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Anime Christmas gifts Day 4
Hello wonderful anime fam ( waves)! anyways Christmas is coming up and some of you might not know what to get your anime loving friends, boy friend, girl friend ECT so i thought id help and give you some ideas! everyday until December 20th ill make a card showing anime/gamer gifts ideas...i know some people have a time trying to figure out to give so that's one of the main reasons im doing this! so anyway each card will have 2 gift recommendations! yesterdays card: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1253800-Anime-Christmas-gifts-Day-3 Anime phone charms!! These charms (or plugs) are extremely cute and cool! you know that spot on your phone where you plug in your headphones?? well these charms attach to a plug (picture 6) (some come with a plug some don't) and the plug allows you to plug in the charm into the headphone spot! most phone charms are priced at 2-5$ some will be a bit higher but mainly stay at least under 10$ (if your order them s&h will cost depending where you get it from) you can find these charms online at amazon,ebay, esty and many other places! each one is one size fits all so don't worry about that! if you do find one you like but it does not have a plug you can always buy the plug separate! any anime lover will surely love this as a gift! (if they have a phone, i pod, tablet, ect anything with a headphone plug in) Crate's!!! ok so there are many crates that you can get with anime things and gamer items in them!! if you want a crate you can either by a one for this month (different box each month) or subscribe to a monthly box subscription to get a box each month! these crates come in different values such a normal, premium, or mega each one id priced different on their size , what items are in it and where your shipping it from. different places very but some are 20$ or 30$ sometimes more depending on the size.. Picture 1 and 2: Called Japan Crate Mainly comes with food from japan that we don't get in America! there are a few anime toys or game figures. Picture 3 and 4 : mainly comes with marvel/ gamer things but depending on your preferences it will usually have anime things. picture 5 and 6: Anime bento or Anime bent crate: mainly only has anime things depending on what anime you tell the company you like online! 7 and 8: loot crate mainy comes with anime, game and other various items ! If you wanna see more check out my Christmas collection!! and stay tuned!