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Sungiekitten's Collection
Don't deny it~ Chapter 4
Genre: Angst, Fuckboy! au (M) Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Length: 3542 words Summary: He ruined you. And you let him. Part: 4/5 “So, lemme get this straight”, Hoseok sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. It was almost midnight and you couldn’t get over what had happened. In the midst of your panicking you had woken Hoseok, howling over the phone. The poor boy had rushed to our apartment to find you an emotional wreck. “Tae came over, but that idiot was already here. Tae saw him and…well got mad obviously. And then walked off. Small question here y/n, but I do feel it is relevant. How the fuck did he get into your apartment?” Hoseok was snappy, and you didn’t blame him in the slightest. “He was waiting for me outside when I got home”, you mumbled. “And we started arguing in the corridor, but then the girl two doors down cane out and told us to shut it…” “…So you went inside and he followed”, Hoseok slowly finished off. “Bloody hell y/n. Did you try telling Taehyung that?” You shook your head. Why would Taehyung listen to anything you had to say when he had seen Yoongi shirtless? “I don’t know what to do Hobi. He won’t pick up or reply to messages. And I don’t know where he lives.” “Give it a few days y/n. If he still refuses, and I know Taehyung can be quite stubborn, then I’ll give you his address.” He glanced at you, and it didn’t take a genius to see you were still troubled. “There’s more isn’t there?”, he probed. You nervously licked your lips, debating whether to tell him or not. “Listen y/n. I’ve been with you through a lot of shit, and I was past being shocked or horrified when I realised he was the one at fault, not you. So tell me. You glanced at your hands- they were shaking. Hoseok saw and reached for them, rubbing them comfortingly. “Please?” You inhaled sharply before you began. “I…kissed him. And he’s with Bora. I kissed my friend’s boyfriend.” Hoseok looked confused, his movements on your hand faltering. “Wait..what? Didn’t he say he dumped her?” “He lied to me Hoseok. Bora rang soon after I asked him to leave to say her and Yoongi made up the night before and he was taking her on a date.” Your eyes welled up again as you were talking, and your voice cracked on the word ‘date’. “I…only kissed him because I thought…I just…”, you were quietly sobbing now, your shoulders shaking. “I had no idea.” Hoseok looked pained, seeing you like this. “Y/n…please don’t. We’ll figure this out. I’ll take Taehyung out for a drink and explain all this to him, OK? Don’t worry.” “I can’t handle him coming back here”, you sniffed, referring to Yoongi. “I can’t deal with him Hoseok. I lose the ability to fucking think!” You smacked your head with the palm of your hand, frustrated at yourself, and Hoseok’s eyes widened at the sight. “Hey, don’t. Having a go at yourself will achieve nothing.” He wrapped an arm around you and you rest your head on his shoulder. “Why do you put up with me Hoseok?”, you whispered tiredly after around five minutes of silence. You asked him this an awful lot, and every time, he gave a different, yet snarky answer. You heard him chuckle sleepily. “If I don’t, who will?” You looked up and gave him a sad smile because although he was kidding, there was that unsaid truth in the air. Because if Hoseok didn’t then you were certain that no one else out there would. You had almost nodded off just like that when your phone started to buzz. You immediately jolted upright, waking up Hoseok who had dozed off just sitting there. You felt terrible, knowing your friend worked all these long hours, yet here he was consoling you in the middle of the night. He had an afternoon shift the next day, but you still felt bad, because of course, this wasn’t the first time. You lived in constant fear that one day Hoseok would just tire of the mess you called your life and just up and leave. And you wished that day never came. As soon as Hoseok got his bearings, he realised what was happening and grabbed your phone quicker than you could react. “You’re not answering that.” “Check who it is Hobi…it could be Tae”, you hoped, although that was unlikely. “No it’s Yoongi”, Hoseok muttered, glancing at the screen. “What the fuck does he want at almost 1 am?” “I’m not sure”, you shook your head. “He went out with Bora…so she must be asleep right now. He must have waited for her to nod off, then call me.”You felt a pang of