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Perfect Addiction Ch.1: Admit
Loco's story was supposed to start but my computer fucked up and all the chapters are saved as drafts but I can't get the drafts on my phone so until I get a computer or can get to a computer to schedule chapters this is the story I'm going with. Who: Jung Kiseok x Reader What: Angst, smut Story: I was always told to be careful around men. Even my own instincts told me not to trust him. I never did...but I did get addicted to him. Y/n's POV How we met continued to run through my head for days. It seemed so innocent. I was at work and he had come in. He had this nice smile and he had an amazing voice. I think maybe I was hypnotized by him. He asked me out cause he liked my voice. I thought he was lying, I hated my voice but he thought it was cute. I told him no, I wasn't looking for a relationship. It wasn't necessarily a lie I truly wasn't but he convinced me. He made it seem so easy. Like we weren't going to go too deep, like we didn't have label ourselves just casually dating. I guess casual to me doesn't mean the same to everyone else because, even if we didn't have labels, I expected him to respect me enough not to fuck around with anyone else. I have a problem, I get attached to people even when I don't want to. I get comfortable with their beautiful or highly toxic personality. Once I'm comfortable with you I can't imagine getting rid of you. So ultimately I end up becoming loyal to people that truly don't deserve my loyalty but breaking the connection, cutting them off to me, it feels too much. It's like cutting off a limb or carving out chunks of my heart. You see Jung Kiseok, he wasn't the type to settle for a no. He kept pushing until his no became a yes. That's exactly what he did to me. I'd say no and he'd push until I said yes. I liked him, he was cute and he said nice things. I forgot that words are just that. They're such a powerful weapon to sway someone into sinking in the sea. That's why it was so easy for men to drown themselves when it came to the sirens song. It wasn't just their hypnotic voices, they were appealing to the desire within them. In that aspect, I feel as though Kiseok was appealing to the desire in me. I suppose he read me well or he knew every woman wanted this: to be liked. I've never felt attractive to anyone, yet every morning I wake up and put my make up on and walk around pretending for my own sake that I am enough. That some how, to someone I'm pretty. I've easily become someone I don't recognize. In my world, this world, finding a virgin is like walking across a unicorn. There's nothing wrong with not being a virgin in my opinion but I was just taught to not waste the first time on someone who doesn't deserve it. I should've listened because now I'm looking in this mirror, flicking the lid to my lighter back and forth, with regret. How could I have fallen for his charm so easily? How could I have let myself be used so easily by someone who doesn't deserve it. But no matter how much I talk about this regret, no matter how much I hate myself for feeling anything for him....I continue to let myself be used by him. When he calls, I jump at the opportunity to be with him. On one hand, it's because I can smell his scent again, the scent of him mixes well with his cigarette smoke. On the other hand, I benefit from him using me too. Now, I'm sexually frustrated so when he calls I'm just ready to be relieved but when he leaves I keep thinking of him like the pack of cigarettes in my trash can. I'm addicted... But I have no strength to quit. I hear my front door open just as my phone starts to ring. I stand up and answer it while walking out of my room to see Kiseok walking in. He's taking his shoes off at my front door. "Hello." I answer my cell while watching him. When he looks up at me, I feel the adrenaline in my body rush. I'm both angry at him and excited to have him in the room with me. "Hey Y/n did you want to hang out tonight? I rented Train to Busan we're all going to watch it at Mintaek's place." Harry said on the phone. "Thanks but I'm kind of busy right now." I said. Kiseok is walking in and headed for me. Instinctively, I back up as he does. "Really? That sucks. I haven't seen you in a while I was hoping we could hang tonight." He said disappointed. "Sorry Harry, next time." I say dismissing his complaint. It was rude I can't lie especially because he's been there for me through all of this. If I told him that Kiseok was in the room with me then he'd be upset. He had told me to end it multiple times. He told me to stay away and stop answering his calls. He told me to take his key and if he refused to give it back then I should change my locks. He told me how to get rid of my addiction. He just didn't understand that I didn't want to get rid of him. I must've driven him crazy though, with how many times I've called him crying my eyes out because Kiseok only saw me as a fuck buddy, a living sex doll and nothing more. It might've been easier to deal with had I first agreed to it. I agreed to be casual but like I said our definitions didn't match up because while he was seeing me, my best friend started fucking him too. She tells me everything she told me