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Beneath the Dragon Scales
Annyeongg everyone! :D I got something special stirring up in my cerebral soup today because today is a very special day for me! But first- lemme sing a little song for you- AHEM *clears throat* What day is today? It's @Katyng52's birthday! What a day for a birthday! Now let's read some fanfic ;) ;) ;) Hehehehe- enjoy the customized birthday song? I find it fitting ;3 Welp! Without further ado, let's cause some feels! ;D Please, enjoy! *bows* "Kyaaa! I can't believe we're actually in Seoul!" Katy squirms the second she emerges from the airport. "Well technically, we're not in Seoul yet, we're at the airport," Jen smirks. "Yaah, help me with the luggage will ya? We've still gotta track down a taxi to take us to the hotel," Sailynn sticks her tongue out to the other two. "Party pooper," Katy responds as she grabs her suitcase. "Excuse you? Who planned this trip?" Sailynn sassed. "And who correlated our schedules to fit around your birthday?" Jen added. "I'm not saying I'm not greatful or anything, you guys are the best! I'm just super excited that we're actually here!" Katy swooned. Sailynn leaned against her suitcase, "breathing the same air as our oppas," she sighed like a schoolgirl. "You're weird," Jen teased. "This is why you're the Bingu of the group." Sailynn stood up straight and puffed her chest, "Oh yeah? Well I'm not complaining, Mrs. Laughs-All-The-Time." "What's wrong with a few giggles here and there?" Jen responded, puffing her chest back. "Now now ladies, let's keep it classy and remember that we're here to have fun," Katy beamed at her two friends. Both girls sighed then hugged each other. "I'll get you back for this, Bingu. Just you wait. One sticker at a time," Jen whispered into Sailynn's ear. Sailynn smirked back, "Do your worst girl, because I regret nothing." Once the girls loaded their things onto a taxi and got dropped off at their hotel, Sailynn checked them in as Katy and Jen began to scoop out the hotel. "Classy," Jen says. "Very," Katy adds on. Sailynn smiles sweetly, "of course, I always know what's best." The girls glare at her, "Oh really?" They say in unison. Sailynn's smile melts quickly as she realizes the situation she dug herself in. "Well um, how bout we go check out the suite?" She laughs nervously. Jen throws and arm around Sailynn and drags her along as they ascend up the elevator, "You know what? How bout you treat us tonight? Since, ya know, you know best in all." "You're out for blood after all my teasing huh?" Sailynn hissed. Jen simply winked at her. "Where should we go out first?" Katy smiled brightly as she checked out the suite, oblivious to the war going on between her friends. Sailynn sighed, "I know of a couple few places, let's change and go there." The cool nighttime air in Seoul was fresh enough to nip at your skin but chill enough to bring natural color to your cheeks. The girls walked down the busy streets of Seoul, looking for a restaurant. "Are you sure we aren't lost?" Katy asked. "Baby I'm only getting lost in your eyes," Sailynn winks at her. Jen smacks Sailynn's arm, "Yaah, she's taken." Sailynn grins, "well it's not like he's gonna randomly show up here and declare his love for her. Can't I be playful?" Jen smiles and rolls her eyes, "You're such a dork." "Ahh but I saw that smile, I can make both of you laugh with my special powers!" Katy giggles, "oh wouldn't that be nice? Love at first sight with my bias, having him come up to me and tell me 'Katy, where have you been all my life?' I'd die on spot!" She twirls around, completely engulfed into her imagination. Sailynn shakes her head, "We lost her." Jen sighs, "Yep. Off on cloud 9 that girl is." "Yaah! Earth to Katy! If you don't watch where you're going, you're gonna bump into someone and cause trouble!" Sailynn yells after her friend. Katy stops twirling at the end of the crosswalk and turns around to make a heart with her hands over her head, "I love you guys! Bias Bae Baes Squad!" Jen stops walking and turns away,"I don't know her." "Yaah! Get back here! You're gonna get lost!" Sailynn shouted at Jen. She glanced over and saw Katy getting ready to cross the road. "Katy hold on! You're gonna get lost too!" "I'm fine!" Katy yelled back, walking onto crosswalk without looking. "C'mon-" A car honked it's horn loudly as screeching breaks filled the noise and burning rubber burned in the air, Katy turned around to see a pair of bright headlights coming straight towards her. She gasped and mentally prepared herself for the impact but a hand reached for her and pulled her back towards the safety of the curb. "KATY!" Both of her friends came running towards her. "Idiot! You could have been severely hurt!" Jen yelled. "What did I tell you!" Sailynn shouted. "I-i'm s-sorry guys. I wasn't p-paying a-attention." Katy stuttered, slowly getting back off the ground as she struggled to collect her thoughts of what just happened. "Are you okay?" A low voice spoke near them. All three girls looked up and saw a man in black attire and a face mask looking at Katy with gentle eyes. "You should be more careful, it's dangerous, especially for foreigners." "Y-you're the o-one who s-saved me-e?" Katy continued to stutter. The man bowed. Sailynn bowed back, "thank you so much for saving our friend." Jen bowed too, "Is there any way we could ever