pain in your chest at what he was doing, but brushed it off for the time being. You stared warily at your phone in Hoseok’s hand, knowing full well what Yoongi could be like when you ignored him. “Hoseok, just leave it. Let’s sleep.” Hoseok quirked an eyebrow at you. “Y/n…”. “I won’t answer it, I promise! Staring at the phone isn’t going to achieve much, so just turn it off and leave it”, you replied indignantly. You were telling the truth- you had no intention of talking to Yoongi. Hoseok, to your relief, did turn your phone off. You settled back on the couch next to him and had just shut your heavy eyes, when you heard him murmur. “Y/n be straight with me. Are your feelings for Taehyung real?” It took you a moment to process the question in your drowsy state, but as soon as you understood you replied with no hesitation. “Yes Hoseok. They’re very real…I can’t lose him. If I lose Taehyung now…”, you trailed off, not even wanting to think about it. “Taehyung’s had relationship trouble in the past y/n…just give him some time, k?” “Alright Hobi. You know him better than I do.” You and Hoseok woke up in the exact same position, and your neck was stiff from being upright all night. “Hey Hobi”, you softly greeted your friend, stretching out and yawning. “Hey. How are you feeling?” “Better”, you admitted. Of course you felt better, you had Hoseok with you. “You know me and Bora haven’t spoken since that day she walked off”, Hoseok mumbled out of the blue. “And now he’s acting like a good boyfriend, and she’s probably gonna hate me more for it.” “Hobi she doesn’t hate you. It’s just that…she loves him and if you love someone you don’t like hearing bad things about them.” You knew that from experience. You grabbed your phone and turned it on, dreading the texts Yoongi would have sent. And boy, was he mad. He was swearing and threatening to come over and dumping Bora, and god knows what else. You showed Hoseok, and he grimaced. “Jesus Christ, he needs help.” “What do I do Hobi?. Do I reply?” “Hmm…why don’t you call him? Put him on speakerphone and tell him you’ve decided you no longer want anything to do with him. And if he comes around, you’ll call the cops.” You stared at your best friend. “Hoseok, that’s just gonna aggravate him.” “Well if he tries anything, then I’m here aren’t I?” You got Hoseok to call him because your hands were shaking too much. Not surprisingly, he answered within seconds. “Y/n.” You clamped your hand over your mouth at his breathless voice. You knew him well enough to know he was with someone right now. And that someone wasn’t Bora or he wouldn’t have answered. Hoseok’s lip curled up in disgust but he silently urged you to keep going. “Yoongi…I don’t…I don’t want to see you again”, you choked out, a stray tear rolling down your cheek. Hoseok grabbed your hand and held onto it, squeezing it to comfort you. You heard a girl yelp in the background. “What the fuck did you just say?”, Yoongi growled. You and Hoseok exchanged glances. “You heard”, you replied in a small voice. “I don’t want to see you again. Please stay away from me. A-and be a good boyfriend to Bora.” You heard his laboured breathing, before he asked, “You know?” “She phoned me last night”, you affirmed. “You two made up the night before. You lied to me Yoongi.” “Y/n, it’s not like that, I-” “-Yoongi, please. Please stop making this difficult. Don’t contact me and don’t come round here.” “Who’s gonna stop me? I fucking love you!” Hoseok mouthed the word ‘cops’ to you. “I-if you come round here again, I’ll call the police”, you threatened, although you sounded like there was no way in a million years you’d be able to carry that out. You were fully crying now, your conflicted thoughts and emotions confusing the hell out of you. Yoongi laughed breathlessly. “The cops? You’re threatening me with the fucking cops? Babe who’s there with you?” He knew he had you wrapped around his finger. He just knew there was a third party involved here. “I am”, Hoseok spoke up angrily, making you jump. “Who the fuck are you?”, Yoongi snapped, his anger rising again at the sound of a male voice on your end of the line. “I’m her best friend. And you better stay the hell away from her you son of a-” “-Woah woah”, Yoongi cut him off. “Calm down man. Why so angry?” “You’re trying to cheat on my best friend with my other best friend, you slimeball”, Hoseok spat. Yoongi was silent. “Are you Hoseok?” You and Hoseok just looked at each other and Yoongi took his silence as a ‘yes’. “Ah yes. Bora told