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How can your lock screen help YOU? With COLOR!
Color has always been known to affect people's moods! From the time we're babies, we behave according to the color of our bedroom walls and the colors hanging from above our cribs. So how can color help you today? If you're like me, who uses the phone at every waking moment, whether to write stories, take notes, check messages, watch movies, or even turn off its alarm in the morning, this is a card for you! Your lock and home screen on your cell phone are actually really important to how you feel throughout the day. Color can boost your spirit, calm you down, or even keep you awake. If you're interested in building your mood based on the wallpaper on your lock or home screen, KEEP READING! :3 Here are the influences of color and how your phone can help YOU. YELLOW: It actually has the ability to either cheer someone up or make them happy! It makes people feel optimistic. Yellow has been said to increase mood and focus! But! Too much yellow can increase anxiety and restlessness. So, if you use your phone in bed often, at night, sleep might be a little harder to succumb to. RED: It's associated with passion, interest, and energy. Red and Violet are stimulating colors that boost energy into the body. It's said to pump more adrenaline and increase heart rate and respiration. I personally like red 'cause it adds flair to my day! GREEN: This color works similarly as yellow. It's associated with health and healing and therefore, with happiness. It boosts energy as well, but without too much brightness on your screen! Green is one color most people can be around the longest without feeling overwhelmed! ORANGE: It's associated with being active and social! It kinda brings a spring into my step when I see it. It's a clean, fresh color and it kinda rubs off onto you into thinking the day should be clean, fresh, and happy, too! BLUE: The last and most commonly liked color is blue! It's also my favorite! It's a soothing color. It pushes away anxiousness and provides the little bit of strength or hope someone would need to overcome an obstacle. This color is known to lower blood pressure, slow respiration, and slow heart rate! For someone like me who's always ways worrying about everything, scurrying about and planning things, and forgetting to just breathe and relax, Blue is the best option for me 'cause it calms me down and literally tells me, "chill. You got this." These have been my past lock or home screens for my phone and they've always worked to either cheer me up, keep me awake, or calm me down throughout the day, just by turning on my phone! The same way how colors affect you while you're doing Yoga or exercising in a favorite color, color works when you're using your phone all day! (Let's face it, we DO use our phones most of the time, especially with Vingle users like me, and it's sometimes unavoidable in this Age, and this is coming from a HUGE bookworm. lol) Which color is YOUR favorite? Which is best for your cellphone lock and home screens? Which suits your personality and tastes? Comment below! Boop!