repay you?" "No no, it's okay, just be careful next time." The man's cheeks lifted, making his eyes smile. "Katy, bow back," Sailynn hissed at her friend. Katy jump up straight and bowed deeply at the man, "please let me repay you for all the trouble I caused. I'm truly grateful." The man waved her off, "it's okay, trust me. Just be grateful I was around to pull you back in time." All three girls bow again. "Take care of yourself then," the man bowed then turned around and began walking. "Ah, excuse?" Sailynn called out. The man turned his head, "yes?" "Could you tell me how to get to Samwon Garden resturant?" The man chuckled, "Actually, I'm going there myself, just follow me." The three girls trailed after the man, keeping a close distance so they wouldn't get lost. Katy caught up to the man and began talking to him about the lifestyle in Seoul, asking him questions of all sorts. The man shared a couple of chuckles here and there with her as they deepened their conversation. "Why do I get the feeling that I know him from somewhere?" Sailynn whispered to Jen from behind them. "I've been thinking the exact same thing S. I feel like, like I've actually known him for a while too," Jen responded. "Right? But look at those two. How do you connect so quickly to someone you just met? And she claims she's introverted too!" Sailynn continued. Jen snorted, "what of it's HIM that we're following and Katy's been talking to her bias this whole time?" Sailynn smirks, "Omg she would die! Even I would die! What if we were on our way to dine in the same restaurant with the Kings themselves?" Jen laughs quietly, "I'll bet you my collection of their stuffed figures for your signed poster if it's really them." Sailynn grins, "oh you're so on." The four of them arrive at the restaurant 10 minutes later. The man turns to the girls and smiles with his eyes, "how about you join me and my brothers for dinner? Company is always warming." Katy blushes, "No it's okay, we've been a bother long enough." Jen and Sailynn both glance at each other at the mention of the word, "We." The man bows his head, "I insist. Katy glances over at her friends, low key asking them for help. "Well if I learned anything while studying abroad here in Korean during my college years, it's that it's disrespectful to turn down a kind offer, especially from someone who just saved a life," Sailynn smiled and bowed. "Awesome. C'mon, the reservations have already been made with my brothers, let me just notify the waiter of our upgrade," the man turned his back to go inside, giving Katy an open opportunity to smack Sailynn's arm. "What was that!" Katy hissed. Sailynn and Jen laughed, "trust us," they say in unison. The man pokes his head out and motions for them to come inside too. Entering the restaurant, the girls looked around in awe. "How did you afford eating here when you were studying abroad?" Jen asked Sailynn. Sailynn giggled, "I honestly can't remember." They followed the man to the back of the restaurant in a closed off section. With his back toward them, he removed his face mask and hat and shoved them in his coat pocket. "Hyung! You took a while!" A voice chuckled from further down. Jen stiffened besides Katy, "that voice...." she whispered. "Sorry, I ran into some new friends," the man replied. "Yaah, I'm getting really hungry! You're paying for tonight because you took so long!" Another voice called out to the man. "Oh........ crap. We messed up. We messed up big time," Sailynn muttered in a panicked tone. Katy shot her friends a quizzed expression, "What are you guys talking about-" The man came to a stop then turned around and looked at the girls with a warm smile. "Ladies, let me formally introduce myself. I'm Kwon Ji-Yong, and these are my brothers, Choi Seung-Hyun and Kang Dae-Sung." Imma cut you there- ;) Can't have your birthday cake THIS early in the morning right @katyng52? ;) Maybe I'll finish this fanfic all today ;) Or maybe just drop it at random times throughout this week since it's your birthday week..... Or maybe throughout the month! ;O #birthdaymonth! We'll see ;) I'll have to ask Ji-Yong oppa what his schedule looks like....... ;* Remember to breathe! ;O And to the rest of my readers- #iregretnothing XD #youllhavetosuffertoo x3 Tagging- Bias Bae Bae's ~ @KDSnKJH & @katyng52 Alpha Nerds Squadeu (That I haven't tagged in a long time because I haven't been releasing any side projects..... that'll be fixed soon!)~ @AlexErica @aliahwhbmida @BrendaPham @CrystalGuerra @DominiqueThomas @drummergirl691 @edwey66 @Eliortiz13 @ElishaFisher @falme2 @HayleyYates @JessicaVang @Jinislife @justjuliahere @kpopbunny9 @LisetteZapata @Maddie27 @MarrickeJ33 @MichelleClack @narutobandgeek @pharmgirlerin @RedChord @resavalencia @SatinSkies @ShellyVargas @TheMdWhitworth @vipgril5 @ViStorm And because I KNOW, you'll enjoy where this is going~ Tagging my FF readers XD A - @a514girl98 @AaliyahNewbell @aegyoprincess @AdiaJasinski @aguileragissel @akachan @akikou1407 @alekxb5 @AlexErica @alexiselcox @AlexisRiver @aliahwhbmida @AlishaMunoz @AliyahHowell @AlysonLR @amandamuska @amberg171997 @AmiArt @amobigbang @amullins2007 @anahiml11 @anarevilla34 @AngelLewis @AngelLoui @Anna5221 @AnnaArai @Annaharris1989 @AraceliJimenez @ArianaAlexandra @AristaJ @ArtCrazy @AspenKoi @Astrohelix @AubriePope @AviKim @ayoitsdiana B - 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