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JessicaFerrier's Collection
{WW} Ultimate Husbando
Yay, another waifu Wednesday! For this week we are choosing our #1 waifu/husbando. To be honest this promt is very hard for me and I had to do a lot of thinking. But I think I have chosen my ultimate husbando. Oh and none of the fanart is mine, credit to the original owners. Nagisa Hazuki Free! Iwatobi Swim Club So I chose Nagisa for many reasons. For one he's just so darn cute! I love his cuteness and his lovely smile. But there is another side to Nagisa that I love so much and I thank Octopimp for this... Just a warning that the next set of cards may contain some inappropriate words and some sexual innuendos. Thug Seme, Rockhopper Hazuki, Iwatobi Ice pick, Big Papa NG He goes by many names, he is Nagisa from 50% Off Free. This a very good abridged Free! made by Octopimp on YouTube. If you haven't already then go check them out. I really love thug Nagisa, I can quote him all day! If I ever met him I'd be on that boy like Miho on a centerfold spread! I really love Thugisa, he always makes me laugh. Now it's time for some honorable mentions. Gray from Fairy Tail, Syo from Uta no Prince Sama, Mikaze from Uta Pri, Nagisa from Assassination Classroom, Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket, Ichinose from Uta Pri, Levi from AOT, Karma from Assassination Classroom, Sebastian from Black Butler, and Undertaker from Black Butler I had fun making this card and I hope you all liked it. Tagging peeps @invinsybll @Yatosgirl @NeckoNecko @DustinAtkinson @BlackoutZJ @KillerJuggalo38 @ShinigamiSan @KoalaKohai @Animefanatic18 @Firelion999 @JadaDiemand @assasingod @NikolasSatterwh @NeshrinFletcher @tayhar18920 @tbell2 @tylor619cruz @CalebSharp @ThomasJennings @Danse @Slimbrown13 @kazam98 @kawaiiporpoise @DaiGakuSei @AidanGiannattas @ChristianRankmo @MajahnNelson @MarcusCollins @Craigness @VoidX @Soulstice @pervysagex @Colonellinguis @ChrisStephens @TaviaSwarney @JohnMcCullough @ChildOfSparda13 @NoahTrexler @PASCUASIO @mufasapertersen @patmanmeow @AimeBolanos @AshChrimson @hikaymm @shagnasty360