that and I was listening to the phone call they had. It was supposed to start out to see if Kiseok would reveal what kind of person he was and he did. We basically set him up so I could settle this suspicion I had about him. I felt like I couldn't trust him, I felt like he was doing something behind my back. I felt a sickening feeling that I was trying to ignore because I thought I was paranoid but I wasn't. I was right all along. Kiseok wasn't shit. He likes her more than me and they flirt in my face all the time. I wish I could end this but I can't. I've even thought about telling him to just go to Hyun Jung. Be with her, call her up for a decent lay since he likes her so much but I can't let him go. I unintentionally made myself competition and the part that sucks is that I'm so painfully loyal to both of them that while they continue to fuck me over I continue to destroy myself. "Alright. Talk to you soon y/n." Harry said. "Bye." I hang up just as Kiseok pushes me against the wall and pins my hands against it. He kisses me roughly and the fire in my lady regions ignites. He let's go of my hands to bring his hand to my neck. His tongue is fighting with mine to dominate and the feeling of his slick muscle gliding against mine makes me moan in his mouth. I'm even more turned on by the way he squeezes my neck. That feeling of being light headed comes over me but the fluttering in my stomach becomes wild as my panties begin to get wet. "Kiseok." I moan between the kiss. "What is it?" He says. "Let's take it to the bed." I whisper against his lips. He doesn't verbally agree he just picks me up over his shoulder and carries me into my bedroom. He throws me down on the bed and he starts to remove his shirt. I was already in my black lace bra and panties so I got up to help him but his dark eyes flicked at me dangerously. He leaned forward putting his hand back on my neck and bringing me back down to the bed. "Don't fucking move." He said. I nod with a swallow and he stands back up straight to continue to undress. I wish I didn't love the way he was so rough. I think I'm addicted to more than just him. I actually like pain. I've known that for a while but I thought that extent was only towards physical not emotional too. No one tortured my mind more than me. Kiseok is completely naked and he runs his hand over my stomach noticing new scars over healed ones. He hooks his fingers into my panties to pull them off my legs as he says, "I thought I told you to stop doing that." "You're not the boss of me." I respond. He yanks me by my ankles and slaps my inner thighs. "It's annoying to see." He said. "Then don't fucking look at them." I snap. I sat up to glare at him. His face was between my parted legs and my folds were completely soaked up by him. I wanted his tongue but if he was really going to start this I really would make him leave. He looked at me annoyed and gripped my thigh till it hurt. "Who are you talking to like that?" He said annoyed. I scoffed, "Either Fuck me Kiseok or leave " I threatened. "Why do you do it? Are you looking for attention?" He asked. I really wanted to kick him in the face for that. I hated when people said that I cut for attention. I cut in places people normally didn't see them and if they did it was by accident. I did it for an emotional release. Sometimes things piled up too much and I feel like a ticking time bomb so to slow down the count down or to make it stop I cut. The scars go away, my body heals, it's not about attention it's about release. Even as I look at him, he can't possibly know how much he's the reason I do it. Him and Hyun Jung both. Honestly, if I didn't do it to myself I'm terribly afraid that I'd do it to them. Everything they do with each other torments me. I call them friends but I'm not sure that I can call them that, they're like demons or leeches sucking life out of me. I slap Kiseok's hand and get off the bed. "Get out." I tell him. My lips press together like they usually do when I'm annoyed. "No." He said. He stood up and pushed me back down on the bed. He starts kissing my neck and my ability to maintain an attitude starts to slip away with the amount of pleasure coming over me. His hand skips back between my legs and I let out a helpless moan when I feel his fingers graze my clit. They slip between my folds and trail down to my entrance to tease me. I grasp onto his shoulder and I can feel him smile against my skin as I moan. My moans sounds like cries to me, they always do. I cried when he took my first time. He held me and I thought that meant he felt something for me but that wasn't the truth. I think he just didn't want me to be afraid of him. I think he genuinely wanted to comfort me but his intentions weren't what I believed them to be. His fingers kept shallowly dipping inside of me and it isn't long before my moans turn into hungry purrs. I want more and he can tell by the purr and the fact that I'm biting my lip. He bites my ear lobe and I let out a louder moan. His fingers sink deeper into me and I let my nails scratch his back. He growls from the sting on his back and his lips over take mine like he's trying to eat my soul. His fingers move faster and run along my walls to drive me crazy. I feel helpless under