17 Reasons to Be OBSESSED with Seventeen
Why isn't everyone in love with Seventeen yet!? I had a hard time narrowing down just 17 reasons so I had to cut out the fact that Joshua and Vernon speak English, that Woozi is scared of girls, or that Seungkwan defends his home town of Jeju Island whenever people make fun of it. 1. It is scientifically impossible to pick a bias Trust us, we tried (see the totally scientific research HERE) 2. Every company wanted Seungkwan Seungkwan had offers from all the top companies at the age of 15 3. Woozi is a music genius He wrote and produced their debut single, Adore U (he's 19 years old) 4. Vernon used to Vlog He was a baby vlogger blogging about human rights and discrimination (here) 5. Joshua plays the guitar And arranges the acoustic versions of Seventeen's songs. Uh, swooooooooon. 6. They choreograph their own dances Hoshi had a big part in choreographing their debut Adore U 7. Junhui is the Chinese clone of SuJu's Heechul and he has the voice of an angel. 8. S.Coups is a black belt in Taekwondo He studied for 7 years and can beat you up. 9. "Tough Rapper" Wonwoo is an actual cinnamon roll. His off-stage personality is so squishy. 10. DK was in a rock band in middle school. and he is always voted the "funniest member" of the group. 11. Minghao's irresistible aegyo The8 is the cutest and look at that WINK! 12. Jeonghan's HAIR Enough said. 13. Mingyu trained for 4 years and that is why his level of swag is sooooo high. 14. The mankae is the squishiest thing ever Dino is an actual jelly bean. 15. They all really love their parents Seungkwan talks about his mom so much that fans make fun of him for it. 16. One member is a Leonardo Dicaprio Clone. Check it out HERE, it's alarming. 17. This is their reaction to seeing aegyo. They're just PRECIOUS and TALENTED okay guys!?!?!? Love them a lot please!!! What other reasons did I miss?