me about you. Sorry she didn’t believe you”,he said smugly. Hoseok gritted his teeth. “Listen here you little punk, y/n’s got herself a boyfriend now, so stay the hell away from her. Is that clear?” “Bullshit-”, you heard Yoongi’s disbelief, but before he could say anything else, Hoseok ended the call. “Wow, what a piece of work”, he commented wryly. “How did you put up with that?” You sniffed, smiling through your tears. “I really don’t know. Can’t believe you told him I have a boyfriend.” “Well, once you patch things up with Tae, you will.” “If I patch things didn’t see him Hobi..he was mad.” You didn’t know if that phone call had worked in your favour or not- now you had an angry Yoongi to deal with as well as an angry Taehyung. Sadly, Hoseok needed to go, having plans with a friend before work. You were glad he had plans and was getting out more, but you dreaded being alone. “Y/n, any trouble, just ring me, OK?” You inhaled sharply. “I will Hobi. Thanks.” And with a quick hug, he was gone. It was almost eerily quiet in the apartment after he left. At least that Jessica would be happy, you couldn’t help but think to yourself. You wanted to leave the apartment- you needed air, but of course, Yoongi could have been just on the other side of that door. And God knows what would happen if you saw him. You wanted so badly to talk to Taehyung, but he still wasn’t picking up, to your dismay. You wanted to explain, to tell him that you didn’t have those same feelings for Yoongi anymore, but he wasn’t giving you the chance. But you can’t say you blamed him. Your thoughts were bought to a halt when your phone rang. Your eyes widened at the caller ID. It wasn’t Yoongi. It was Bora. You cursed softly before you answered, thinking the worst. “Hello?” “How could you?”, she immediately shouted, and your heart sank. Yoongi had actually done it for real. “ I thought you were my best friend y/n! You were seeing my boyfriend behind my back?! That’s fucking low!” “Bora, please, no…it’s not like that”, you pleaded, hoping you wouldn’t lose her too. “That was before I knew you were with him.” “Bullshit y/n. He told me you two met two days ago!” “He was outside my apartment when I got home from work! I didn’t go out of my way to meet him Bora, I promise you.” “Whatever. I can’t believe you. And I can’t believe him. Just fucking dumps me on my own doorstep, telling me he has feelings for my supposed best friend, and that he’s going to see her. You’re both fucked!” “Bora, please, I wouldn’t do that to y- hello? Hello?” She had hung up. You keeled over, yelling in frustration. Your weakness when it came to Yoongi, and his inability to leave you in peace had resulted in you losing two people you cared about. You only had Hoseok left now. Of course, as you envisaged, there was a knock on your door around ten minutes later. You immediately called your best friend. “Hobi”, you tried to keep our voice steady, keeping the tears at bay. “H-he did it Hobi. He dumped Bora. He told her about me. Shit…I- Hobi he’s outside, what do I do? Hobi, can you hear me?” “Y/n?” The soft reply made you freeze. That wasn’t Hoseok. “…Tae?” “Y/n, are you OK? Just stay where you are, OK? Breathe.” You couldn’t stop the tears at the sound of his voice. “Tae…where’s Hoseok?” “Right here”, you heard Hoseok’s voice and smiled. He didn’t tell you that the friend he was meeting was Taehyung. “Y/n I’m late for work and you know I can’t afford to get fired. Taehyung is on his way, OK? Don’t open the door until you hear his voice.” You sniffed, looking up at your door when you heard Yoongi’s muffled voice. “Y/n, open the door!” Yoongi sounded…upset. “Y/n”, Hoseok spoke calmly on the phone. “Don’t do it. Taehyung’s just left and he’s on his way to yours.” You heard Yoongi curse. “Fuck! Y/n, please just open the fucking door, please!” Your breathing became erratic when Yoongi’s voice broke on the ‘please’. He sounded like he was crying. “Excuse me, are you OK?”, you heard your neighbour come out, and you froze. “Shit”, you whispered into the phone. Why couldn’t anyone just mind their damn business? “Y/n…”, Yoongi just uttered your name helplessly. You had never heard him like this before. He rarely showed any emotion, and you weren’t sure how to handle him being so distraught. “Lovers spat?”, your neighbour asked sympathetically. “Something like that”, you heard Yoongi mutter. “Well, you didn’t hear it from me, but her spare key’s under that vase.” “Shit shit shit”, you repeated over and over, getting off the