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Worst Naruto Characters: Itachi
This is for the challenge that @hikaymm is hosting for the sweet Naruto jacket. It's being judged on Clips so I would appreciate it a lot if you guys could do that! Thank you! So the prompt was to talk about a character we either love or hate. And I think I've become somewhat known for having "unique" opinions on a lot of characters and what not so I thought I'd talk about a fan favorite from Naruto and one that I very much hate. Itachi As I've said many times here now, villains are my favorite part of anime and comics and whatnot. And Itachi was a great villain, at first, he murdered his whole family and left and was super mysterious. But then they gave him the back story that he did everything for his brother and whatnot and it's stupid. I just want there to be a seriously messed up villain who is evil and stays evil and doesn't get a back story that makes that persons actions seem okay. Villains don't always need a justified reason, I'd rather they had just said Itachi was mentally f'd up or that he wanted to be defeated by a family member or something weird like Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho or something, I don't want a sob story, I don't want to feel bad for my villains. Remember to help me out by clipping this card and telling others about it! Thanks and have a good day! Ja ne Gonna tag a bunch of people! Sorry if I put your name twice (x @shannonl5 @VinMcCarthy @natsu2 @AnthonyGentry @TiffanyWallace @RadChick10 @pbonds2 @dragonmaster @Hatrosca @Laxus @matildajgarrett @KittyCommittee @tayhar18920 @JessaxD @electica @MaighdlinS @SeintoSeiya @LuffyNewman @JessReno @FabianValles @chris98vamg @OGv6FATE @MarkKibe @assasingod @DavidPatrick16 @ZachZace @PJRodriguez @SkyeWilson @ChristinaOMalle @Kamilen @Alexander95 @kjnguyen @Kakashilover @TheFairyLoreley @havic @JesusSanchez94 @alicedragneel @MidnightEcho @DustinAtkinson @Jason41 @Nicco15 @Jason41 @Shemoo @KyleSearl @RobDay @Ash2424701 @poojas @BluBear07 @funnyguy3556 @RandyRothbauer @JacobRivas @MoisEsGaray @MrCheese @ToshiKata @JamieNelson @maxi217 @NormanSmith @AdamDean @TeeWhyler @ReynaWithLove @ElizabethMoore @winterhaven @nicholezegarra @JessaxD @cjsmith687 @Danse
My Pirate crew
Well I was asked now I'm making one.. I had a card completely done then discarded the card.. sigh.. Shikamaru Nara Naruto Captain Shikamaru is extremely strong in so many ways, but mainly with his planning and strategy, definetly something a pirate crew needs. Saya Otanashi Blood+ Swordswoman Saya is a demon that wields a sword in a schoolgirl outfit. nuff said. Mikasa mikoto A certain Scientific railgun Sniper She's uses electrical discharge to shoot items a long distance and extremely powerfully. That's a good Sniper imho. Bell Cranel Is it okay to pick up girls in a dungeon!? Thief Not a thief in the traditional way, but he uses a dagger and light armor so close wnough. Bell is the epitome of badassery, especially with a skill to grow fast. Great addition toy crew. Traflagar Law One Piece Doctor Law is a badass doctor with a badass ability to be a better doctor. Op-Op fruit is truly overpowered. Levy McGarden Fairy Tail Archeologist Personal faverite female anime character, so she had to get a spot. She's smart, she's cute, she's awesome, she's perfect. Zebra Toriko Musician So he isn't a musician. But he attacks with sound waves so that's close enough. Pretty much he's just. straight badass that Noone likes. which, makes him perfect for this Crew, a crew of misfits. Soma Yukihara Shokugi no Soma Cook So while he wouldn't be strong for combat, his cooking abilities could revitalize the crew as they are fighting. so he's more of a support character then an offense or defense character. There you have my Crew!! Spent a couple days pondering the perfect crew.. Let me know what you think!!