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Heirs Episode 1 Recap ( credit from Soompi)
Hi Vinglers, Just wanna share the episode 1 recap for HEIRS.. Hope you enjoy it!! EPISODE 1 - ReCAP It’s sunny California, and Kim Tan (and his obvious body double) is having fun surfing. We can tell his blond-haired friend Jay like two thing in life: parties and girls. Kim Tan’s voiceover: The day I left to go study abroad, hyung’s goodbye was short, simple, and honest. Won says to little Tan, “Studying? English? Don’t try hard. Just play. Don’t worry. Don’t think. Rich people just eat and play. They don’t dream. And don’t come back. Tan’s voiceover: I realized at that moment, that I was here to study. I was exiled. Hyung was taking back in advance the things I will take away in the future. Jay asks Tan, “You don’t blame them? Your brother you hates you, your mom who gave birth to you, or your father who never takes your side? Tan answers inside his head, “I am too lazy to resent someone.” ( PICTURE 1 ) Young Do bounces a ball off a wall to bully another student. “What are you going to do, friend, during vacation. I’m going to miss you after seeing you everyday. You’re not going to miss me? You’re so cold to me.” He hit the kid with the ball this time. Young Do smiles when the kid yells out in pain. So does his groupies. “I’m sorry. Are you hurt?” Sidekick A says sarcastically, “Young Do, you’re aim is terrible. If someone saw, they would think we are bullying him?” Young Do’s face immediately turns hard. “Really? Do you want to stand there then?” When the Sidekick B tries to stop Young Do, Young Do threatens him. A scurries off to the wall. “I’ll stand here. I’ll stand here for you. Throw.” Young Do grins. “I never said I was going to throw. It should be fair among friends.” Young Do calls over the bullied student. “Friend. It’s your turn.” “You get beat up regardless of whether you throw or not. It’s really a question of whether you will you get beat up by a strong guy or a slighter less stronger guy. But the bigger problem is that your life will always be like this. Why? Because we will grow up to be your employer. Hurry, choose.” The bullied kid trembles in anger at Young Do’s words and throw the ball at the mirror. Young Do laughs. “So you’re the type to keep your pride even though you are poor? Just take care of your body. Health is the most important thing. I’ve got to run away, I’m so scared. See you when school starts!” Young Do leaves, and the sidekicks beat up the poor kid. (PICTURE 2) Young Do is checking out his newly custom order motorcycle. Dealer is telling him how great the parts are, and Young Do asks, “Are you bragging with my money?” Eun Sang comes through the shop door to deliver a pizza. A young employer there keeps hitting on her, but Eun Sang is too busy and too poor to respond to idiocy. All she wants is the pizza money and to leave. She starts to call the police, but the guy stops her. She gets her money and goes. Young Do takes notice. Delivering pizza is not Eun Sang’s only job. She also works at a cafe. On her way to clean a table, she notices Chan Young studying. He has been there about thirty minutes without ordering anything, and Eun Sang tells him her boss is not selling dirt here. Meaning he’s not running a charity. Chan Young smiles and says he will leave when Bo Na gets here. Before Eun Sang can finish complaining about how the two always have their date here, Chan Young hands her an umbrella. It’s going to rain around the time she gets off work. Eun Sang sheepishly takes the umbrella. “If you give this to me, what about your girlfriend?” Chan Young takes his jacket and covers his head. “My Bo Na is always a heroine inside a movie.” Eun Sang is grossed out by the sweet. Chan Young tells her to get a boyfriend, but she reminds him that hours spent with no pay is an extravagance to her.” Chan Young gives her a worried look. “How many part time jobs do you have?” Eun Sang answers, “What can I do? The only heaven I’m permitted to is ‘Part-time Heaven.’” (Note: Part-Time Heaven is an actual website which lists part time jobs in Korea.) Bo Na shows up with her shrill voice, jealous that her boyfriend is looking at Eun Sang with such soft and worried eyes. Eun Sang sighs and Bo Na throws her a dirty look. Chan Young lights up to see Bo Na. He makes room for her. He’s quite the gentleman and sweety. I’m going to love him. Bo Na reminds Eun Sang that she told her to not flirt with her boyfriend. Eun Sang retorts, “You think I’m that pretty.” Bo Na replies, “I never said you were pretty!” Eun Sang, who is used to dealing with Bo Na, simply says, “Right. But you’re pretty. So stop bothering this poor part-timer.” Bo Na is peeved and want to leave with Chan Young. “You’re leaving tomorrow, and I don’t want to waste time with her.” Eun Sang doesn’t know what Bo Na is saying about Chan Young leaving. “Are you going somewhere?” Chan Young answers vaguely, “I’m just going somewhere for a bit,” and Bo Na blocks him from saying more. She wants to know something about Chan Young that Eun Sang doesn’t know. On their way out, Bo Na stops to point out that Chan Young is not wearing the colors that she told him to wear for the festival. He points to shoes he is wearing, but Bo Na points out, “That’s dark red, not red!” Eun Sang sighs as she watches them walk off. “Those wasteful kids.” (PICTURE 3) ES is on the phone to sister on answer machine. Sister lives with boyfriend in America. Supposedly in college there. It starts to rain but the umbrella doesn’t work. ES notices the dreamcatcher in the window. It sparkles and at that moment, the