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7 Best Types of Kisses ♡
Some kisses just make your heart light up and your world spin around with happiness :) We all love to be kissed. But which kisses are best? Here's my countdown of my FAVORITE kinds of kisses :) #7 Little kiss on the nose This is the cutest kiss ever!! Just a little smooch on the tip of the nose says, "You're cute. I like you." ^.^ #6 A whole bunch of tender neck kisses This can be sooo sexy when done right (not slobbery). It makes me feel beautiful and loved :) #5 Look into each other's eyes and then slow, smiling kiss When you like somebody a lot, this can be one of the most wonderful kisses! Just acknowledging with your eyes how much you care about each other, and then expressing it in a kiss, is so beautiful. #4 Sweet kiss on the cheek When he kisses me on the cheek, I feel so cute and loved :) It says, "I just can't stop kissing you!!" #3 Protective forehead kiss If you want your partner to feel like you really, really care about them and want to keep them safe, this is the way to go. It's more for relationships, because it's something a parent or family member might do. This kiss makes me feel so safe and protected :) #2 Heated I-need-you-now make out session Preferably against a wall!!! This is one of my favorites because it's super sexy, and usually comes right before... well, you get the idea. #1 Passionate, grab-my-face, I'm-so-in-love-with-you kiss The best kiss of all? The one that says YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING. I don't know if I've truly experienced this kind of kiss yet – the earth shattering, all consuming kiss of true love. Maybe someday, if I'm lucky :) ...And here's a kiss for all my Vinglers! Which type of kiss is your favorite? :D Did I miss any good ones??