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Luhan to be in an American film?
recently (okay not so recently ) I saw a trailer for an American sci-fi called 'The wall' What is the basis of the movie, you may ask. 'The wall' takes place in China in the old times (like Mulans time) and it will tell us why the Wall was actually built and it appears that it wasn't to keep the Huns out of China (sorry guys) In the trailer I saw a part where it seemed to be Luhan running with a weapon, is it really him or not? Unfortunately I do not have the trailer handy with me (I'm sorry guys!!) BUT I do believe it is supposed to come out in 2017 before or after vin diesel's new movie which, will also have a former EXO-M member as a supporting character, and that member is none other then the former leader Kris(Wu Yi Fan), both movies seem pretty interesting, as far as I have seen. BUT NOT ONLY ARE KRIS AND LUHAN GOING TO BE IN MOVIES that's right BTS very own V is a part of a drama called Hwarang unfortunately he is a supporting character not the lead role, I believe the first episode is set to air (or has already aired) within the next two months Hwarang is a historical drama so we will see how that goes So will luhan really be in an American film? as an answer nothing is confirmed further research will be needed, (apologies) How awesome must it be Vin diesel to work with kris...I mean for kris to work with Vin diesel how many of you are looking forward to V new drama? So that leads to one question, will Tao be able to get into the fun next? Tell me what you guys think, I would like to know your thoughts! And one last fun question which idol would you like to see in a drama the most? ⚠THIS JUST IN LUHAN WILL BE IN THE WALL CONFIRMED BY @Isolate (thank you!!shout out to you, you amazing person,you really helped me )⚠ further news will be provided as more news comes in