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Beast Is the Best ... 30 Day Beast Challenge Day 7 What is my favorite group photo of Beast?
Hey Everybody! Welcome back to the Beast Is the Best 30 Day Challenge. I am having so much fun putting these cards for you ... And I am looking forward to seeing how you answer this challenge. You can decide to answer every category question or just the one your most passionate about or anywhere in between. The point is to have fun and put your heart into the challenge questions you want to answer. Obviously there is no obligation. But I am hoping there are a lot of Beauties out there who are just as in love with Beast as I am and want to share their enthusiasm with everybody too. I am happy to part of the Vingle family where there are people who do not question my sanity just because I am excited about Beast and proud to be a Beauty. With that being said let's get started ... What's my favorite group photo? Not to put to fine of a point on it - All of them! There are so many more I could share but I will save then for another time. Please enjoy Day 8 of the Beast Is the Best 30 Day Challenge. You guys are the Best! And I think the reason Beast chose "Beauty's" as their fandom name - well one of many anyway - is because of everything they had to go through to achieve their goals. All the hard work - all the blood, sweat and tears they've poured out has lead them and taught them how to set the example of believing. After all the obstacles turned into opportunities, rejection turned to respect - they have demonstrated to us what it takes to cultivate our inner Beauty ... Thanks for letting me share and for checking out this card ... I will be counting the time till I can share Day 9 ... I am believing you make the most out of your day :)