him. I'm completely under his control and this happens everytime time I'm with him. He pulls away and dips his head between my legs. He starts licking my intimate parts and I'm just a moaning mess. His wet muscle flicks my clit and sends me crying his name out and scratching his upper back again. I don't want to hurt him but I want to hurt him so bad. I just can't figure out what I want from him. I want release, I want freedom but right now I just want him to make me cum. "Kiseok." I breathe. He stands up and lifts me from the bed so I'm sitting up right. His throbbing rod is in my face and his hand comes to the back of my head to pull me forward. So I open my mouth and take him as deep as I can. My head bobs up and down, my head is completely blank and my hands come to his manhood. My tongue rides up and down, along the sides and to the tip of his cock while my hands jerks off what isn't in my mouth. I can hear his sensual moaning and it goes deeper to my core. He moves his hips so that he goes deeper in my mouth but I can hear him whisper, "You okay?" When I choke on him. I only nod and keep going. He throws his head back with a groan and starts going faster. He tastes bitter but I like the taste regardless. I just start thinking, I really need to stop this. How do you get rid of an addiction? How do you kill all of your senses. How do I stop wanting him? He pulls out of my mouth suddenly and pushes me down. "Stop using your fucking teeth." He said with pinched eyebrows. I didn't even realize I had been. He opened my legs wider for him and hooked them onto his arms. He situated himself on the bed and before I knew it he was diving deep inside me. He moved slow and my eyes rolled back loving the motion but being driven insane at the same time. I scratched at the blankets and he continued to ride into me but he picked up his pace. I could hear his dog tags hitting his chest and his heavy breathing while our bodies slapped together. We crashed together in this moment and when his hand came to my neck I knew he was fucking me like he hated me. I felt higher than I did before. I pushed him over and started to ride him. My body rocked his and I scratched at his chest like I hated him. I did hate him, I hated that I ever liked him. I hated that I let him use me like this. When I felt angry tears brim my eyes, I threw my head back and ran my hand through my hair. I rode him rough and hard and moaned out into the room with no shame. Right now I couldn't give a shit about shame. His hands came to my hips and gripped them hard and he controlled the rhythm of how I rode him. Did he always have to have control? Did I always have to be victim to him? He pissed me off so much. I looked down and cupped his face and kissed him hard and rough. I needed his lips, his lips were soft and they tasted good feeling his tongue on mine made my nipples hard and my clit tingle. He pushed me further, to an edge that I couldn't wait to fall off of. He pushed me up and turned me around. He pinned me to the wall. His hand pushed my head into the wall as he pulled my waist to stick my butt out. His hand held my waist and my hands went to the wall to keep me steady. He entered me again and his hand went to my neck again, it was my weak spot. He knew it and abused it. He fucked me harder sending me into tears. He would never realize how much I loved this but hated him. How much I hated my addiction but I was in no rush to be free of him. I kept myself in this kind of bondage. When was I going to let go of him? My heart hurt to the point it felt like I couldn't breathe sometimes. We weren't together, we were fuck buddies. We weren't seeing each other we were just existing on the same playing field. He had no idea how close he was to killing me. Bastard. "Kiseok-I'm gonna." Fuck I forgot to tell him to put on a condom. His hips were so uneven and I was moaning uncontrollably I could barely speak. My legs were getting weak and I knew he was about to come. I had to do something before he forgot he wasn't supposed to release inside of me. I had to hurry before this moment got away from both of us and we ended up making a mistake. I slapped his hand and pushed away from the wall. He turned me around and slammed me back against it. He pinned my hands to the wall and kissed my neck. "You're being bad." "Don't - cum inside me." I warned. He looked down and then back up at me. He nodded, he had forgotten and seemed grateful that I had reminded him. I don't know why that made me feel more like shit but it did. I really should stop this. Kiseok dipped down to his knees and started to lick my heat again. I could hear his hand moving on his heat and I could tell he was trying to keep his high while he finished me up. It didn't take long either, his tongue moved with purpose and it sent my body shaking to the core and brought me to my knees. He stood up in time and I opened my mouth while he rode his tip against my tongue. He jerked himself off at the same time. "Swallow all of it." He demanded. I nodded but kept my mouth open in waiting. He filled my mouth with his silky substances and I swallowed the bitter taste, making a face as I did. He took a seat on my bed and sighed while he came down. His hips were still bucking a