For Me, Myself and I { Chapter 4 }
@marisamusic@MaricelvaRomero@merryjayne13@jjrockstar@RaquelArredo@EniorehFrancois@JaniseRamos@Mrs.JungHoseok @sarahdarwish@VeronicaArtino@SugaKookieV@QueenLele@MsLoyalHeart@justcallmekyke@PrincessUnicorn@FalseLove@EmilyPeacock@micahirene@Queen18Ember@PrettieeEmm@AaliyahNewbell@tiffany1922@kpopdeluxegirl@SindyHernandez@ParkHwaYoung@LemonLassie@CrystalGuerra@twistedPuppy@CallMeMsDragon@crazychikki@aliawhbmida@sosaloraine23@AyameTenchu@BaekYeolBaby@Ilikepancakes@LemonLassie@luna1171@mandubum@AaliyahNewbell@PrettieeEmm@JessicaEvaristo@MelissaGarza@NicoleJolly@MrsChanyeol@tinafalcon22@JinsPrincess@narutobandgeek@Orihemay@Defy24601@CamrynCherry@SaraHanna@Stephanie123@MadAndrea@selfishmachines@AmberRelynn@Animezkpopgirl@Maribelita@BrigetJara@ARMY98@MarilessSison@JadeOwens@Cassierchiqua@DalyRomero@im1the1shiteu@VIPFreak2NE1@Al95Pha@TaraJenner - Jackson - We were both sitting on his pastel blue and very large cauch. He looked nervous for some reason, as if he were afraid of hurting the slightest and smallest fly there was. I captured his every facial detail which depicted that of a very artistic masterpiece. A well and out-of-this-world masterpiece. My frowing face soon turned upside down and I was smiling at the cute boy in front of me. Although, he doesn't seem to be a boy after all knowing from a fact that he was actually older than me. I felt the need to hug him, to make him forget of the apology and just keep the hug going until our arms went numb and fall off. But I knew he had boundaries. Someone like Mark should be protected and taken care of despite the obvious truth of his self protection and care. I for once dwelled on my own conscience and refused to acknowledge my heart's needs. Yet, did I ever have a heartful need?. I don't think I ever did and even if I did I wouldn't be too keen on feeling compelled to fulfill it. It was a scary thought to think about, the idea that everything laying infront of me could easily be substituted for that which was Mark's very own self. I was interrupted by the sound of a cough. I look over to see the nervous man staring with big wide eyes right at my very own. We were like that for a few seconds but even at that short amount of time I was able to comprehend the complex details in his thoughts. He spoke: "I don't want you to feel as if I asked you to be here for just silence." He said and looked serious about it. "I know. And even if you did I would have enjoyed it.... that is if I get to look at that gorgeous face for a longer time of course. " I responded with basically no filter, not that I was planning on having any filter with Mark. The petite man looked away from me with a huge smile plastered on his face. It was something to surely die for. " Jackson I'm very sorry about slamming the door on your face. I know it was disrespectful of me to do that so I felt the need to apologize. So as my second apology I want you to hang out with me for a while. At least until It feel like my lonely apartment isn't so lonely anymore." I could hear the sadness in his voice. Mark is very alone, I don't want to be rude but I wonder if the guy even has friends. He describes his home as a pit waiting for centuries just to have someone fall into it. Or maybe a lone wolf wanting to make his very own pack. Mark kept smiling, reassuring me that he was okay and that nothing was wrong, but I could see through that soft smile. I want to make him feel like he has someone in his life that cares for him. Not just make him feel it but know and be sure of it without a doubt. " That sounds like a plan Mark Tuan and I shall accept it but first we should make some food... or would you rather we order some take out." "Whatever you want it to be. This is my apology to you anyways." He smiled "Then cooking it is. I'd like to see the gorgeous Mark work in the kitchen with me so let's see what we can make. Hmm, would you prefer pasta or ramen noodles." I suggested while at the same time caressing my chin, pretending that a long beard was located on it. " Pasta sounds better than the food I have basically everyday of my life. It's like my whole existence has revolved around noodles and some day I could become just like one, but without taste." " Aren't plain noodles already tasteless though, because all you can really taste is the flour. Not an actual flavor." I stated with crystal clear smirk. " Apparently noodles do have a taste if you can taste the flour. I just said that I would be tasteless because I wouldn't be that edible since I was once human and humans can be very umpleasant creatures." He wasn't wrong though. The way his words left his mouth sounded as if he wanted to scream at every umpleasant human being he's ever met. That including everyone of his exes. I suddenly, again, felt the urge to hug him but again I refrained and stayed on my spot just smiling at him while still listening to him rant about noodles and how some have taste and some don't. He'd be one tasty noodle if I do say so myself. SCHOOL WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!!!! We took a 56 question test today for World Cultures and we didn't even know we were taking one!
