What Anime High School Would You Attend?
High school is a popular setting for many popular anime. You see a lot of shonen and shoujo anime set in high school, more often than not revolving around transfer students and their friends, or the kid who sits by the window. Some anime take the high school setting to extreme levels, where the school is an entirely different beast than the ones we're accustomed to at home. Considering the different high schools that have popped up in popular anime, what high school do you wish you attended? Kunugigaoka Junior High School, Class 3-E Assassination Classroom After a vicious attack on our moon by an extra-terrestrial being, the government struck a deal to have the alien teach a classroom of would-be assassins hell-bent on his death. Students of the otherwise normal Kunugigaoka Junior High School's Class 3-E are instructed by Koro sensei in the art of assassination as much as any other subject as they seek to earn the 10 billion yen bounty on their sensei's head. Death Weapon Meister Academy Soul Eater The academy run by Death himself, Shinigami-san. Students at DWMA are either Death Weapons or Weapon Meisters, training in tandem for the opportunity to become a Death Scythe, the weapon used by Shinigami-san himself. Students must collect 99 souls and 1 witch soul in order to accomplish this feat. National Magic University Affiliated First High School The Irregular at Magic High School An upper level magic institution known for their quality in student body. This school produces the largest amount of Magicians and Magic Technicians, who go on to enter academies of higher magical learning. The competition between students can be fierce and the magic can appear wild. Cross Academy Vampire Knight Outwardly a normal boarding academy for wealthier students, the Cross Academy is a beacon of learning to those who attend it. However, a separate, secret Night Class is also in attendance, a class full of immortal vampires kept away from the rest of the student population. True Cross Academy Blue Exorcist A place for the training and education of those seeking to become the best of students. A very exclusive academy for only the highest-ranking of students, it also houses a secret training program for those in training to become Exorcists, in combat with all the creatures of Gehenna.