little and his member was still throbbing. I stood up and pulled out a cigarette and lit it. "Got anymore?" He asked me. I turned to my dresser since that was the last one in the pack I had but I didn't have an extra pack so I went into my little silver chess. I used to keep rings in there but I found a better place for them so sometimes I saved cigarettes in there for days I ran out but couldn't wait for it. I found one left in there which bummed me out. I gave it to him anyway and lit it for him. I leaned against the door while we both smoked. I felt my gaze fall on the window. "We should stop this." I said in a soft voice. "Why?" He asked. I could only chuckle sarcastically. Cause you're a piece of shit. That's what I wanted to say. I wish that's what I said but I just took another inhale of smoke only to blow it out. "We just should." I said. "Okay. If that's what you want. Do you still want to be friends?" I thought about throwing the lamp at him but I just blandly said, "Sure." He got up from the bed and grabbed his clothes to get dressed. He walked over and looked at me but looking back in his eyes hurt me so much. "Are you going to be okay?" He asked. "Stop acting like you care and get out." I said looking away from him. His sighed and I saw him shake his head in the corner of my eye. His hand came to my stomach but he still wasn't looking at me. We weren't looking at each other but from the side of my eye I could see him staring out the door. "Stop doing this to yourself. It's not cute." He said. He slipped his hand off of me and walked out of my apartment. I headed into the bathroom to wash up. While I sat under the running water I thought to myself: did he take my key with him? I guess I could get it later but at least now I could tell Harry it was finally over. Maybe finishing this for real meant that I could start to move on. They say the first step is to admit you have a problem. I'm addicted to Jung Kiseok... And I wish I wasn't. Never in my life have I ever regretted meeting someone but I was really about to go through something that was going to make me wish I really had never met him at all.... 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Redemption Ch.1
Imma try and finish up Deliver me today because there's one full chapter and then an epilogue chapter that won't be too long but I'm also doing react cards so I'm just going to drop the first chapter of Redemption today just in case I don't finish out Deliver Me Epilogue Chapter. Who: Reader x Kwon Minsik What: Gang AU, Smut (later on), Angst Story: Your best friend, Minsik has been serving time in prison for some time. He's been released after three years behind bars and you're ready to ease him back into society while he adjusts to the new life he's about to live.... Y/n's POV Minsik sat straight across from you behind the glass. He picked up the phone just as you did and you gave him a warm smile. He didn't seem entirely happy today. "Puppy." You said softly. "What's up babe?" He said. "How are you? Did something happen back there?" You asked. He shook his head silently. He gave you a smile as best as he could but you knew he was faking it. "You know I know you better than that Sik." "Yeah I know babe." You and Minsik had been friends for years. You two met in middle school, he used to tease you until you were so sick of his shit that you punched him in the nose one day, you broke it too. Somewhere in his warped mind you earned his respect because of that. You remembered hanging out with him in highschool, he used to wrap his arm around your shoulder and lean on you. Sometimes he rested his head on your chest but most times he was telling guys that tried to mess with you that you could kick their ass. Most times he stepped in before a guy could do anything, the only time he let you handle it was if it was a woman. He didn't hit women unless it became absolutely necessary. Something he learned from his mother, he respected his parents above all things. Like if he had to kill a woman, he'd just knock her out and get her somewhere safe. You remembered that night but he didn't explain anything to you, you just made him promise that what you were doing wasn't illegal. It wasn't, you were getting her to safety. There was one time he escalated things too much and when the guy tried to come up to you Minsik pulled out his blade and told him he'd kill him if he touched you. It took a little more than a blade but Minsik had your back the whole time. Of course you two got into a fight that night because he never listens to you when you tell him not to put you in certain situations. He's about as careful with your life as a 7.2 earthquake. You'd think that would make you leave his side but above all things Minsik and you lived by a code. Loyalty beyond all things. You didn't want him turning his back on you. He didn't want you turning your back on him. He was running guns for a gang he was in and, although you knew he was doing that, he kept you out of the affair completely. It was one of the reasons the investigators on his case couldn't touch you. You weren't withholding information because you didn't have information. All you really did was identify a man who was killed that they believed was connected to Sik's