Anime/Manga YATA!!!
Anime/Manga YATA!!!
3 Interesting Characters of Bungo Stray Dogs!
So I've been watching Bungo Stray Dogs (it's still great), and after reading some reviews of it so far I've come to appreciate all the work the author of this series (it's based on a Manga by the same name) put into creating these characters. Every character in the show's powers, name & personalities tie into a classic Japanese literary figure! Nakajima Atsushi: Power: Beast Beneath the Moon (Sangetsuki) "The real Nakajima Atsushi (1909-1942) primarily wrote short stories based on Classical Chinese literature. His most famous work was “Sangetsuki”, a rewrite of an ancient Chinese fable where a scholar goes mad in his quest to become a great poet, and then literally transforms into a tiger. The rewrite emphasizes the poet’s self-examination and inner moral growth. Anime Atsushi’s weretiger powers are likely based on Sangetsuki’s plot." Info gathered by zz2000!!! Dazai Osamu: Power: No Longer Human "Dazai Osamu’s (1909-1948) writings revolved around themes of loss, suicide, and decadence. No Longer Human/Ningen Shikkaku was his most famous book, revolving around the self-destruction of a man unable to relate to the world around him, hiding his alienation behind a mask of joviality. The real Dazai attempted to kill himself several times over the course of his life; he finally succeeded in drowning himself in 1948 with his recent lover, a beautician/war widow. Anime Dazai’s suicide attempt in a canal’s a flashback to the real one’s death." Info gathered by zz2000 Yosano Akiko: Power: Thou Shalt Not Die "Yosano Akiko (1878-1942) was well known for her feminist-pacifist views, and a strong supporter of women’s education. Her most famous poem, Thou Shalt Not Die/Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare, was written for her brother, who was then fighting in the Russia-Japanese War of 1904-1905. The poem bewails the brother’s conscription, hopes for his safe return, and senseless loss of life in war as the Japanese casualties increased." Info gathered by zz2000!!! The title of the series is also "文豪 Stray Dogs" 文豪 means bungo, which means "master author" so it really does do this all intentionally. Not that we could doubt that - the references are way too heavy handed to be anything but intentional! There's actually references for EVERY character, but I didn't feel like moving them all here so check out this post if you're curious about more of the characters. This comment has some interesting details, too!!!