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Ridiculously Annoying Rappers compared to Impacting Naruto Villains
First off, I wanna point out that J Cole and Kendrick are like Naruto and Sasuke, the groundbreaking protagonists who defeated the most overpowered, chaining up the ladder (being said has potential to defeat these annoying artists. Orochimaru x Nikki Minaj: I can say for one, Nikki Minaj popped out the dirt ass of Coney Island, Brooklyn (Im also from Brooklyn but, screw it.) Coming out with weird and pointless videos that destroyed the hip hop genre, always trying to experiment retarded styles and lame acts with messages of no meaning. Just like how Orochimaru always conducted experiments with jutsu trying to take over the shinobi world, but failed. Makes sense? Pain x Lil Wayne: Its always a pain to hear him around in media. (Get it??) Lame pun. Constantly repetitive and giving blood clots to your brain, Lil Wayne's music is plain garbage. He single handedly DESTROYED the rap game with one single, just like Pain destroyed the Hidden Leaf, with Chibaku Tensei. Pain always talked about how he was butthurt in pain OVER, AND OVER AGAIN. Just as Lil wayne raps about his money, slutty girls, and Trukfit OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Madara Uchiha x Drake: Now getting a little nitty gritty in the dirt. Madara Uchiha, one of the most powerful shinobi, and one of the most crucial antagonists to the story of Shippuden. Drake. At the top of the rap game (because people praise rich rappers who praise materialistic meaning and stupid dancing) going left and right as if he can destroy anyone. Think of Madara and Guy Sensei (Drake vs Meek Mill) -----------> Meek Mill gave his all to end Drake, but somehow Drake came on top. As if he has the power of the Ten-Tails in him. Thats just crap. Now its just him at the top. But now, think of this. Madara was underpowered by one person... meaning there will be another annoying rapper to come up top above Drake. If Kaguya overpowered Madara, imagine what stupid f*** will be above Drake? I can only wait to find out. (Hint the Sarcasm.)