UPDATE: SAO real life virtual reality!?!?!
IBM is making a real-life Sword Art Online concept without the real-life killing, and thanks to Inside, 4Gamer, and Nagare, we got some photos of people testing the virtual reality experience. Sword Art Online is an anime and light-novel series written by Reki Kawahara, and it's set in the year 2022, when thousands of players who have logged into a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online find out that they can't log out. While IBM's recreation isn't a standalone game, it lets players see what IBM's computer power can do in a virtual environment. It's also a chance for the company to show off its SoftLayer cloud service and its cognitive systems. Check out the photos below: info from here! tagging those who commented on the last SAO virtual reality card: @BlackoutZJ @AimeBolanos @SantaraJones @iixel @CoraBost @mymi @Iloveanime420 @KennyMcCormick @InVinsybll @gabbycalzada @MiyukiKawaii @petname83 @Yatosgirl @hikaymm @FlyingAway @SareBear @NikolasSatterwh @TBird @Kekyo401 @CashTunstall @DawsonGrey @SarahSutcliff @KalyanMadoori @Scarletribbons @DominatorD123 @RobertoPadron @yukala9065 @juvenscadet @MisakiNanase @ChrisTheMage @skidiver56 @TiffanyWallace @SarahMcCartney @Breanna95 @midnightskieslo @AnthonyWinston @ZavianHarper @ChrisGarcia @NathanBryden @dajzawolf16 @AnimeLove300 @PaulChavarria @MorganAlys @JustinDiaz @AmandaJason @dragonlover1852 @MoisEsGaray @JuanGarza @jeremimzy17 @HollowReaper @joshhsherer @AtisutoMeru @ZeltzinCorona @alliepetey @kell13 @Animefanatic18 @ZethZetsway @AlishiaDavis @AlishiaDavis @LuluBear21 @MetalMorgan @JuiliiFromtm @Alletaire @RachaelMacy @EstefanOlivares @ZoilaObregon @TreverMoon @tvmar @lancednobiensky @arnelli @BND737 @skygrinderdrive @RoyCooper @Nancy144123 @KillerJuggalo38 @EdmundFrontera @jannellvillanue @Mikazuki1 @Majestical @JoshuaCates @DaiGakuSei
{HAREM MADNESS} {WAIFU WEDNESDAY}The Ever-Dashing Kurokami Medaka from Medaka Box
Medaka Kurokami is the 98th and 99th student body president of Hakoniwa Academy. Medaka is an excellent academic student, who placed first in the national test. In addition to her Academic achievements, she has excelled in other various areas, such as calligraphy, Sports, and obtained seemingly inhuman results. For example, She can run a marathon in 2 hours as she stated after chasing down a fellow student who was bullying a second year in the first arc. She is however somewhat lacking in Practical knowledge, as no one really expects her to have the need to understand subjects below her. I've read up on the Facts and she is the 6th strongest female Character in Anime history. Her powers rival that of Mirajane of Fairy Tail, Medaka is scary. Medaka is known for looking down on people but she doesn't do it in any negative was, she believes that there is good in everyone. She believes everyone who is a bad person to have "strayed from the right path", and that they used to be good people. So far her assumptions haven't been wrong in the least. Her personality is one of helping others, and she is always determined to complete any task that is placed in her suggestion box (Also called the Medaka Box). After she completes a task she buys a vase with Flowers. She one day hopes to have completed so many suggestions that she fills the entire school with flowers. Medaka's personality according to some is truly overwhelming, proof is in the pudding, Medaka has the uncanny ability to convert people to her followers. This force of personality often manifests itself in Medaka's Proof of One's Worth, also known as her Trump Card. This overwhelming force of presence only seems to work on Humans, Animals on the other hand can only sense her power, and not the personality that accompanies it. Medaka absolutely adores animals, but due to her overwhelming power all animals are completely and utterly terrified of her, this usually leads her into bouts of depression whenever an animal rejects her. I have to be honest I sure feel bad for her when it comes to that. No matter how hard she tries animals and Medaka just don't mix. Medaka is an absolutely stunning girl with long flowing purple hair that reaches her waist and bangs that barely over lap her eyes, she also has a semi-straight ahoge (that long flyaway hair on the top of her head). Medaka