umbrella opens. CY came home to eat with dad. Dad jokes that CY is ruining his night. CY gives information about the curry. CY didn’t tell ES that he is going to language study. He asks about work. ES’s mom working at Kim’s house. She can’t speak. Younger lady of the house is on the edge because her son in America is not answering the phone. ES’s mom communicates by writing on notepad. Kim Won is home. He wants his room cleaned again. He ignores Tan’s mom. She pretends to be a lady. ES’s mom: you are concubine regardless. ES’s mom brings food from Kim’s house. ES is angry. Are we a dump? She is angry at her sister. Mom hands account book. Mom wants to send all the money to sister. It’s 8,300,000. Mom says ES’s sister is marrying. Esther is remarrying. Ra hael is not pleased. You just divorced dad! ES wants to know about sis’s fiancé. Will she send airplane? ES tells mom to text, not sign outside. Mom says we are flaw ES is how are we a flaw? What did we suffer after she ran away. Esther is marring YD’s dad. The kids look sarcastic and unhappy. YD wants to leave but dad tells him to sit. YD says he has an appointment. YD gets slapped. YD: now I can’t really sit since I lost face DW: Rahael is like you. Esther: YD is like your ex-wife. Rahael: I am engaged to Kim Tan. You would become brother in law with Tan. I hate this wedding as much as you. YD: I don’t hate it. Marriage is a merger here. Who will get the Empire Group’s stock that your mother has in the end? He sneers. ES washes dishes. She looks at the piles of dishes with food left over and forces back her tears. Guy gives her salary. ARen’t you going to go on vacation. I plan to go to Us. Never come back. Sis marrying is that she is staying there forever. If that happens, I am going to be washing dishes all my life. I’ve been thinking this since eight. ES at bank. She tells mom she will go and come back. Give her the money. ES made the passport. ES’s mom just nods. ES puts notebooks with marker in drawer. She reads her mom’s other notebooks and it is full of ma’am, asking and saying sorry. She is trying to learn English. ES writes in notebook I’m sorry mom. She packs the other pad in her backpack. I will come back after I’ve succeed. ES cries silently in her room. Esther asks Rahael why she is going to the US herself. RH still wants mom to not marry. Esther threatens to take her out of family. Tan I will eat all the almond I want. Should I rebel. Tan ignores call from Rahael. He just goes out to play. LAX. ES tell herself to be confident. She once placed 13th in the whole school. She practices her English. RH on the phone telling whoever that Tan is here. Of course she is not alone. She describes someone which ES sees doesn’t match. RH notices ES eavesdropping. RH: Why did you laugh at me? ES pretends to be Japanese but RH won’t be fooled. Why did you laugh? ES you’re conversation described something different. ES says I wasn’t laughing but empathizing since I wasn’t the only one unwelcomed here. Beach again and more surfing by guy who is obviously not LMH. ROFLMAO. ES: I have truly arrived. She looks at her own breasts. She sees Tan and girl and thinks, there are a lot of fortunate people. Tan’s engrish. He is not going to the party. ES is has arrived at a house. But her sister isn’t there. Guy recognizes ES. Other girl there. ES find out her sister lied about everything. School, marriage. Tan is at the diner at the beach. Writing something. Sis asks what do you write everyday. Tan says homework. Sis, you don’t look at it. Tan: it’s my way of rebelling. Tan: when I am writing, I think I am thinking. What my brother told me not to do. Won is in a meeting. The premium mall is not doing well. Guy wants to spend more money on advertisement. Secretary Yoon says the CEO knows about the loss. Won is angry the CEO knows how badly he is doing. Tan sees ES with suitcase looking at the diner. Guy tips Stella and TAN sees ES crying, angry at her sister. Tan doesn’t his eyes off her. Stella sees ES. Sis: why are you here? Where is mom? ES: mom? You care? If I called before I came, would you have showed me something different? What are the lies? You’re crazy! Sis just digs for suitcase for money. ES: I’m being punished for leaving mom. You were my hope, my dream. Sis: sorry, but just this once. ES tries to stop sis from taking money. Mom suffered for that money. Sis runs away. ES can’t keep chasing her because of her suitcase. She comes back. Let me go with you! She cries. Tan watches. Surfer dude comes being annoying. He steals something from ES. Tan screams, it is not drugs! Jay falls and has allergic reaction to the mix. ES and Tan bicker. Tan is angry he has to get involved. ES is at a loss for words. ES explaining to cop it is not drug. Tan comes to rescue: It’s okay baby. She is my girlfriend. Cop knows Tan. He is going to analyze the powder. Until the results come out, takes ES passport. Tan asks why she is speaking banmal to him. She saw she is the same age. Cellphone please. I will pay you. Tan says your sister won’t answer you. ES realizes he saw. Can you take me to her house? I will pay you. Tan: you try to pay for everything. ES: Because I’m afraid you’ll leave. I’m asking you then. Tan drives her to her sis’ house. ES: I will call you three times throughout the day to ask about the passport. Nobody opens the door. Thankg god Tan didn’t leave. ES says she will wait until someone comes. Tan says you think a woman who ran away with money will come back. ES: she will come. Tan: fine, then wait. ES leaves the house. Tan has come back. He stops his car by her. “Do you want to go to my house?”