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Favorite Funny Friday: Monster Musume (+19)
Que tal peeps Team : @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 @AmazingAshley Quick Summary This anime is super funny but it is for the mature audiences! These girls are always cracking me up! They are very naive and act like any other teen girls in my opinion. It is never a dull moment with them. Story is that Kimihito Kurusu takes on one monster girl. He is in a program that called interchange species. This program helps integrate monsters into the human world in Japan. However, soon this program begins taking advantange of him and dropping more and more girls by. He's too nice to say no. However, he is struggling his nature urges to be inappropriate with the girls. Main Characters 1.Kimihito Kurusu He is the guy that takes the girls in. He is very sweet and super funny even when the girls try killing him with their affection. Like literally they forget their own strength and almost kill him like everyday! Unlike many of the humans in Japan he is open and does not discriminate against monsters. All the girls love him and want to be his bride! 2. Miia She is the first student that he takes on. She seems to forget that she can kill him by pulling on him and strangling him. She is very protective over him and has the hots for him. She is an aweful cook but insists on cooking. 3. Papi She is next in line. She is very bubbly and very... bird brain like. However she is very caring. (He is feeding her a popsicle btw lol) 3. Cerea She is from a family of warriors. She is very independent and actually competition to Miia. She acts tough but is super sensitive. She too forgets her strength alot! 4. Suu She does not speak like the others. She too is very absent minded. 5. Mero She is not too much of a drama queen. She is very sensitive and a bit more mature than Miia in my opinion. 6. Rachnee She is the one everyone is scared of due to her apperence. She is also very kinky and into bondage stuff. She does not have a filter.