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msfancysunshine's Collection
Here's more writing woahh will you look at that ! it's about um an 8 year old boy that saw his 14 year old sister kill his father :)))) basically ___________________________________________ I stared in through the crack of my door. I couldn't belive what I was seeing. My sister Korra holding an axe. Her pupils dilated and she held the axe above her head with a grin on her face. And with a blink of an eye she swang the axe down into my father's throat while he was asleep. I began to tremble and I covered my mouth so she wouldn't hear me scream. She began to laugh as thick dark red blood gushed out his throat. It soaked the bed in red and splashed on her face as she licked it off. Again she swang the axe down his throat leaving him decapitated. I can see his bone popping out the tip of his throat. I can see his meat soaked red as blood gushed down and reached her toes. His head rolled off the bed and near the door. I couldn't handle it I wanted to scream so badly. Why would sis do this? I looked back up slowly and saw that sis was staring at me with the same grin. The blood of my father coursed down her cheek. Her eyes looked souless. I back up slowly then began to run down the hall screaming in tears. What has become of my sister? My loving sister that protected me, my second mother after mom has passed away. I looked back with the corner of my eye and she was behind me, sprinting at me with the same axe that ended my father. I didn't know what to do so I locked myself in the bathroom. I backed up to where the bathtub was and crotched down. My mind was trying to process what the hell just happened. Although my heart was beating out of my chest. You can hear the din sound of my heart rate. She kicked the door over and over with her leg "Come out Rin!" She yelled "Come out!" What had overcome my loving sister. Then she stopped. It was silent. Had she left? As soon as I slowly got up from inside the bathtub an axe impaled into the wooden door. I began to cry intensively looking around me for a weapon. I looked behind me and saw the small Bathroom window. I was eight years old and small. I can fit through. But as I opened the window and looked down I saw how far the ground was. I was at the second floor of my house. The ground was at least twelve feet above me. I looked back hesitant when another strike impaled through the door. She peeked through the crack of the door she has made. I squeezed myself through the window struggling for my life. I had squeezed all the way and I fell on my knees and hands into my front lawn. For the first three seconds I was catching my breath and coping with the pain I had inflicted opon myself. I looked up at the window I had jumped from and Korra was staring down at me. She then dropped the axe from the window but missed me by a scratch. I kept observing as she left my field of view. Panicking that she was sprinting down the stairs to finish the job I stood up and started limping away. I limped to my neighbors house and knocked on on the door. It was about three in the morning but I continued to knock in despair. I looked back and saw my sister running out the door with a kitchen knife. I began to bang at the door intesively when it finally opened. Ms. Rislim opened the door perplexed "Why the hell are you knocking at my door at this hour you damn rat?!" She yelled. I pushed her out the way and shut the door behind me locking my sister out. I shut the curtains and ran to her house phone. Ms. Rislim was old perhaps in her late 60's she had grey hairs up in a bun. She paced over to me and grabbed my shoulder so I was facing her "What the hell is going on mutt, is this some kind of prank? go home!" She yelled upset. I pushed her away from me and grabbed her house phone dialing 911 "I'll explain later Ms. Rislim, I'm in danger!" I yelled listening to the phone ring, "911 what is your emergency?" The phone operater said "hello this is 1304 Graysling street, My sister just killed my father and now she is after me!" "Where are you?" The operater asked "I'm in my neighbors house I jumped out the 2nd floor bathroom window" "Where is your sister?" "I- I don't know s- she isn't attacking right now" "Okay we will be on our way just stay on the phone" the operator told me. I inhaled and exhaled briefly. "You said you jumped from the second floor, do you need the paramedics?" "I Don't know I'm just limping, I don't care just help me!" "Calm down, what's your name? How old are you?" "My name is Rin Foresaw, I'm eight years old" I responded "please come fast" "What's your sisters name and how old is she?" " uh- it's um, Korra Foresaw, she's fourteen" "A fourteen year old killed her father? What was the weapon, did you see the murder occur or did you just see the body" " I saw it happen!" I yelled "she cut my dad's head off with an axe!" The operater didn't say anything "did she have a grudge against him? Has she been acting odd lately?" "No! She acted as she always did, I don't think she hated my dad" just then I heard sirens approaching and saw red and blue lights flashing through the window "what's happening kid?!" Asked Ms. Rislim. I ran out the front door and began to wave at the police cars with both my hands. The police cars stopped in front of my house and about six of em busted through the door holding a gun. A man in a black suit came up to me showing me his badge, "My name is detective Yogami, are you Rin Foresaw?" He asked. I nodded. Then he took out a notepad and began to ask me questions. Most of them I had already answered to the operator on the phone. "Do you have a mother?" He asked. I shook my head "She died last year" I responded to him "she died off cancer" Detective Yogami wrote it down in his notepad when the officers came out "detective!" One yelled. Detective Yogami ran toward them to see what they have found. I couldn't hear them so I looked around me. My mind still has not fully processed. I was still trembling. I heard a noise "psst" it said. I looked around following the noise to the side alley of another house. There stood my sister before me holding the kitchen knife "don't scream, please" she pleaded "I won't hurt you" her eyes looked calm "Why, why did you kill dad?" I whispered with a tremble in my voice. Korra looked down, as if she was dissapointed to what she has done, "I don't regret it" she said "daddy was sad... because mom passed away" I was confused though no words escaped my tounge "he... needed to cope... so he coped with pleasure" I didn't know what she meant I was only eight. "He... used to touch me, and make me do things I didn't want to do" she said crying and trembling "I never told anyone- I never did anything about it, because I didn't want you to loose another parent" she said in tears. I was shocked, the only reason she never did anything was because she was protecting me. Then she looked up until our eyes met. All I saw in those eyes were despair, and agony "I had enough!" She yelled. As she said that I began to remember, all the things I never really questioned. Like the times during breakfast when my dad would touch her butt, or the times during dinner when he would feel up her thigh, never even once thought about the times he would send me to my room because he want to 'talk' to Korra alone. My blood began to boil. My face turned red, Korra was suffering and she never told anyone. I tried to comfort her and hug her but she pushed me away "please, don't come closer" she said as she wiped the tears away still grasping onto the kitchen knife in her left hand. Korra sighed "I'm sorry" she said "for what?!" "For leaving you alone" with that said Korra took the knife in her hand and impaled it in the side of her throat. Blood gushed out the other side and some got on me and on my clothes. Korra fell to her knees then fell face first to the cold cement ground. "NOOO!!" I yelled in tears and agony "AHHH!!" I yelled falling to my knees in tears. I couldn't stop yelling. The police officers ran to me as fast as they could and saw Korra dead on the ground and me yelling. Two police officer tried pulling me back as I kicked and struggled "No! Korra please come back!" I yelled "let go you bastards!" I kicked in screamed and saw the pity in everyone's eyes "he's just a boy" they whispered, "poor kid" they said. That was what happened on October 23rd eight years ago