couch and making a beeline for the bedroom. “My neighbour just told him where the spare key is.” You shut the door to your room, wishing it had a lock, and slid down on the floor, wanting to disappear. “Who the fuck does that?”, Hosoek snapped, annoyed. “He could be a goddamn burglar for all she knows!” You heard your front door open. You weren’t scared of Yoongi per se. You were scared of your lack of control around him. Especially when Taehyung was on his way- you couldn’t fuck up again, or you knew you would have no more chances. “Hobi, he’s in the apartment. Oh god Hobi, this is a nightmare”, you whispered. Although there was really no point in being discrete- he’d realise you were in here soon enough. You tried to calm your breathing, and then you heard it. His deep voice. Coming fright from the other side of your bedroom door. You pressed your back against it harder, in the unrealistic hope that you could keep him out. “Y/n. Baby, please. Open the door.” You exhaled in relief. At least he wasn’t going to try to force the door open. “No..Yoongi. Please understand. I don’t want this anymore”, you replied softly, your eyes shut tight as if he was there in front of you. “Y/n”, Hoseok reminded you that you were still on the phone with him. “Don’t talk to him. Ignore him.” “Baby”, Yoongi murmured. You heard him sniff. “I know. I know you’re tired. But believe me, it’s only you. It’s always been you. I don’t want anyone else.” You were somewhat startled by his sudden affection, but then again that could have been down to the fact that Hoseok told him you had a boyfriend. This might have just been Yoongi being possessive- again. “I really have left her”, Yoongi said. “Call her if you don’t believe me.” “I know you have”, you replied, your voice a mere whisper. You didn’t even have the strength to speak properly. “And I may have lost her friendship because of it.” “Please y/n. We can sort this out. Open the door.Talk to me.” You wanted him for so long. And now he didn’t reciprocate those feelings until you were done with him. “Y/n”, he continued. “I can’t stand this. I’m going to open the door.” “No”, you immediately replied, hastily standing up. “Don’t come in here Yoongi, I don’t want to see you.” You were going to ask Hosoek what to do, but in your panic, you head ended the call. Then you saw the time. His shift at work was due to start, so you couldn’t call him back. You couldn’t be that selfish. As soon as Yoongi turned the handle, you acted on instinct and pushed past him, to get out of the confined space of your room to the living room, where you could create a safe distance from him. You noticed that Yoongi had left your front door open, which was just as well, because Taehyung would be here soon- you hoped. Yoongi just watched as you backed away to the opposite side of the room. “Y/n…why are you doing this? Why are you being like this?” “How many times do I have to say it Yoongi? I don’t want anything to do with you. H-how could you hurt Bora like that? How could you tell her about me?” “I’m with her, you have a problem. I leave her, you have a problem. What can I do y/n!” You flinched at his loud voice, and although he was still upset, you noticed that glint in his eye- he was getting mad. “Nothing”, you whispered, shaking your head. “There’s nothing you can do anymore Yoongi.” “What do you m-” “-Hoseok was telling the truth”, you sobbed, hoping he’d believe the lie. “There’s someone else Yoongi. I’m with someone else.” “NO!”, he bellowed, and you were ashamed to say you actually whimpered. Yoongi started storming towards you, his face flushed from the sudden bout of rage. “No no NO!” You covered your face as you heard him punch the wall, his hand landing mere centimetres away from your head. You were shaking but Yoongi was too far gone to console you. He was mad that he had potentially lost you. He continuously hit the wall as he talked- or rather, yelled. “You’re a liar y/n! A fucking liar!” “Yoongi”, you cried. “Stop! You’re scaring me!” “Get the fuck away from her” ,a deep angry voice ordered from your door. You looked up and could’ve cried with relief when you saw Taehyung. And boy, was he mad. “You”, Yoongi spat, glaring at Taehyung, but not moving away from you. “It’s you isn’t it?” Taehyung didn’t say anything, so Yoongi turned to you, gripping your upper arm. He really didn’t want to let you go at this point. “Is it him?” “Yes”, you whispered. “It’s him.” Yoongi recoiled from your words, immediately letting go and stepping back a