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Jak91's Collection
IM SO HAPPY!! New movies are coming and my favorites among them.
Now as I'm sure quite a few of you know, I'm a comic and anime nerd, ya know that's my thing I love it. But what I've yet to reveal is that I'm also a super movie buff, I love movies and I can always sit and chill with one. And I'm so happy to know the upcoming movies that are on their way. And me being the movie lover I am, figured I'd put up a list for you guys, because I love you all. (platonically of course :)) Anyway without further ado, here it is First up is one we all already knew, the Civil War. Probably gonna be the most epic one to date, at least that's my bet. You guys know the story, but for those who missed one or two things here's the summary (or at least from the comic which I think would still give you a good amount of what to expect): the U.S. government passes a Superhero Registration Act ostensibly designed to have superpowered characters act under official regulation, somewhat akin to police officers. However, those opposed to the act, led by Captain America, find themselves in conflict with those that support the act, led by Iron Man, with Spider-Man caught in the middle; the X-Men take a neutral stance. Hope that paints a decent picture for you. Next is Sly Cooper. (that's right, from the video game (assuming you've played it)) Anyway from what I've read its mostly based on the video game Thievious Racoonous, and I can only hope I spelled that right. I used to play the demo's for ps2 when I was younger, I liked it. Personally I know not to expect a lot, like scale of 1 to 10 I know its gonna be at least a 4 or 5 but I'm just glad to see the game moved to a new medium, the big screen. Anyway, to help you guys out, the plot is about a racoon named Sly Cooper who's born from a family of thieves going back generations, which its history is in a book which is a family heirloom called the Thieveous Racoonous. He loses his parents at a young age, and was raised in a orphanage where he met his two lifelong friends who later become his partners in crime. I'll stop there. Leave the crowd In suspense :). Third is among some of my favorites: The Ninja Turtles. You all know and love them (Not as much as some people and deadpool and you know who you are ;)) Now for this one I'm not to familiar with the new plot since it wasn't put out yet or at least to my knowledge. But I know they introduce Casey Jones, Bebop and Rocksteady in this one so....silver lining, defintely XD. On a slightly separate note: I just realized, in the original ninja turtles, bebop and rocksteady always towered over these guys, when the turtles were shorter than April, these guys were like 7 feet tall, now that the turtles are 7 feet tall......are these guys gonna be 10 feet tall or something? Next up is what the only video game movie that I know has to get some panties moist, I mean who doesn't know ratchet and clank? These guys are the badass duo only surpassed by the legendary Jak and Daxter, I'll be brief with this summary: The film will be an origin story that retells the events of the original Ratchet & Clank, depicting how Ratchet and Clank met each other as they attempt to save the Solana Galaxy from being destroyed by Chairman Drek and the Blarg. However, the film will expand on various plot points in greater detail, and will also incorporate some elements from later series entries, such as the introduction of Doctor Nefarious and theGalactic Rangers. last but not least is for those who love Kevin Hart, Ice cube and comedy. Now I'm Sure quite a few of you have seen the first movie so I thought this is more like a reminder than a reveal of any kind. But I honestly think I won't have to give a little into the plot with this one, I'll just leave for suspense. Alright thanks for checking out my list, I actually been thinking for a while and I wanted to ask you guys for a quick favor: I'm having trouble thinking of what to put up but I really want to post things up so in the comments below or message me, let me know what you guys like to see. I'll post what you guys like and at the same time get a little inspiration to post my own stuff. Also before I forget, chimichangas4life!! X]