case but they couldn't prove Minsik killed a man just that he was running guns. When Minsik got caught and went on the run he didn't even come to you to keep you safe from the police. It came out of left field when you found out he was arrested. He never told you when he'd go to pick things up or where he dropped them off. He never even said who he was getting them from. You suspected the men he hung around were the ones he was running guns for but you didn't care to investigate nor did you want to know who the ring leader was. You mostly followed the law because your past was stained by one person you didn't care to think about. You refused to allow him to fuck up your future. Minsik knew anytime he needed to come to you he could. You were an EMT for a while so he came to you when he had wounds. In addition to being an ex-EMT, you learned how to shoot and you took martial arts later on in life so he knew you could handle yourself if shit went down. You were more fluent in English than he was, you took vacations to America all the time to go hunting. You preferred a bow and arrow rather than a shotgun. Hell or high water, you and Minsik were inseparable no matter how much he pissed you off sometimes. With him sitting before you like this, you wondered what happened in the cells that he was in such a mood. You looked him over sadly for a second and leaned on the table in front of you. "Don't do that Y/n." He said annoyed. "I came all this way to see you so we could talk so you better start talking." "It's nothing." "Lie to me again Kwon Minsik, see what happens." You threatened. He groaned. "I hate it when you use my full name." "I know." "You don't even want to know about it Y/n." "Why is it about her?" You asked. Her referred to his girlfriend Yeom Ji Na. You hated her and she hated you so it was mutual. You could tell when someone was bad company and it wasn't that she was in his dealings or anything you just knew she was a brat. She was about dollar signs not much else. She was only supportive of Minsik when he could provide and when he couldn't she became a bitch. He's been locked up for three years and that was because he had a damn good lawyer, thanks to you, not her. Not to mention she'd been M.I.A since he went to trial. You were there for all the court dates, you were there when he got sentenced, you visited him here for three years; where the Fuck was she? You wanted to hit him upside the head with some reality but you couldn't do that to him. You sighed when he didn't speak up. You just nodded, he was right, you didn't want to know. Anytime she was involved in your conversations you two fought. Fuck that thot. "Harry's coming over tonight to decorate." You said. "Nothing stupid I hope." He said. "You know I only do dumb shit for your birthday." You laughed. He finally smiled genuinely. "You're coming home tomorrow Sik. Be excited." You beamed. "Are you cooking?" "Hell no does it look like I'm the type to poison multiple people the day of your home coming? Fuck that." He laughed. "It's supposed to be a surprise so act surprised." You said. "Why do they keep telling you shit? Don't they realize you don't keep secrets from me?" That was mostly true. That started back in middle school too if you thought back far enough. The day after you had punched him in the nose he was waiting for you. There was this large chain link fence that sat in front of the play ground you had to pass on your way home. You didn't like going home but if you didn't get home on time your father would be upset at you. So on your walk home you tended to be a little more aggressive. Sik had been waiting for you. The moment he saw you he hopped off the fence and came over to you. He wrapped his arm around you and you said, "What do you want? Me to punch you straight in the nose again?" He laughed and said, "Nah we're cool babe. You're a tough little bapsae. I like you." "Did you just call me a bapsae?" You looked at him annoyed. "Yeah you're small and cute. Anyway, you need to come and meet some people today, how about it?" "It smells like a trap." You grumbled. That's when he had pulled out his switch blade and showed it to you. You stopped and looked at him with blank eyes. Sik chuckled, "See you're not like most girls your age, most of them would freaking out if they saw this." "I've seen worse." You told him. "Keep it, just in case you need it okay. You can sneak out right?" You scoffed at him, "Why would I sneak out to go meet a bunch of guys with a guy that no only did I punch in the face but also gave me a switch blade?" He shrugged and said, "Could be fun." You sighed but at the time anything was better than staying at home at night so you had agreed. It wasn't until later that night when you met up with him that you told him about you life at home. He hated your father because of it and told you he'd protect you from anything if you needed it. Two factors played into you spilling your guts too him: he gave you a hit of his weed which relaxed you enough to then answer his questions and you were sleepy which usually made you more frank than normal. You talked about everything very truthfully but the truth disgusted him. No matter who saw Minsik as a trouble maker or a bad kid you knew the truth