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Anyone else a RWBY fan?
Hey y'all! I just found out about this show while streaming through my vingle newsfeed and was able to finish it right away no doubt! I'm not really a fan of watching 3D style of anything, but this is an exception. The plot is interesting, the character designs are amazing, and even though they have some weird, awkward movements with the characters, all the fight scenes are definitely epic to watch! This is more of an americanized version of anime, but I highly recommend this web series for everyone! Team RWBY I really enjoy watching this team throughout the all three volumes because it shows in a way how reality works. I liked how they try to show that in reality, everything doesn't go the way they plan it to, so they would have to take measures to counteract it. Each and every member of Team RWBY have their own unique personalities and specialties to being a huntress. I don't have a favorite in particular because I really like all of them, but I absolutely loved all the moments between Ruby and Weiss. Of course there's a start for everything, so it didn't go well in the beginning for the two, but they are literally friendship goals right there. I tend to like tsundere people like Weiss who conveys her feelings differently from her actions to how she thinks. Pyrrha Nikos (Team JNPR) The first person I thought of the moment I saw Pyrrha was Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. They both have red hair, they are among top class of their own, and they would do whatever it takes to protect their friends and and stop any catastrophe falling upon the world. I tend to be one of those people who have to have some sort of exposure to a series before I actually start something, so I was already spoiled to what happens to Pyrrha at the end which was a heartbreaking feeling. She was definitely one of my favorite characters in RWBY and is amazing in everything she does. Arkos (Juane Arc and Pyrrha Nikos) Juane and Pyrrha are definitely my #1 OTP couple in this series, and wished they were able to have more moments together as a couple. It always make my day how they always support one another in whatever problems they encounter. However, the way how it ended between them made me think how devastating it is for the both of them. Even so, no doubt that I will continue to support these two and really hope that there will be some sort of happy ending at the end. Qrow and Winter Although they didn't have much of a screentime, I was already shipping these two together for sure. Despite their epic fighting scenes, I think everyone else thought they go along well. Also, the valuable things both of them taught to Weiss, Ruby, and Yang were stuff I found very inspiring because they try to bring up the reality of the world and do whatever they can to help prepare them for what's to come. Everything Wrong with RWBY Series Volumes 1-3 Anyone excited about Volume 4 coming out soon? Volume 3 was definitely different to the way it flows through things comparing to the previous two volumes. There were also a lot of characters I wish they didn't die in the third volume, but even so, I will continue watching the rest of the series to see how they could still make it good without most of my favorite characters present in the next volume. So, what about you guys? Will you guys continue to watch the next volume coming out or stop here with the way things turned out?
Shugo Chara Ships
Hey y'all! I just finished rewatching Shugo Chara for the 120753468090587 time! It's been one of my favorites since childhood, and I forgot how awesome this show was back in the days...the times when I would anxiously wait for the next episode every week has been killing me, so decided to go on hiatus until all episodes accumulated for me to binge watch! Anyways, I just wanted to share some shipping couples that might be some of your favorites! XD Amuto (Amu x Ikuto) I'm majorly biased with Amuto! I think they're totally made for one another and always perfect together! I just can't stop squealing every time they're on screen together and so many amuto moments just makes everything even better! It's too bad they didn't get together in the end (in the anime at least...), but I will always be a amuto fan until the very end! <3 Rimahiko (Rima x Nagihiko) It's really interesting to see that they're both the queen's chair among the guardians and on top of that, they're both gorgeous! It gets pretty intense how they're always rivaling each other because they're both best friends with Amu. I'm just glad that they're able to lean to one another, and it's amusing how Rima would always tease Nagihiko for his other identity to Amu. It would be really nice to see more moments with them together, but still happy that there are people out there who ship these two together! :3 Kutau (Kukai x Utau) OMG I can't describe the relationship between these two! It was awkward at first how Amu and Kukai witnessed Utau kissing her own brother, Ikuto, in front of them, but it all turned out well in the end. For those of you who read the manga, I'm glad that Utau was able to move on with her brother complexity and find a new love life with Kukai. It didn't exactly happen in the anime, but it was kawaii to see these two paired up together always going out for ramen. I think they make an awesome couple and wish to see more of them together! CX Friendship Goals I just love how Amu easily makes a variety of friends despite her outside character for being cool and spicy. Just by being her true self, she is surrounded by lots of people who truly care for her. Guardians You must never forget the moments when Amu became a guardian. This is definitely the turning point that changed Amu's life where she gets to experience a total different lifestyle in school. I wish I had a school life like Amu's where she gets to bond with the guardians and go on all sorts of adventures as a group!