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Male Idol Caught Inviting Underage Fan To His Hotel Room
Milo of Romeo is taking a (probably very long) break from being an idol now that it has come out that he invited an underage fan to stay in his hotel room. He's known to be the cute, innocent member of Romeo: But his image changed when a Japanese fan shared the private messages between the two of them. “Next time I travel to Japan alone, let’s stay in a hotel together.” — Milo “Honoka, you’re a little cute and pretty and sometimes sexy… super kawaii… you’re mine.” — Milo At first I thought the fan just made it up to get him in trouble, but CT Entertainment came out and apologized. Either they didn't want to bother trying to clear his name, or he really did it :/ “Hello. This is CT Entertainment. We sincerely apologize for inconveniencing the fans due to the recent scandal. Milo is currently in deep reflection over his actions and immature behavior as a public figure and he will be in reflection for a while. Once again, we bow our heads in apology for worrying the fans and will do our best to make sure such scandals don’t happen again in the future.”— CT Entertainment I think idols should be allowed to date and love who they want when they want, but if she was really underaged that is not okay. Plus, think of the other members that now have to suffer because of this! A similar incident happened with DAY6 and caused them to lose a member :( I'm so sad for the other members of Romeo!
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New Cover Group We Should All Be Stanning Hey guys~ I'm just dropping this card to introduce you guys to Onix~ A new multi racial cover group. Their goals include uniting music lovers all over the world. They'll be covering songs from multiple different genres and in multiple languages. I've heard their first release will be an OST from a drama. Let's support them and help them with their astounding dreams!! Find them on Instagram at onix.musik7 and subscribe to their YouTube!! Please check out the link below to see their first teaser and hear an original piece written by them! Vingle Family Tag List @DesireeChucklez @KpopQueen1 @MonicaSok @WrapMxnster @jennissa711 @BetseyBleau @emilyrivera21 @ChauncyVSutton @Tamaki1618 @MAKCosmetic @aliahwhbmida @kandle779 @ZionPerezFowler @KLenellT @yeseniamh23 @ShinoYuki @AbbyNelson @nightshade18 @Insfired @Sammyjuicoo @NykeaKing @JeniseRamos @viktoriagarber @H8rt4u @HayleyYates @electra12 @HappyLoud @hameedabintsale @DeathsAngel @EmilySavage @Bangtanboys2013 @AlittleJoy @BessanMerab @MrsJungHoseok @ChoHee1 @Zxenna @LuMichelle @LizzyRubyCiss @peckachubbs @CheyenneJessee @Konnor @abby177 @GrandPop @LindaHart @BTS282236 @LizaNightshade @StaphanieAyalah @mellyortiz @Jasminep96 @AnaP @Lescobedo @ESwee @KatieDowel @SokharChea @KpopDurz @JessicaEvaristo @ChelseaGarcia @Keena85 @KassieMckinney @ChelestiEdwards @MelissaGarza @Mercedesbenz98 @RebelLynn @AlexAckerman @KennedyMoser @nekochanjessica @KatMejia @JazmmMThis @mimichanga1 @P1B2Bear @YasminHussein @cennajp @MickieDanels15 @mycreativename @amullins2007 @castielaf @EliseB @MaryOsorio @DreaG1518 @CarlaPena @Kpopaddict3d @DekaraMiller @TaylorMitchell @Gianlica @CloverShadows @RonnieRios @ThyaremyCreator @jannatd93 @KatieRussell @RoryJustine @vdavanzo87 @StephanyAcevedo @AnnaArai @KristinaCaron @russelroche47 @ElniWyatt @GeetanjaliRao @catbug424 @LeighHolgate @IzzyPanda @AlexaCipolla @VeronicaArtino @yoaikpopfan32 @Exoexo @Sidneylovekpop @CarenBoykins @AngelJoong86 @JesikaAceituno @alyssadonnell @sanazsanaz @catchyacrayon @elainarenea @kpopandkimchi @jyesung72@SarahVanDorn