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Someone Beat Fallout: New Vegas in 20 Minutes
Almost everything I've read about Fallout 4 included the words "eternal" and "time-suck". And of course it is, all of the games in the Fallout series are really dense. They've got a bunch of lore and side-quests hidden in the world and one of my favorite games in the series Fallout: New Vegas might have had the most to do in the open world. But even though it's easy to lose all of your time playing any one of these games, someone still managed to beat the Fallout: New Vegas in about twenty minutes. The best part about this is that they recorded the whole thing. In the description of the YouTube video (which is posted below, so if you have about 20 minutes of free time, you should watch it. It's really interesting) they outline how they've built their character in order for him to get through different situations in the Mojave Wasteland. It's kind of intense, especially since they use some glitches/exploits in order to make the player character move faster than usual. Speedruns are always really interesting to me because the people that complete them seem to do a lot of research into the game. It's almost like they could probably be game designers themselves since they know how to exploit the systems that are put into place by the actual developers. I wonder if any of these skills the speedrunners use in order to finish their respective games at a fast rate can be translated into the real world. Anyway, if you have the time you can watch the speedrun below!
Espada? who's you favorite???#1
hello vingle fam im wondering whos your favorite Espada member??? im going to have another vote then who ever gets less votes gets marked out untill the very last day when the final fav Espada member is left!! id love to hear who's your fav comment below!! i hopw you enjoy this vote just as much as the other!!! At this point and time im only allowing you guys to pick 2 of your favorites!!If you vote for more than 2 i will pick 2 from those votes! My favorite 2 would have to be Grimmjow and Ulquiorra!!! this vote will last until : 1/2/16 Tagging people from last vote and who wanted me to tag them!!!! (if you want to be un- tagged just tell me and ill take you off) sorry some people might be tagged twice: @DavidPatrick16 @GossamoKewen95 @mastertoad @JacobAdamGrau @VeronicaArtino @colvitt @QueenWasp @DorianBeil @craiguchiha @iAmEssence101 @tallpinoy @KaitlynMesser @LeoLast @DevilsSon @boxermama2012 @S92pk @RussellSongco @kaylie1597 @jdgordon16 @dallaskaiser2 @yoshi2912 @NickDabon @JosephHarris @MajahnNelson @BrandeeBlanton @BabySheep @LizaNightshade @HollowReaper @buddy854 @aoliveira @AnimeDragon @MercyBadgero @AustinCoy @thiree @TaylorLien @havic @tbell2 @PASCUASIO @PrinceCampbell @bugface @CaptainKeita @dster22 @randysqwishy2 @OGv6FATE @CarlosVega006 @jperson22 @KendricPayne @MathewHdez @DenzelAverhart @Sandrina @Alletaire @KyleBerke @sasunaru @MoisEsGaray @KuroUsagi24 @danielletate21 @JustinaNguyen @tylervann48 @SantaraJones @JoseLuisRobles @ColeSevigny @Thatperson512 @CameronMcGowan @Habebsha @MicahTodd @Philliptorres24 @bluemoon6 @KendricPayne @KevinThomas @metaladdict @DaiGakuSei @LadyLuna @rjasmine209 @KaylaStokes @Saito @Alexander95 @danielletate21 @KaylasKitty @Velynis @ChristopherHans @Hatake26 @ZayWZay @JimmyTruong @acornrival @AlleyWebster @EmilianoMacias @UchihaKatisu @DiamondGregory @AutmnWinds @sosav1st @MalachiOleske @DominiqueWhitak @TheDumDumTroll @ColbyRecord @TamikaRussell @ChrisShaw1308 @Panthora @JerimicahBibles @AustinCaldwell @RpgSlayer @Polarstar379 @AngelMartinez1 @JaQuezKendrick @MaxUchiha @GenniMurphy @millyrock @DevilsSon @KendricPayne @craiguchiha @CalebOrr @dster22 @kogacommander @wearehound @MicahTodd @KaylaStokes @ColeSevigny @ichimaruxxgin1 @Velynis @MalachiOleske @buddy854 @AnjuGodinez @BrandeeBlanton @dallaskaiser2 @Hatake26 @JustinaNguyen @LadyLuna @jdgordon16 @sasunaru @NickDabon @BabySheep @Scarletribbons @Kiizzoe @Sandrina @KuroUsagi24 @ChrisShaw1308 @GenniMurphy @AustinCoy @MoisEsGaray @sharinganboy @JimmyTruong @JimmyTruong @DanielleNorflee @SantaraJones @AnimeDragon @PASCUASIO @StephenMorse @PrinceCampbell @iAmEssence101 @trvrshetzler @mrl5436 @KaylasKitty @VeronicaArtino @tallpinoy @jperson22 @DiamondGregory @millyrock @rjasmine209 @colvitt @AlleyWebster @ChristopherHans @tylervann48 @dwrdknowles257 @Thatperson512 @KyleBerke @KevinThomas @CarlosVega006 @bluemoon6 @MajahnNelson @MercyBadgero @Presidentepic @VizDecimo @CameronMcGowan @MicahTodd @MattKnowsBest @CandidJay @Philliptorres24 @TamikaRussell @ichimaruxxgin1 @LeoLast @hiinata2dope @eliza1 @HollowReaper @JacobAdamGrau @Shiskra @ErinDalton @dantheman911 @yoshi2912 @BlackDog77 @boxermama2012 @QueenWasp @AnasiaLaureano @mastertoad @bugface @JosephHarris @AutmnWinds @acornrival @kaylie1597 @SupernaturalTV @DavidPatrick16 @LaTortugaVeloz1 @EmilianoMacias @S92pk @CameronMcGowan @shay15 @havic @SunaYuuki @BrandeeBlanton @littlemaryk @CaptainKeita @JosiahRosner @randysqwishy23 @rjasmine209 @Zetsumei1 @CarlosVega006 @Kirik @MikeWolf @JosephHarris @TiffanyWallace @Dlopez031113 @xMangaLover @thunder1254 @AustinDiehl @PASCUASIO @Silverfang @havic @TylerCinamella @Dlopez031113
Part 2: Winter 2016 Anime Previews
Hey everyone! Continuing on with Part 2 of the anime previews for next season's anime :) If you missed part 1, check it out here! Otherwise, let's get started! Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Season 2 Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There! Fire Dragon Arc Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Military This will cover the fire dragon arc, apparently, though I only watched a tad bit of the first season so I'm not sure what to expect, exactly. XD From what I've heard about this anime, it will likely be a 2-cour anime, and will continue the story from the first. The Seven Deadly Sins, Season 2 Nanatsu no Taizai! Season 2 七つの大罪 Full disclosure: I haven't watched season 1 of this, but it was 24 episodes long that covered 100+ chapters of the series, so I've heard this will probably be 12 episodes since there's only about 39 chapters left to adapt. I'm also not 100% sure this is airing in the winter (i heard it might be spring? Anybody know?) Assassination Classroom, Season 2 Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2 暗殺教室 第2期 Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Supernatural Another one I haven't even seen Season 1 of, yikes! Can anyone tell me about season 1 / if it's worth watching? Sorry I can't give any other info about this one, but I really don't know anything about it! Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Hai to Gensou no Grimgar 灰と幻想のグリムガル This is a light novel that's going to be adapted into an anime, and while I haven't read it, I have read enough to know it might be interesting. If you liked SAO, I have a feeling you might like this, too. The trailer makes he fight scenes look top notch and well-animated. I'm going to check at least the first three episodes, too, to see if it's worth it! Basically, the story is that these people are transported to a world where they have to fight for their survival. They're told to either fight monsters to survive (or else, pretty much). They don't know why they're there, or remember anything else either. Seems OK to me! Also, the backgrounds look amazing! I'm in for trying this one out :) Haruta & Chika Haruchika: Haru to Chika wa Seishun Suru ハルチカ ~ハルタとチカは青春する~ Mystery, Romance, School, Slice of Life This show is adapted from a series of novels which focuses on two high school girls (Haruta and Chika) who are in their schools wind instrument club that's going to be shut down. Sounds a little less than interesting at first, but I think since it's tagged as mystery, there's a bigger reason to why they might be shut down, no? ALSO I LOVE THE EYES!! LOOK AT THE EYES!! The background music in the show sounds really nice, too, so overall I'm just pretty interested in checking this one out. I don't know how many more cards of these I'll need to make... Mostly I'll just try checking out the shows as they come out, but I might make a Part 3 just to cover any big ones I've missed so far! So if there's one you want to see the PVs and preview images for, let me know!