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{Manga Monday} UQ Holder!
Hey Nakama! I've been talking a lot about Mahou Sensei Negima! lately. It's a walk down memory lane for me, being the first manga I finished. Today I want to highlight another project from the same mangaka, one that I managed to not even know about until recently. The mangaka is Ken Akamatsu, and the other project I'm talking about is UQ Holder! Here's a basic summary of UQ Holder from it's wiki page: The series is set in the year 2086, ten years after magic is revealed to the world. Tōta Konoe is a young boy who has always dreamed of leaving his home village and find out what lies atop the high tower in the capital. But his teacher and guardian Yukihime claims that it will only be possible once he defeats her, a feat that seems impossible for him. However, once Tōta is mortally wounded by a bounty hunter coming after Yukihime's life, she reveals herself as a vampire and saves his life by transforming him into one of her kind. Thus begins Tōta's adventures in the world of immortal beings in a society where magic and technology are highly advanced to the point of being almost indistinguishable. This manga is set in the exact same universe as Negima, and to me, it feels like a good way for Akamatsu to finish the story of Negima the way he wanted to while also building up a new narrative. I haven't started the manga yet, but I'm planning on starting it this week. In a little bit of researching, I found out some cool details that I'm excited about. The first one is that the character Yukihime, the woman responsible for the training of protagonist Tōta, is actually an adult version of Evangeline McDowell, the immortal vampire who helped train Negi in the last series. Something else that's awesome is the fact that Negi and Nagi show up in UQ Holder, if even for this one page. It's cool to see that Akamatsu is doing at least a small throwback to his previous series. This is a narrative distinct from Negima, but the little references mean a lot to fans, and I appreciate the touches. Consider UQ Holder my next manga to read! What are yours?
Animusic!~ #82
Hello Vinglers! Another Day, Another Set! Let's Go~ Today's pick: "Overlord"! "Clattanoia" by OxT Tell me every single one of you that has watched "Overlord" got excited everytime this opening came on! no?...only me?...*sigh* Anyways, some of you probably knew OxT before this song as they also performed songs for animes (mostly sports anime) such as "Ace of Diamond" and an anime that is still new "Prince of Stride". For this song at least, they went all out by mixing hard J-Rock, auto-tune and some of that creepy feeling in between which matched perfectly with what Overlord is. "Overlord OST" by Shuji Katayama Overlord's OST is nothing to be praised for in the sense of innovation. However, when it comes to setting the mood Katayama is amazing at what he does. He has also composed tracks for animes like "Madan no Ō to Vanadis" and "Naruto Shippuden"The Lost Tower". Apparently his style is one of those that specializes in building tension with great soundtrack and for those epic battles. "MYTH & ROID" by L.L.L. Arguably one of the best ending songs from last year, L.L.L. brings us this masterpiece with a badass tune plus her aggressive and powerful voice. Perfect way to end every episode even though I can see this song being the opening and vice-versa. Also, have I told you that sometimes Japanese MV creep the hell out of me... Lastly, I am pretty sure most people think of Albedo every time they listen to this one! Cheers if you do~ What did you think of "Overlord" and its soundtracks and if you have watched it and those who haven't, make sure to check it out! Listen to your heart's content~ For those who want to be tagged or removed, let me know! @poojas @ButterflyBlu @SimplyOtaku @RaquelArredondo @littlemaryk @biancadanica98 @MaighdlinS @shannonl5 @LisaNightshade @AsunaRozu @Enhasa @corinazurk @KrisleeSantiago @VinMcCarthy @Arellano1052 @KyleSearl @Luci546 @Faelidora @LeighHolgate @aweeka @Danse @FunnyChizBones @NikolasSatterwh @Kirik @NathanBryden