A Guide To My Page
Hey guys, I've been on Vingle for a week now and I must say I enjoy it. It's a neat place for creativity, which attracted me like a moth to a flame. So I just wanted to create a breakdown for anyone who wandered onto my profile and found themselves a little lost (because there will be a plethora of content on here once I get comfortable ). So my collections will be broken down into different forms of writing. This will be edited as more content is added, but for now it goes something like this: Lists To Enjoy - Articles expressing information bites to take in throughout your day (a la, the easiest to make once the idea is there, so it will probably have the most content. Updated regularly. C - C is an experiment of sorts where viewers will have some pull in content. I will fill C with freehand ideas I get throughout the day, and as such will have little to no planning behind it. This will create content that is both freeing, but rudimentary in all honesty. I'll mostly use it as a dojo to do the writing equivalent of a boxer on the punching bag. Stories will be completed as their popularity permits. Variant Updating. B - B will be where I really show Vingle some love. I'll put together original works and set them up here. They'll be planned, processed, and pushed between my little writer's coalition and I, in a neat and enjoyable format. This will start within the month and content will be updated bi-weekly. A - In layman's terms, A content will be my best and completed stories. However, with dreams of being a published author, these will not be just put up on Vingle for your viewing pleasure. I'll put up excerpts from the completed works to grab your attention, and links to where you can purchase the books online. Pending. Promotions - This will just be a spot where I throw out some news to keep you guys updated, because I really like organization. So that's the gist of it. Hope you enjoy my page.