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BTS reacting to their sibling getting hurt
Jin Jin knew that he wouldn’t be able to leave until after they were done filming, so he would resort to calling ever time he was able to take a break. He just wanted to know if you were doing alright and if you needed anything at all. If you did, Jin would probably ask one of the staff to get it for you. “Are you sure you’re okay (y/n)?” Yoongi Yoongi would probably leave without telling anyone. Honestly, he didn’t care that he would be yelled at later on because to him family was more important than shooting a video that wasn’t going to be released anytime soon. Yoongi would stop by the store to get you things that will make you feel better. “Here (y/n). How are you feeling?” Hoseok Just like Jin, he would constantly be calling to make sure that you had everything you needed to survive until he was able to come over. With him being Hoseok, he’s always going to worry about you no matter how many times you tell him it’s nothing big. At the slightest mention of you in pain, he’d probably go crazy. “OMG YOU AREN’T DYING RIGHT?” RM For Namjoon, I can only imagine a typical sibling relationship. He wouldn’t really do anything about it unless it was something really bad that happened. If it wasn’t that serious, Namjoon would probably call every once in awhile just to make sure you were holding up alright. “You doing good still?” Jimin Jimin would ask one of the producers if he was able to bring you on set just so that he could keep an eye on you. Once you were there, he’d make sure that you were comfortable and in a place where you wouldn’t get hurt again. Jimin also comes to check up on you whenever he got the chance. “Stay there and don’t move. Don’t want you getting hurt some more.” Taehyung Taehyung knew that there was no way he was able to leave early, so he anxiously wait until the end of filming to see if you were okay. When he went to visit you, he’d make jokes to make you laugh and help get your mind off of the pain. If you had a cast, Taehyung would probably grab markers and draw little pictures on it. “Hey! Where’d the black marker go?” Jungkook As soon as Jungkook heard about you getting hurt, he would demand for the director to let him leave so that he could go and take care of you. The poor boy would be so worried to the point where he couldn’t focus on anything. All Jungkook wanted was for you to be alright and let’s be honest here, he would probably try to sneak off set. “Can I leave yet???”