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(>")>Fairy Tail Guild Idea 3 (Original idea from LucyOfFairyTail):Chimera's Tear(Update)
Credit for the Start of the Fairy Tale Guilds Idea Goes to @LucyofFairyTail and I think she Deserves a thank you for such a wonderful Idea. I would also like to thank @wolpht for being the one to get the ball rolling for more people. The chimera: Snake representing Love, Intelligence, and Mental Flexibility. Goat represents Willpower, Creativity, and Sympathy. Lion represents Courage, Pride, and Unity. Requirement to enter:<( " )> I thinks it's great that the first two guilds are friendly to everyone and that they set it up to be PG but the problem is PG isn't for everyone so Chimera's Tear will be Varied and the only Requirement is to be mentally mature enough to handle harsh language and 16+ conversations. Rules:(>"<) 1. Respect your Guild Members. 2. Always stand up for your Guild members. 3. If a guild member needs help, do what you can. 4. Never Harass your Guild Members. 5. If someone causes an Issue with you or someone else in the guild and you see it tell the Guild Master and let them handle it. 6. Swearing is allowed as long as you don't swear at others. 7. Keep sexual adult content separate from the Guild chats and Guild page since Obviously not everyone will be 18+ //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Future Possibility's: Group cosplay at conventions Bringing our guild into anime MMO's Group plans maybe even group meetups When you join the Facebook Group I want your first post to be your Fairy Tail Persona as your first post. Hair style/color: Skin Color: Eye's: Clothing: Magic Style: Personality: Gender: also if you're a dragon slayer and you want to you can make an Exceed and fill out their info with your for Roleplay Purpose!!! Once you're in you are always in and if you disappear for a long time you're still a member of Chimera's Tear!!! <("<)If you are interested comment or message me because the guild has opened it's doors and Chimera's Tear is now accepting members(>")>