also has a very gorgeous body, and rather large breasts, and she has no shame in showing her body off. Her height is 166.2 cm (5'5) and she weighs just about 56 kg (123.5 lbs) and her three measurements are B98-W59-H87. Medaka wears the uniform of the Student Council, black as opposed to the usual white. Her original uniform displays rather impressive cleavage and pretty short skirt. She looks Stunning in anything!!!. Though Medaka is one of the most caring individuals you would ever fall in love with, You absolutely would not want to get on this girls bad side. If you push her over the edge and say that you can't be converted her attitude changes and her inner power is unleashed. This form is called the War God mode where Medaka becomes enraged. When she first entered this mode she loses some sense of her humanity and goes absolutely berserk, while her hair turns a lighter shade of purple (Fluorescent red in the Anime). Medaka's presence and becomes so ominous and evil that even Abnormals can be unnerved by it. Her Physical strength and healing rate both increase dramatically, allowing her to deal out devastating attacks while Shrugging off the most horrific injuries. She only assumes War God mode when her friends are threatened, and even then, only when she's under heavy emotional stress. in the Manga she gains the ability to enter War God mode at will without losing her humanity and going berserk. Note to self never try to force into anything she doesn't want to do Medaka's second form is known as Altered God mode. It's an upgraded form of War God mode that Medaka achieved by mastering the numerous Abnormalities of the Thirteenth part and attempting to Brainwash herself with Oudo's Weighted Words technique. Unlike War God mode, in Altered God mode Medaka is able to maintain her thought process, doesn't go berserk, her hair turns jet black, and her eyes grow into a darker shade of red. This mode allows Medaka to control everything about herself, and is able to Overwhelm any Abnormal opponent that faces her. This mode also Allows Medaka to use an improved Version of her Kurokami Phantom attack that utilizes both her power and speed. Medaka has mastered this form, but can still revert back to War God mode if she is angered enough. Medaka's Third form is called Forsaken God mode. This form was Created to serve a similar purpose to combat Kumagawa's Book Maker, Forsaken God mode makes Medaka weaker than her opponent. Now I know what your thinking, Why the Hell would she want to make herself weaker than her opponent?!? Well it's pretty simple, no matter how weak her opponent is Medaka can make herself weaker than they are; She labels this an ability that allows her to forget about strength and skills and go all out. This Mode was developed as a byproduct after Medaka's fight with the Minus. With it Medaka can intentionally make herself weaker so as to better understand people who are weaker than she is, but the aspect of understanding her opponent doesn't exist due to her lack of empathy. In this form, Medaka's hair turns completely white and her eyes become a lighter shade of red. Fourth Mode is Called Hybrid God mode. This form is a combination of Forsaken God mode and Altered God mode, Medaka labels this form as "matching strength with weakness". The exact capabilities of this form are unknown; however in the fight with her cousin Tsurubami it was useless against his style. In this form the left side of her hair turns black, while the right side of her hair turns completely white. Last but certainly not least we see her fifth and Final Form, End God mode. This form causes Medaka's hair to increase in Volume and it turns Black again like Altered God mode, but with her increased blood flow, Medaka is able to move around at supersonic speeds while creating clones in front of her. The clones she creates also have enough speed to break the sound barrier, creating a slipstream to remove any the obstructions to Medaka's power. Well that's Waifu #10 Medaka Kurokami She's an absolutely stunning Woman who would never give up on you she would even put her life on the line to protect her friends. She's the Strongest Girl in the Harem so Far. @InVinsybll @hikaymm @Aimebolanos @ShinigamiSan @Danse @Alcides13 @CraigNess #MedakaBox #KurokamiMedaka #Goddess