little in disbelief. “Y/n, you can’t do this to me. You can’t…you can’t fucking leave me. Not now.” In your peripheral vision, you saw Taehyung edge slightly closer to where you and Yoongi were stood. “Say something!”, Yoongi frantically ran a hand through his hair. “Yoongi, I…you lied about breaking up with her. You knew I’d have nothing to do with you if you were with her, so you lied.” “Yes, I lied! I realised I fucked up, so I left her for good. Y/n I left her, and I’ll stop seeing all the others. Please.” “I’m not gonna ask you again. Get away from her”, Taehyung finally spoke up again. Now he was a bit closer, you could see his skin had got a red tinge to it- he was close to breaking point. “We’re trying to have a conversation”, Yoongi replied. “She’s not yours, OK? She can’t be… she can’t be. You walked away from her.” You swallowed harshly to try and get rid of the lump in your throat, your eyes trained on Yoongi. Never did you think you wold have this conversation with him. He extended an arm to gingerly tuck your hair behind your ear. You glanced at Taehyung, and the boy looked like he was ready to kill Yoongi. “Tell me y/n. What do you want beautiful?”, Yoongi hummed, his soothing voice washing over you. Right now you wanted your best friend. You wanted Hoseok. But you didn’t have that option. A lone tear fell as you looked up at the perfect boy in front of you, and from the look on his face, he knew what you were going to say. “I’m sorry.” @AbbyRamey @AmiArt @AngelaDarkness @Bizzycx @BonnieYuen @BridgetJara @CamrynCherry @Cassierchiqua @CrystalGuerra @DasiaB @DesireeChucklez @EWillsea @Eliortiz13 @Animezkpopgirl @FalseLove @Gaarita100 @Gaehwa @GamerKyumin @GeniferEskue @GossamoKewen95 @GriseldaZenger @HayleyEastman @HayleyYates @HerosBells @Ilikepancakes @lmoee @Inspiritbaby17 @IsisMayaVelasco @Isolate @Izab3lla @JackieG1617 @JaxomB @Jaysbae13 @JessicaFigueroa @JinsPrincess @KaitlynHewitt @KarenHer @KellyOConnor @KpopBeat @KristinaCaron @LemonLassie @LizbethOrtega @MBLAQSA @maddiedo @maricruzmeza12 @MaritessSison @MelinaHernandez @MelissaGarza @MomoChamie @ARMY98l @MrsChoiJunHong @MsLoyalHeart @NasiaWright @NicoleFireRose @NicoleJolly @Orihemay @P1B2Bear @ParkHwaYoung @PatriciaS @RKA916 @RedChord @Rosa420 @SamanthaRamdath @SaraHanna @Sharong @SindyHernandez @StaceyNguyen @SugaMint @SugaOnTop @SugalessJams @SuniWilcox @SusiBosshammer @TaehyungV @VeronicaArtino @VictoriaRose217 @WolfLune @alltimerejectx @almonds @alycabrera18 @bobthepotato16 @chisom756 @crazychikki @dchapple45 @deemonster100 @deilig @divanicola05 @dreeP @faith92 @funfunbunbun @funnelcakeboo @janessaakemi @jeonjungkook8 @JessWang90 @jessicaeaton02 @jessicalnichols @kimnam94 @kpopkookie @leelee12 @lisakanime @lopleaf19 @lsanchez1302180 @mrsjeon @musicmofo @myylifeisnow @narutobandgeek @nathalyalamo298 @paligurl2846 @reyestiny93 @sarahdarwish @seulbyul @summerblack2 @tiffany1922 @tinafalcon22 @tinathellama @vipgirl5 @viviano6 @vlargo @xXYGXx @maricruzmeza12 @SarahHm11 @lmoee @QueenLee @KaylinJones @VatcheeAfandi99 @hoseok94 @VIPFreak2NE1 @jimin21abs @MariaMontoya1 @maddiedo @KpopGaby @Juliag13 @lilloulou @AlysonLR @Juliag13 @kirene1999 @Michelle305 @hanheeyoung1126 @Saeda1320 @SugaKookies @jellybeanlov3 @resavalencia @SummerWhipple @addri @KatiePrihodiko @JordanShuler @NiahriTaylor @taisiakaps90 @KristinaCaron @Jessicalista @SarahIvester @taetaebaozi @xojuliettexox @MichelleRosa @megannmatthews @skittlesrocks93 @AvisSpirit @may99 @alekxb5 @kpoplover492 @BrendaPham @KatiePrihodiko @ChristineO84 @SassyMaknae @alycabrera18 @ChristineO84 @HurdKpop @Izzy987 @mjenifferjm9 @jeoneljay @kpopbunny9 @xxkarlah @MnM1264 @XionHeart @EXOAsf @Gargi123 @megancurrent9 @BTS34443 @TKOtaku @MariaMontoya1 @jocelynleosmusi @Maaari @orchiofriend549 @ammagrande @alekxb5 @kookieandjin @paligurl2846 @TKOtaku @nakebakonadu @AsianLover707 @XergaB20 @taetaebaozi @SunnaWalo @BetseyBleau @Helixx @shellyfuentes70 @Miju00 @JoseCullen @annapearlgale @YancyArely @EmilyCayetano @Anna5221 @addri @LissiMichelle @SerenaArthurs @jiminakpop @ezzygomez24 @YeseniaF @jellybeanlov3 @DanaAmoi @CamrynCherry @Eliortiz13 @EverieMisfit @Anna5221 @chisom756 @StefaniTre @KendraReeve @micahsaysnihao @amooon13eg @aliahwhbmida @orchiofriend549 @cue2pal @raenel @al3ashalnaqbi @addri @AnnieGoodman @jiminakpop @nanaresendiz @loljan17 @OhItsJas @loljan17 @sunggaray @groovyduude @FaithMorrison @namjoonxme @AnnaArai @jjrockstar @Choijiah @SamanthaRamdath @al3ashalnaqbi @Saeda1320 @Kira9404 @al3ashalnaqbi @lalaMF @TracyLynnn @AgentVengeance