaOnTop @Emilyanpham14 @Kieuseru @luna1171 @namelessx @malibella @skyrollins @MadAndrea @KellyOConnor @bulletproofV @BelencitaGarcia @AlexisRiver @sarangseoltang @ninjamidori @terenailyn @sosoaloraine23 @rapmonjams @ZwankimaWalker @zhac16 @kpopdeluxegirl @zyxzj @xXYGXx @LizaNightshade @RutGomez @Maxxie12 @ESwee @P1B2Bear @XergaB20 @CameronRemshaw @MahelySandoval