about him. It was the first truth about him you ever learned the night you two hung out and led to you two becoming friends: Minsik cared. He truly cared about people when they were treated bad which was ironic because he used to tease you. It was more like people that were less fortunate than him he cared about, ones that were in bad situations he cared about. You once saw him give a man begging on the street all the cash he had on him. He was telling you before that he was going to buy his favorite food at some restaurant he wanted to go to. Minsik knew how cruel the world was. If he didn't play dirty he wouldn't survive, at least not in his world. He didn't grow up with a high paid family or a cozy life. Your father had enough money to serve three house holds at one time. That's part of the reason Minsik teased you, he hated that you came from a rich family and that you kept to yourself, he thought you were stuck up but he soon realized why you kept to yourself. You did everything you could for Minsik growing up and he did the same for you. He was truly the best friend you could ever have. He wasn't your only friend but the only one you'd ride or die for. "Bapsae." Minsik called you from your flash back. You looked up to see Minsik looking at you confused. "You came here to see me don't waste my time." He said with a smile. You rolled your eyes. "Geeze, alright. Sorry for wasting your time." You teased. He smiled seeing you were back with him. "What were you thinking about?" He asked. "How we became friends." "That's stupid." He scrunched his nose. You laughed, "You're an ass." "You knew that the day we met." He laughed. "Not much else has changed." You said sarcastically. "Yeah except you're not the spoiled brat I thought you were." You laughed, "You kept me going Sik." He scratched his head, "That sucks." You chuckled with an eye roll. "Always the smooth talker." "You know it babe." You sighed and finally thought it was time to go. "I'll see you tomorrow Sik." "Bright and early." "I can't wait for you to come home." "I can't wait to be home babe." You smiled and hung up the phone. You waved goodbye to him and he did a little smooth in the air and you waved it off while laughing. He feigned hurt and flicked you the bird which made you laugh harder. You headed home to finish up everything with his surprise party. Harry was waiting for you at your door when you showed up. "Hey hey." You said walking past him to open your door. "Hey you're kind of late." "Uh yeah I stopped by the jail to see Sik." "Oh, wait you didn't tell him anything did you?" Your voice got high pitched when you said, "What, no of course not." Harry just sighed and shook his head. "Anyway, how's he doing?" He asked. "He's ready to come out honestly." "Does he know about Ji Na?" You shook your head. "I couldn't tell him. It would ruin his home coming." You said. At this point, he had to know a little though. She didn't show up at his trial, she didn't stop by to see him in jail, wasn't it obvious that she had left him or was he still holding onto some shred of hope that she'd be home waiting for him. She had dropped all his stuff off at your house just so she didn't have to see it. You had no problem taking Sik in but your place was kind of small. Sik never put anything in her name except for their home. You had no idea how she was going to pay for it but you were sure it had something to do with her lying on her back. She was good at that. You wondered if he'd attempt to call her. You wondered if she'd come back to him. You might stab her and punch him in the nose if either happened. Minsik was smart but when it came to woman he liked he got dumb as fuck. You had told him a hundred times along with his mother, who didn't even like Ji Na to begin with, that he should not put the house in her name. He never listens. "Are you sure you're okay with him staying over here Y/n. I can take him in." Harry asked. "No it's okay Harry, besides when we were growing up we had sleep overs all the time, mostly at his house. It's not like they'll be any different. Anyway all his stuff is here, it's been here for a while. When he comes home tomorrow, I'll ask him though okay?" Harry nodded. "Just- can you make sure that his dumbass doesn't get caught up in that mess again if he does go with you?" "I'll be as strict as you bapsae." He laughed. You rolled your eyes. Minsik's nickname of Bapsae became popular among your small little gang but it was only Minsik that called you babe. ~XxX~ You waited outside the prison gate as you leaned against the car. Walking down from the isle was Minsik with two guards behind him, two more guards stood in front of the gate to open the door for him to be released. You walked up to meet him but you got so happy you sped up and jumped in his arms. He lifted you up and your legs curled around him. He laughed and said, "Yah, don't move so fast around people that can legally shoot me." "Welcome home you idiot!" You said by passing what he said. He patted your back and sat you down. He leaned over and placed his arm on your shoulder until he was face to face with you. He tilted his head and smiled. "I missed your face babe, it's even cuter up close." He said. You rolled your eyes with a laugh and