A Great Love Story: 6
BAMBAM I am a guy with simple wishes and one of those wishes is to get off that little cloud I'm that says "stay with Xi Zui Zu". The amount of times I have failed to make her happy is uncountable. My impulsive thoughts are always misleading and they never make sense. They drive me to do things I never wanted to do. Zui is someone who I really want to make things right with and forget about all the fighting. We broke up one time due to me and my selfish behavior. I betrayed her. I cheated on her. At the time my head was blurry, I had no idea of what I was doing only that I knew it wasn't right but I was enjoying it anyways. I told Zui what I did wrong and of course she never forgave me and now... well I don't know, she hasn't been the same. I try to talk to her and reason with her but it's all pieces of paper burned to ashes. Call me an obsessed man but sometimes I do think about giving up on her and letting her go but I can't. It hurts to think of seeing her with someone who isn't me. Someone who can touch her, kiss her, and hug her. (But don't you think she deserves better?, no offense) I do, lots of time and I've told her. She gave me a chance to make things right and fix our relationship. I'm trying to change for her, not for any other person. I have a lot of problems. I have a brother with serious issues and a mother who cries everynight, a father who is the cause of her suffering. (You're Youngjae's brother?) You know about him? he's my brother. He's been the way he is since he was little but it wasn't as serious or noticeable. Now, everytime I look at him I see hints of fear and despair. He once had seizure at a family reunion. You could tell he was trying to hold back but his efforts were stalemate. He collapsed on mom's arms and was quickly taken to a hospital. I wasn't allowed to visit because I was the youngest in the family and they were afraid I would be scarred and have night terrors. So everyday I spent my time worrying whether by brother was ok or not and if he was, at least, alive. He was sent back home after two days and we were told about his diagnosis. He was... sick- very sick actually so mom and dad decided it was the right thing to send him to a hospital for people... like him. After all of those years I still remember what he said to me before he left: " I'll be ok bro, don't worry. You'll see me soo- possibly a better me". His words hurt me because he thought that he was a failure and a nobody. I went to visit him at the hospital one time. No one had told me of what had happened that day- all I heard was that he was yelling and screaming "Satan". When I entered the room he was tied to a hospital bed and passed out. There was a psychiatrist sitting on one of the chairs, I'm guessing he was waiting for him to wake up. Mom came a few hours later and as always she started crying. She looked at Jae in his state and just cried her eyes out. After a few hours Jae was awake and he was surprisingly calm. He was the Jae I remembered 12 years ago. The Youngjae who was calm, playful, stubborn and kind. He looked at mom first then at me. He said " Bambi, bro, I'm so sorry", he started to cry seconds later and kept on apologizing to me but not at mom. It wasn't surprising because he never felt like there was a reason to apologize to her for. Mom didn't react either because she's used to being treated like a third-wheel, something that dad always does to her. (What caused Youngjae to hate her?) She slept with dad's brother and we cought her in the act. I always knew it would happen given the way they always looked at each other with a lusty feeling. Youngjae was obviously displeased but he never realized that dad's brother treated mother way better than dad would. He treated her with care and, well, like any woman should be treated. I was happy for her but disappointed at the same time. When father found out he went ballistic and screamed at her, beat her and insulted her. Uncle Yung Soo was there for her again and comforted her. I told mom to divorse mom if he treated her that way but she couldn't leave him because he provides us with everything we have. Since that day dad and uncle Yung Soo never spoke and he would come back home drunk and again beat my mom. I could hear her screaming in pain so I went and defended her, YoungJae did the same that day he was sent home for visiting but he was hesitant at first. Dad was thrown back and stabbed by Jae and I told my mom to go to uncle Yung Soo. (What did your dad do?) He became afraid of Jae. He survived the stabbing but even though it didn't kill him he still thought about death. Mom refused to leave him because she knew he would hurt uncle Young Soo. She wouldn't risk him. She's been dealing with all the beating herself. There are times when she fights back and wins but other times she lets it happen because she says she doesn't want to live. I feel a deep pain for mom but what can I do to help her? therapy isn't helping and trying to change her way of