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3 Drama Recommendations: High School Dramas
In honor of @kpopandkimchi's High School Week I'm doing a card about my favorite high school dramas!!! I'm not going to include BOF or Reply 1997 or Heirs because I feel like those are a given!! I mean, if you haven't seen those what are you doing in this community? (slight sarcasm there but not much) School 2013 Ummmm...Lee Jong Suk & Kim Woo Bin in the ultimate Bromance. THIS DRAMA IS IRRESISTIBLE!!!! Not to mention Daniel Choi as a nonchalant teacher. The main lead from I Remember You is the homeroom teacher. And you know the best part about this drama?? There's no love story to get in the way of the bromance!!! I LOVE IT!! Caution: the feels you'll get from this drama will cause your heart actual, literal, physical pain. I warned you. Playful Kiss (Korean ver, duh!) I will admit that the first few episodes of this drama irritated me because the girl is dumb and she has a really loud and obnoxious best friend (why are 'fat' people in dramas always loud, obnoxious, and aggressive???? That's something for Real K-Drama Talk!). Anyway, the characters grew on me, even the guy's crazy ass mom and irritating little brother. I actually really really liked the second male lead: not enough to contract the syndrome but I thought he was incredibly cute (he grew up to be that super sexy evil guy in Rooftop Prince--yaaassss!!!) Anyway this is a great drama to get your feet wet with. Monstar OMGosh, this drama was so precious!! The male lead is in a k-pop group but because of bad press he gets sent back to high school to build his reputation back up. It's a drama where there is a lot of singing and some hip-hop as well. I loved seeing the young characters grow and become actual people (I have this thing where I feel like persons younger than 18 (US) aren't real people--*le shrug). But this really is worth watching if you like warm fuzzies. It's got your typical high school characters, but they're all alright. WATCH THIS!!! The second male lead is the guy who attempted suicide in Heirs. BONUS!!! Master of Study Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Hyun Woo are in this drama; they're so adorable as youngsters. This drama is about a group of high school students that no one expects anything of. In an effort to save the school a special class is formed and it promises that all the students will be accepted to Seoul University. If you can stomach poor English skills, hijinks, and cheese upon cheese you will like this drama. And everyone's favorite grandma from Coffee Prince and every other good drama is in this as well! As always, photos do not belong to me. Happy watching!!