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!!!November in the K-Pop Community!!! (!!Please Read!!)^-^
Welcome to November everybody!!! ...This year is going by way too fast...still there is a lot happening this month, especially behind the scenes... My awesome staff members and I are preparing for something that will be occurring early December, so get at least moderately excited about that people!!! \(^-^)/ I bet your all wondering what that could possibly mean...well I'm wondering why I can currently smell cinnamon donuts, even though I know there are none in the house... in both situations I'm sure that given time all will be revealed, the moral of the story being...please be patient ^-^ While you struggle to hold in your excitement and anticipation about what I might possibly be talking about, let me bring to your attention all the wonderful things that are happening here in our community this month!!! This Giveaway has ended, thank you to all who participated!!! Congratulations to the winner @KatieRussell!!!!! B.A.P are coming back, and causing the deaths of many K-Pop fans in the process (Not seriously, though sometimes it does feel like that is entirely possible) for all those who need them @KpopJunkiesTV is handing out free oxygen tanks!!! (JK) Go and check out her channel >>here<< if you want one XD My good friend and fellow staff member...none other than Kimchi (@kpopandkimchi) herself has decided that she wants to fan the flames in all of the Baby's hearts by doing a B.A.P giveaway. Yes, you read that correctly!!! the giveaway includes: 1. New B.A.P 'Matrix' album 1. Official B.A.P Matoki Light Stick If you are interested in entering this giveaway then you need only click the following magic button, which will take you to @kpopandkimchi's card with all the details >>magic button<< The giveaway ends on Sunday the 8th of November, so get in on this quick!!! Don't forget to come back and check out the rest of what's happening this month!!! VIXX Giveaways!!! Another of my totally awesome friends and fellow staff members @DancingPartyTme is continuing her awesome Evolution of VIXX series!!!! Which happens to include three giveaways!!!! To be eligible for any of these giveaways you must be subscribed to @DancingPartyTme's YouTube Channel >>here<< so go ahead and do that before coming back here!!! ^-^ The giveaways are: 1. A VIXX poster from their Superhero era Info on how to win this can be found >>here<< 2. VIXX 'Boy's Record' album info on how to win this can be found >>here<< 3. VIXX new album 'Chained Up' or VIXX LR 'Beautiful Liar' album (Depending on timing) Info on how to win this can be found >>here<< Follow @DancingPartyTme's collection >>here<< to keep up to date!!! The Return of the Scenario Game...Hopefully So it's been quite a while since @jiggzy19 and I posted the first scenario game...and we have the next one written, mostly, it's just been hard finding the time to actually sit down and type the thing out...but if everything goes according to plan then the new one should be out at some point this month!!!! If you have never heard of the scenario game and are wondering what I am talking about, then go and check out the introduction card >>here<<!!! If you liked the look of it and you didn't join in last time you can play it for yourself >>here<< Then you can see the consequences of your choice >>here<< Soundtrack to Life!!!!! The playlist challenge fun will continue this month with more new playlist themes!!! If you are new here and haven't yet seen these challenges and would like to know what it's all about then the following link will take you to the latest Soundtrack to Life challenge which should give you a pretty good general idea of what it's all about ^^ >>here<< Don't forget that if you have an idea for a playlist theme and you would like to challenge everyone with, send me a PM (private message) and I'll add it to the list of challenges, just know there are a few on the list already so it might take a little while for it to cycle through to your idea :) K-pop Artist of the Month!!!! Then new K-Pop Artist of the Month will be announced soon, so look forward to that!!! For those of you who don't know what this is, but are interested then clicking >>here<< will give you all the info you need! If you want to keep up to date with this and make sure you don't miss any of the upcoming Artists of the Month, then you can follow the collection >>here<< Okay now moving on from all the shameless self-promotion, and onto better things :D Sunday Slow Jams Another of my staff members and a good friend of mine, our Community Suga Mama @PassTheSuga is dedicated to bringing out the thirst in all of us with her Sunday Slow Jam playlists (not guaranteed to come out on Sundays) if you are old enough to be listening to and watching these videos then you definitely need to check out her collection >>here<< The latest installment of her Slow Jam Playlists can be found >>here<< check it out I promise you it's worth it ^^ New Music Friday @PassTheSuga keeping us in the loop with all the best new tracks each week (Also not guaranteed every Friday) If you want to stay up to date with the best new music each week, be sure to follow Suga Mama's collection >>here<< And check out the latest edition to the collection >>here<< ♡♡Bangtan hearts♡♡ Bangtan Hearts is here on Vingle !!!!! Founder of the fan project Mingi or @MingiKwonBH has joined Vingle and is looking to recruit ARMY's to take part in this awesome project!!! For information on how to get involved, and for more info on what this is all about click >>here<< If there is anything you plan to be doing regularly during this month that you would like featured on this card, send me a PM (private message) and I will try and add it to this card... if I can find the time ^-^ Thank you for taking the time to read this card :D Credit to the owners of the presented photos and video in this card, I DO NOT own least not all of them XD