thinking isn't a help either. My words are just pieces of paper burned to ashes. @marisamusic @MaricelvaRomero @merryjayne13 @jjrockstar @RaquelArredo @EniorehFrancois @JaniseRamos @Mrs.JungHoseok @sarahdarwish @VeronicaArtino @SarahVanDorn @QueenLele @MsLoyalHeart @justcallmekyke @PrincessUnicorn @FalseLove @EmilyPeacock @micahirene @Queen18Ember @PrettieeEmm @AaliyahNewbell @tiffany1922 @kpopdeluxegirl @SindyHernandez @ParkHwaYoung @LemonLassie @CrystalGuerra @twistedPuppy @CallMeMsDragon @crazychikki @aliawhbmida @sosaloraine23 @AyameTenchu @BaekYeolBaby @Ilikepancakes @LemonLassie @luna1171 @mandubum @AaliyahNewbell @PrettieeEmm @JessicaEvaristo @MelissaGarza @NicoleJolly @MrsChanyeol @tinafalcon22 @JinsPrincess @narutobandgeek @Orihemay @Defy24601 @CamrynCherry @SaraHanna @Stephanie123 @MadAndrea
Junhwan moments πŸ’‹β€
I swear it never really makes a difference what these two are doing, they always make me smile ,laugh and melt. Members: What are you doing? Are you two dating? Jinhwan: *flustered, tries to explain* June: *pulls Jinhwan close to him* Come here hyung...you dont have to explain Jinhwan: * a little less flustered, puts hands on June's neck looking at him* I love you. Yes Jinwhan, Junie is sometimes is kind of a weirdo ...but he is your weirdo Junie carrying his cute hyung ...Jinhwan is most definitely enjoying himself while June is kind of like kind of being cocky....like yeah that's right be jealous, he's all mine. 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A Great Love Story: 5
MARK'S POV: I'm pretty sure that we've all had those days where we wish that everything was better so that WE could live better. It's almost like a sad trilogy of a story, nothing too erotic or synchronic. It's all just in our heads and there's nothing we could do about it. My name is Mark. I'm 22 years old and if you can tell I also have Cyclothymia disorder or to be more specific; Bipoloar Disorder just like YoungJae. I've been diagnosed with disorders such as, behavioral, psychological, and mania disorders. I've been to a few theraphists but all they seem to ask you questions that don't even contribute to the theme of my story or what I have to say so that they'd stop asking me useless and stupid questions. I guess you could say I am related to Youngjae as I am his cousin. We both got a pretty messed up life and I guess you could say will never be fixed. The theraphist said that I needed to take my medications and believe it or not I actually do. I want to feel and get better. I want to be able to smile and not just stand there looking completely soulless. Everyday I wake up feeling weird or the need to throw up, so I do. Even though sometimes I don't want to. For some reason I feel a little bit better, a sence of relief I guess, after I do what I do..... I would feel kind of happy to be exact. There are often times when I would stare at food and feel sick, so I end up not eating it. It's nerve wrecking for some people but really I'm ok. There's nothing to worry about because I'm getting treatment. How do I know Youngjae? well I met him while walking around the hospital. He is a very quiet kid; always staring around but there are those times where he has his episodes. The doctors have had to tie him to a medical bed that day. I remember him yelling that he wanted to meet Satan or whatever; something about asking him a few questions and whatnot. His condition has been said to not be severe given the fact that he's slowly recovering. When he isn't having episodes he's mostly quiet and serious but he seems normal- ( Like, Human you mean?) Yeah.. he's human. I'm not better than him in recovering. Those stupid meds seem to not work so I gave up on them. I don't even care what the theraphist says anymore. (But you said that you do take them... where you lying to us?) I wasn't lying when I said that I them.... I just don't do it as often as I am supposed to. I would usually take one, like, once a month or something- I don't know- I forget when I take them. (You seem like you can take your anxiety and disorders as if they were normal. Is that something you'd like to talk about?) Are you ever gonna be done asking me questions? like seriously I just want to sleep so please leave me alone. I've answered enough questions already. @marisamusic @MaricelvaRomero @merryjayne13 @jjrockstar @RaquelArredo @EniorehFrancois @JaniseRamos @Mrs.JungHoseok @sarahdarwish @VeronicaArtino @SarahVanDorn @QueenLele @MsLoyalHeart @justcallmekyke @PrincessUnicorn @FalseLove @EmilyPeacock @micahirene @Queen18Ember @PrettieeEmm @AaliyahNewbell @tiffany1922 @kpopdeluxegirl @SindyHernandez @ParkHwaYoung @LemonLassie @CrystalGuerra @twistedPuppy @CallMeMsDragon @crazychikki @aliawhbmida @sosaloraine23 @AyameTenchu @BaekYeolBaby @Ilikepancakes @LemonLassie @luna1171 @mandubum @AaliyahNewbell @PrettieeEmm @JessicaEvaristo @MelissaGarza @NicoleJolly @MrsChanyeol @tinafalcon22 @JinsPrincess @narutobandgeek @Orihemay @Defy24601 @CamrynCherry @SaraHanna @Stephanie123 @MadAndrea