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CodySmiley's Collection
Dear Vingle Anime Family ^_^
Hello Anime Fam! Brace yourself for some mushy feels and emotions! I've been on Vingle for a while now and have been posting in the Anime community for quite a bit as well. In just over a month, I've met so many amazing anime fans here and you all are so nice, kind and funny and I just wanted to say that I appreciate you all. Thanks for being awesome anime fans and sharing your love for anime with everyone! I've talked to quite a few of you through comments and/or messages. For those of you who haven't talked to me yet, my inbox is always open and just know me as that one anime fan who claims to be a Totoro and runs around fangirling over Attack on Titan. ^_^ You guys are the best anime fangirls and fanboys I've met! *high five* You guys know how to handle the fandom struggle. Remember when I was freaking out over that Attack on Titan episode and ya'll just kept trolling in the comments? LOL, good times. You guys know when to be serious. Trolling and jokes aside, it's fun having a solid discussion about anime once in a while. ^^ But you switch back in to the hilarious fangirl and fanboy mode just as fast and I super duper appreciate that. XD Anime marathons with you guys are the best and we need to do another one soon! Let's continue celebrating our love for anime together here! ^_^ For those of you who are new, welcome! Say hi in the comments and let's all get to know each other. (This gif was too precious to not use lol) To those that I've talked to in comments/messages, I hope to get to know you all even better and see more of your awesome cards! @biancadanica98 @RosePark @FrankilliMambo @DanRodriguez @AkiraCondry @AimeeH @NerukaWong @MissCandyFreak @SunnyV @nenegrint14 @solodaywithB1A4 @zellie15 @VixenViVi @TheGreenEyedPup @vanemunos @Arellano1052 @ninachan @KeikoKup @StephersTaylor @NirealPalaruan @VeronicaArtino @ashleykpop @EllieDean @adila @SusyHerrera @MaatiCasanova @Kamiamon @Taijiotter @caitlind9898 @melineptune @corinazurk @BPF1916 @ButterflyBlu @KarinaFarias @yessiex3 @Shilolobun @edwinb94 @JustinaNguyen @sugajin94 @loftonc16 @B1A4BTS5ever @bananamilkninja @k8wnba20 @PaigeBennish @panouvang123 To those that are new and I haven't had the chance to talk with as much, I hope we can all get to know each other better and that you enjoy your time with this beautiful anime community! @AprilLynch @UsagiChan @LovinJade @OtakuNya @DanieTate @FallenDeath @TinaDang @AaliyahMorson @ci623 @RaquelArredondo @CyberAngel @exoshinee @Sefu @CassidyCathell @MimiZu17 @Sarahwifi @CaitlynXD @MasumaUddin @RosaPink @lotusflower2193 @Anisaisaninja @TanyanHenley @mc117 @otakukpopgirl @SierraWilson16 @AdiaJasinski @sussielee123 @ginahoshi @LayLayPoe @CaptainJimi358 @littlemaryk @malibella @krazylilmeow @exoexo @Pikacat @CheyenneKerns @zoexoexo @tyragallegos10 @brookeseoul This is the only time I will be mass-tagging people, just as a FYI. Hahaha.