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Helpful Tips
The Meaning Behind Anime Hair Colors
For the longest time I've always wondered why Sailor Moon's hair is yellow while Sailor Mercury's hair is blue. Initially I thought it represented the planets they're associated with. However, after digging deeper into Japanese animation I found out hair color is frequently used as a mechanism to differentiate character type and personality. Black Characters with black hair usually have a strong sense of justice.They can be friendly and angry at the same time. Despite, their mysterious nature they are loyal and would do anything for their friends. Personality: Traditional, bipolar and a deep thinker. White Most often characters with white hair is either mysterious, ethereal, or old. If the character is a male, he usually have mix feelings and can be an anti-hero on a random good day. Female with white hair tend to be either magical or spiritual. Personality: Strong-willed, creativity and dignified. Grey Characters with grey hair has a mix persona from white and black. They are independent and usually have hidden powers Personality: Calm, modest and problem solvers. Brown This is a common color for the protagonist and often time they are seen as normal. However, you'll be surprise because characters with this hair color have interesting talents despite their boring appearance. Personality: Charming, practical and approachable. Blue Blue hair colored characters are not the type to seek advice but give advice. You may notice they often play the roles of teachers or confidants. They also have hidden supernatural powers. Personality: Smart, introverted, and mature Red Just like the color, characters with red hair are hot blooded. Most of the time they are feisty and adventurous. However, some male characters with red hair are more calm and discipline. Personality: Passionate, aggressive and opinionated Yellow Yellow hair characters have many sides. There are mainly different personalities but one thing that unite them is their positive vibe, stubbornness, high energy. You can call them the life of the party. Personality: Naive, confident, and romantic Green Characters with green hair have a unique energy. They're capable of healing and bring peace to destruction. Which is why the are often sided with the protagonist. Personality: Well-rounded, rejuvenating, and trusthworthy Purple These characters are royal and princess-like. They like standing in the spotlight and most of the time are restless and sometimes moody. Personality: Elegant, strong-willed and passionate. Pink This hair color signifies romance and innocence. Characters with this hair are daydreamers and have great desire to bring positive vibe to others. They are also prone to mask their sadness. Personality: Friendly, youthful, and cheerful
Make Your OWN Cookie Cat Ice Cream Sandwich From Steven Universe!
If you're a 'Steven Universe' fan, you HAVE to know all about Steven's all-time favorite treat, the Cookie Cat! It's strawberry and vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two cat-shaped cookies - and it's even got its own rap! (Be honest. You already lowkey knew all the words.) Fortunately for all of us who have ever wanted to try a Cookie Cat sandwich for ourselves, the beautiful people behind the YouTube channel Feast Of Fiction recreated the recipe for all of us non-animated folk. It's more beautiful than I could've imagined. Here's what you'll need to make a Cookie Cat at home: 😺 All-purpose flour 😺 Cocoa powder 😺 Confectioner's sugar 😺 Salt 😺 Unsalted butter 😺 Egg yolks 😺 Vanilla extract Feast Of Fiction also provides a pattern that'll help you make your own Cookie Cat cookie-cutter! (Basically, the gift that keeps on giving if you're a fan of the show too.) Once you have all of your ingredients rounded up, it is time to get started by clicking the the step-by-step tutorial above! So which one of you are going to make these at home? (Or at least heavily bribe your more kitchen-savvy family member?) Steven Universe fans of Vingle, this one goes out to you: @Jaileejailee @mst2000mt @midevildragon @johnbell @JtacoGuzman @sewilson550 @DmNapier @TiaJanay @JaredDaigre @realtgreat @JessiPetro @Jackie0Wackie @ChrisJMoreno @ShonA @CreeTheOtaku @xuannhi26 @KendraMaddison @kbecker @Poetry4Power @isssc1100 @TechAtHeart @Krystalstar22 @YumiMiyazaki @ninjabryan @arnelli @szewwy @HappyLulie @Sara3 @PrincessUnicorn @LenaBlackRose @AmberMatthews @Priscillasdoor @JaiiPanda @MrOmega @ShakirBishop @hermoineNH1