he kissed the top of your head. "Come on let's go to my surprise party." "Hey don't let anyone know I told you." "Yeah yeah." He said. You unlocked the door to your car and you both got in. "Oh you're mother is going to be there so be on your best behavior you know how she hates when you over drink." "Of course, mom." You looked at him for a split second. "Yeah I might as well because you don't listen to either of us." You laughed. "I listen to you when it counts. Although, there's one difference between you and my mom." "What's that?" "I've seen you naked." He grinned and you turned to him for a moment. "You're lying you haven't seen me naked." "Okay." He said suggestively. You didn't know if he was fucking with you or he was serious. You knew for a fact there were a few hundred times he could've seen you naked but you didn't think he ever saw you naked. "Wait when did you see me naked?" You said loud. He started cracking up in the passenger seat. You knew he was fucking with you but you still didn't know if he was telling the truth or not. "Uh, I feel oddly violated." Your chuckled. "Come on babe you know I respect your privacy." You didn't believe him now, it was already too late but he knew that. You sighed and just drove the rest of the way home. After pulling up in the driveway, you led him to the front door and walked in. You flicked on the lights and everyone jumped out to scream surprise. You smiled and Minsik jumped then laughed well enough that he actually seemed surprised. He may have been, there were more people here than at his birthday party. His mom came up to him to give a hug and welcome him home. A large banner was hanging over the sink that said welcome home. There were a lot of bodies for such a tiny place but all his friends, at least the ones you were going to allow in your house, were there. They had cake and his mom gave him a card with some money pocketed in it. He gave it to you to lock up in your bedroom for safe keeping. At one point it seemed that he was looking around to find someone and you knew who. You pushed Harry in his direction to get him to distract him and you started pouring a few drinks for everyone. Nothing too wild for the sake of his mother but enough to get everyone to kick back and have a good time. It was probably around six or seven when everyone finally left your place. You sighed and sat down on the couch. Minsik was sitting on the end and you laid down so your head was in his lap. He was biting his finger nail for a second before his hand came down to comb through your hair. You had to wash your hair anyway so you didn't complain about him doing that. Besides he was finally home, you weren't going to pick a fight with him even if it was playful. "What's wrong Puppy?" You said. "Harry said she took the house." You looked away with a little guilt. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked. "I didn't want to ruin your homecoming." "No, why didn't you tell me when she did it Y/n? I had money stashed away in that house. It's not like I can go back in and get it and claim that it's mine." "Sik don't forget how well I know you." You whispered. He looked at you curiously. You stood up with a sigh and walked up stairs. You grabbed a large duffle bag and lugged it down the stairs and dropped it by his feet. "The day after you got arrested I went to the house to get it. I know you. Enough to know where you'd keep that, it's all there, all of what I found anyway." "Wait you didn't use this for my lawyer?" "Sik I wasn't going to touch that money within a ten foot pole but I didn't want her getting it either. I paid for the lawyer like I told you before." "Then take it back, how much was he?" "Sik I don't want it and you know I don't. It's- dirty money I can't take it." You said. "I know but I wish you would. I can't believe you came out of pocket for that guy. Y/n, how much trouble did she cause you?" "No more than usual. She only installed cameras after the fact. I told her I stopped by to pick up some of your clothes for the trial and she didn't care, after it was all done I gave her the key to the place back, this was after she dropped off all of your stuff here. I knew she wasn't going to stay with you anyway." "Thanks." "Sik she was a gold digging tramp she didn't give a damn about you, you could've been sentenced to life and she wouldn't even have blinked an eye. I told you-" "No Y/n. I mean thank you. Like really, thank you." He stood up and hugged you and kissed you on the top of your head. "You keep me going babe. You always have my back." "I told you that you idiot." You said in his chest as you hugged him back. He laughed, "You're probably tired from hosting a big party. Let's get some sleep." "You can take a shower first, I have to wash my hair." "Okay." He patted your head and he made his way upstairs. ~XxX~ Minsik got out the shower and you took over it to wash you hair and get ready for bed. By the time you came out, Minsik was only in his boxers, his hair was still kind of wet but it had mostly dried. Your bedroom was small and your bed was close to the window. It had started raining outside and he was watching it fall outside your window. You were in lace black and purple underwear. You figured sometime in