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Who is Your Kpop Valentine?
Who is your ideal Kpop Valentine's Day date? Take this quiz to find out!! Here's how: 1. Answer all 5 questions honestly 2. Add up the points next to your answer (in the parenthesis) 3. Scroll down to find out what your score means! * I plan to make a girl version too so look out for that in the near future^^ Click to the right to view all 5 questions & add up your points! 5-7 Points: V from BTS You think you’re going for a romantic walk in the park with V, until he breaks out the water guns. Its a full-fledged battle and he thinks he’s pretty hilarious. Say goodbye to that cute hairdo you finally figured out! He makes it up to you by ordering pizza and letting you take the last slice (for once!) 8-9 Points: Mark from GOT7 He picks you up in the afternoon and makes you change into sneakers. He is going to teach you how to play basketball. Turns out, you’re better than he is, so he changes the plan and you both head to that movie you wanted to see and hit up your favorite ice cream place afterwards. 10-11 Points: Minhyuk from BTOB Surprise! Guess who decided to come to your door bright and early to make you breakfast? Minhyuk, that’s who! After you guys are stuffed with pancakes and strawberries, you and Minhyuk rent bikes in the park and race around for hours. 12-13 Points: Woohyun from Infinite Good thing you decided to wear that cute dress you bought last week! Woohyun shows up at your door with a blazer and tie…and a dozen roses in your favorite color. He is taking you out for a classic candlelit dinner that he set up on the roof of his apartment building. 14-15 Points: Hongbin from VIXX After a long bus ride, you and Hongbin finally arrive at the foot of the trail, where you’ll spend the day hiking and taking photos with Hongbin’s new camera. Once it starts getting dark, you two set up camp and make smores under the star-filled sky. 16-18 Points: Onew from SHINee Onew is bursting with energy today so he literally sweeps you off your feet when he comes to pick you up for your date. You spend the day shopping and taking ridiculous photos at the photo booths in the mall. Afterwards he drags you to karaoke where you dance and sing the night away (with ice cream of course!) 19-22 Points: Chanyeol from EXO Chanyeol says he isn’t feeling well, but instead of canceling your date, he asks if you mind coming over to his place. Turns out, he set the whole thing up! He has prepared a new song for you which he plays on his guitar and then makes you a mountain of spaghetti! The perfect evening in.
Top 5 Struggles Of An International Fangirl
Being a fangirl is never an easy task. But being an international fan only makes it harder xD Can you relate to these struggles? Language Barrier This is the main problem for fans all over the world. This is probably the biggest reason why people hate it, because they can't understand it. Even though we look past this it still gets a little annoying when you can't actually understand what the song is saying. Financial Difficulties Albums? Official Merchandise? Lightsticks? Concert Tickets? Fan Meets? Now who says money can't buy you happiness? There is one thing that K-Pop fangirls need and we never have it. MONEY!!!! Bias Will Never Know You We can attend all their fanmeets, buy all their albums to help their sales or scream the loudest at a concert but we can only wish to be lucky enough for our bias to actually acknowledge us. We still try though!!!! Fanwars Fanwars, another typical problem in the K-Pop fandom, where its fandom vs fandom, and is caused mostly by immature fans over petty stuff. *sigh* I've only been in the K-Pop world for a short while and I'm not sure I feel the love... Being Judged Loving another country's music is rarely welcomed in other's countries, especially when that music is something they don't understand. People tend to judge you, making jokes or making fun of you. This is the most scary thing that happens to every K-Pop fangirl. Which is stupid. Despite these struggles that us fangirls have to face daily we still continue doing what we like and enjoy it. I'm proud to be a fangirl, and an international one too!!! ^.^