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learn japanese
Quick (1-2) Word Phrases
Kon'nichiwa!! I know it has been forever since I have posted anything here....Gomen! Gomen! I'll be posting more often now ❀ πŸ’¬ Please leave me a comment if you like these cards with explanations. And if it's helpful or not. I would really love to know so I can continue or just not do them anymore. Domo arigato ok so...this word can mean bastard. It's actually a pronoun meaning "you" but in a more hated way. Kisama also is used by more mature individuals, or people who think their mature (older adults) Example: kisama… how dare you kiss my girlfriend… OK *deep breath* this one is a long one. I'll try my best to explain. Urusai/ee and Damare are the two ways you can say this.....I'll explain. Urusai literately means noisy or youre noisy but since in Japan saying that is more or less a suggestion to be quiet and a bit insulting at the same time, its usually translated as meaning shut up!. Example: Urusai! I have a headache. Urusai! Let me speak btw Urusee is just more formal than Urusai....both genders can use either one. Damare technically means shut up. But since commands of most kinds are pretty harsh in Japanese, it also carries about the strength of the phrase shut the f*$@ up! This phrase is used when youre usually upset about something... Damare! You killed him, Ill never forgive you! In conclusion: Urusai or Urusee = nicer way to shut someone up. Damare = mean/very angry way to shut someone up. This is used in disbelief...like when someone tells you something and you dont believe it. It can also mean....Really? This is used in less formal conversation like with friends/family. Example: He beat up the whole gang all by himself? Maji kayo? I know this card was looong, but thank you so much for taking the time to reading it. I hope it helps. πŸ’Œ Dont forget to leave me a comment if you like these cards with explanations. And if its helpful or not. Ill see you next time, domo!