high school you two got comfortable with sleeping in the same bed. Your sleeping attire back then was a large t-shirt and boy shorts underwear. Minsik never touched you in bed, he was mostly afraid to. He never wanted to give you the wrong idea and he always wanted you to know you were safe with him. It took some time for you to work up the comfort to let him hug you while you two fell asleep. As you grew up you started to change how you dressed for bed ergo your underwear. "You're still in here." You said surprised. He nodded looking out the window, "I miss the rain." He said. You crawled into bed beside him. "It's soothing to go to sleep to." You said. He turned around on his back as he said, "Yeah but in the cells it sounded horrible-whoa." He said seeing you. You looked at him oddly. "What's with the sexy sleep wear babe? Who are you trying to impress?" You shook your head, "You already know, no one." You smiled. "Then what's with the upgrade? Sexy and lace? You look like the most expensive prostitute ever." He laughed. "I just love your sweet talk." You said sarcastically. He laughed and pulled up the blanket to slip into the bed. "You're staying in here tonight?" You asked. "Did you not want me to?" He asked. "I just assumed you'd stay in the other room. You know I don't mind." "I missed sleeping next to you bapsae. You're warm especially compared to that ice queen." You smiled and got under the covers yourself. He hugged you close to him. "Y/n, -are you hiding something from me?" "Goodnight Minsik." You said avoiding the question. 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When Jak Met Jiyong Part 32
WARNING: DO NOT SCROLL AHEAD> When breakfast is over Jiyong takes Jak by the hand and leads her back over to sit on the edge of the bed. “Ready to talk?” She shakes her head, “No”. He grins and lifts her chin, “Jak. It’s me, it’s not scary.” She looks at him in shock, “Easy for you to say! You came up with these rules! What if I can’t remember them? What if I do them wrong?” He tries not to laugh, covering his mouth with his hand; stroking her hair with his other hand. “Do them wrong?” “Ugh, you know what I mean. See? You have me all freaked out already.” She turns away from him to pout. “Babe,” he turns her back towards him and cups her face. “Every relationship has rules, written or unspoken. I just don’t want any more misunderstandings between us. Okay?” “Mmm…” is the only response he gets. “I’m just gonna start, I know you’ll add whatever comes into your head.” She looks up at him with a mild dead glare. He rolls his eyes and gets comfortable. “First, I love you and you love me. Has that changed?” “No.” “Good. That’s the hardest rule, really.” She looks at him skeptically with an eyebrow raised. He covers her eyes and she sticks her tongue up and licks him. He rubs her saliva back on her, so she licks her finger and rubs it on his face. He keeps trying to grab her hands and missing. “Jak! Can’t we be serious for 2 minutes?” “I don’t do serious, you know that, it bugs me! Isn’t that why we love each other?” He cups her face, “Yes; but just 2 minutes, please”. He leans in and presses a little kiss to her lips, “Please”. A nod is the only response he gets. “Okay, you were worried about clothes and me being ashamed of you.” She opens her mouth to speak but he puts his finger over her lips to silence her. “We’ve been over this; I just need to clarify one thing.” He waits for her nod and continues, “I am not ashamed of you and I'm good with whatever you decide to wear. BUT, I am known as a fashion mongul here and in Paris, so I do need you to occasionally dress up to go out with me places okay? You good with that? I can help pick the outfits?" She nods. “Alright, this one is more for me. We’ll promise each other to never send the other away. I don’t care how hard my day is, it’s always better when I get to spend time with you.” Jak turns her misty eyes away but he grabs her chin and turns her face up to his. “I promise no matter how frustrated I am; even if I end up with blue balls.” He winks at Jak rolls her eyes and hits him. They both fall backwards on the bed laughing. He tries to grab her hands while she’s still hitting him but can’t and tickles her instead. “STOP! I give, I give!” He leans up on an elbow and grins down at her, “Good. Oh, and there is just one more thing…” She moans and pulls a pillow over her head. A minute later the pillow is yanked from her hands and a face takes its place. “May I help you?” she asks in a dry tone. He shifts and his fist takes the place of his face. She sits up on her elbows, with a raised eyebrow. “You going to hit me?” He growls. “Okay, okay, that’s a no. So is there something in your hand?” He shrugs and grins. “Is it for me?” He pushes it closer and she boops it with her tongue while wiggling her eyebrows. Something sparks in his eyes in response but his hand turns over and opens. Her eyes open wide, then move to his as he closes his fist again and dives in for a kiss. @ElishaFisher @pharmgirlerin @HayleyYates @MaryWhite13 @lemonlassie @tinytreeleaf @MaritessSison @KarolinaTrevino @Kpopbeat @ammagrande @starbell808 @Faith92 @SindyHernandez @NadineEsquivel @JaxomB @WolfLune @FromBlue2U @SarahDarwish @Jaysbae13 @NicoleFireRose