MOVIES to keep an eye out for.
MOVIES to keep an eye out for.
The Hero
This movie looks adorably feel-good. It’s sort of like Kick-Ass the bumbling ajusshi version — Oh Jung-sae (Men: An Operating Manual) stars in this family comedy as a struggling single dad who dons a superhero costume to raise his sick son’s spirits when his favorite TV superhero goes off the air. Low-rent hijinks ensue. The title is, appropriately, The Hero. Oh Jung-sae stars as a stuntman on a children’s television show, whose face is never shown because he’s just the guy behind the mask doing the wire stunts and taking the blows. His character is an obvious Iron Man ripoff named Thunderman, who happens to be his son’s favorite TV superhero. But the show’s ratings are flagging and it eventually gets cancelled, leaving Dad at the end of his rope. He’s barely making ends meet, and Thunderman was his only steady paycheck. Even more devastated is his sick son, played by Jung Yoon-seok (R2B: Return to Base, Miracle of Love), who worships Thunderman. The fanboy is so heartbroken that he stops eating, so Dad decides he has to do something drastic, and puts on the costume to make the boy believe that Thunderman is real. He enlists the help of his friends from the set of the axed children’s show (Park Chul-min, Jung Eun-pyo, Shin Ji-soo) to help sell the illusion that he’s a real hero fighting crime and protecting humanity. Judging from the stills, this does not go according to plan. (Perhaps he inadvertently saves the world? While getting his face bashed in?) But still, best dad ever. The Hero premieres in theaters October 8.