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TaeYang Tuesday Marathon!!!
I just love when they are playful. they don't do this much anymore, but seeing TaeYangs beautiful smile and joy, I can't help but smile myself! (bonus Deasungs abs...) Lol soooooooo twirking is for girls hmmm? well I think these MEN looked very sexy doing this. Don't you ask agree with me! Especially Taeyang! like all Dancing he goes all out! love it! look at that smile. so young and innocent in a "I know you think I'm cute.... cause I am" way!/awwwwwww. and the second photo I love because I Live in Michigan and he's wearing a Michigan hat!!!!! *fainted* look at his smile! how full of adorableness he is! how can anyone not love him! (or any BIGBANG member...) also, who can resist laughing at him being silly? when I saw this I immediately thought "no way. .... will he stand up?" *blush* "I wonder.... please.... stand up..... inquiring minds wish to know oppa!!!!!" lol :P so bonus GD video, our Tuesday man TaeYang comes in at 2 min in. I was surpassed when I found this cause he's rapping, not the lyrical rap in used to from him but actual rap. it's amazing. a must listen/watch. (PS love GDs fluffy hair in this!) IC videos of adorableness. it's so nice to see them relaxing! and having fun! even if there were tons of cameras around you can tell they enjoyed themselves don't let the picture fool you. TaeYang is talking on the radio answering a question (I think I'm not sure...) about either being a wake up call.... which I would definitly get up for easily. or a good night call which I would love but would have the opposite effect on me!