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Helpful tips/Vingle
How to Vingle #5. Mobile Card Creation
While we work hard updating the Vingle app, there will be some bugs. If you find any of them or discover any functions that are difficult to use, please let us know by emailing It will help us create an even better service! Every post on Vingle is a Card through which you can communicate with people from all over the world who have the same interests. You can share your insights and experiences, create a portfolio, summarize useful information, ask Vinglers a question and more. Be creative and enjoy it to the fullest! When you click the pencil icon in the lower corner the feed on the Vingle app, Vingle’s mobile Card writing editor will load, and you can begin to create your Card! 1. Start by entering a title for your Card that will let other Vinglers readily discover what you are sharing and why they will love it! 2. Then, write something that you know needs to be shared! Do you want to share images, photos or videos? Inserting these on Vingle is effortless: simply upload images or directly link pictures and videos from other websites by adding the link and clicking “Find.” When adding multiple media files, they become a carousel of images and videos. You can rearrange the image order by long tapping on the image and dragging it to it’s new location. You can improve the readability and visual appeal of a Card’s content using Vingle’s text editor. It’s possible to make text bold, Simply highlight your text, and turn it into a header, or, insert a smaller sub-header. Make your text come alive with new visual appeal. The indent feature is a great way to insert quotes, give extra emphasis to a paragraph, or provide an introduction to the Card’s content. You could share another Card, a Collection, a Community or even a Vingler’s profile page, using a hyperlink, just like that! You can intersperse text between images by adding blocks. It’s simple: just click the + button at the bottom of the Card. You can add up to 20 total blocks. Each block has a media carousel that can contain up to 10 images, videos, or GIFs. A total of 50 media elements can be inserted onto any Card. After adding your second, third, or even nineteenth block, you might decide that you want to rearrange the order of blocks on your Card. The order of blocks on a Card can easily changed by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner of any block to open the Edit Blocks view. Then, you can rearrange or delete your Card’s blocks. Clipping your Card into a Collection provides organization to the Cards on your Vingle account, while also presenting the Card to a targeted audience of Collection followers. You can choose which Collection(s) you’d like to clip your Card to, or create a new Collection for your Card. Check out this card for more information about using Collections. Vingle is a global community. To ensure that your Card is sent to the Vinglers who will properly enjoy it, choose a target language for your Card. For example, if your Card was written in English, then the language chosen should be English. You can then share your card by pressing “Done.” Vinglers love how easy it is to find the right audience for their Cards. By publishing it to a Community, you are directly sending your Card to its members, making exposure to an eager audience simple. Make sure your Card’s content is relevant to the interests of that Community’s members, or it may have a negative effect on your reputation. Now, get Vingling! We’re doing our best to facilitate quality communication between Vinglers. If you have any further questions or feedback, please feel free to send us a message @VingleEnglish, or leave us a comment in the Vingle Suggestion Box. Please note that the iPhone app will soon be updated to reflect these changes to the mobile writing form.