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BabySheep's Collection
Comeback ALERT: Inspirits Where Are You?!
So Infinite just dropped a teaser for their upcoming comeback and I AM DYING!!! (no literally I'm dying) After what seemed like forever they're finally back and this one's gonna be a dark one folks. WITNESS THE GREATNES HERE ^^ I'm getting a detective theme definitely. Maybe they're all trying to find a criminal? What do you think? Sunggyu He's gonna slay me. I can already see it. I'm going to be slayed. Sungjong I usually think of him as cute but boy is he proving me wrong. Hoya Hoya's voice plus awesome dance skills equals happiness for me. Make it happen!! Sungyeol Don't stare at me like that >.< Woohyun HOLD YOUR HORSES BUDDY. THEM ARE BABY-MAKING EYES! L Ima need L to stop looking so good!! Dongwoo My bias.... O.O I'm not surviving. Nope. Let me go buy a coffin. AHHHHH I'M JUST SO EXCITED!!! Even though the MV's release is a bit far off I hope we can keep the hype up like we do for groups like BTS and EXO ^.^ Tagging you guys!! @Kpossible4250 @LocoForJiyong @ScarletMermaid @SugaMint @LizaNightshade @MsDragon @destiny1419 @SugaOnTop @UnnieCakesAli @VeronicaArtino @deilig @KokoroNoTakara @lunastormnoona @tayunnie @AimeeH @NadineEsquivel @ShinoYuki @sherrysahar @MomoChamie @SarahVanDorn @MonAnnahiX @drummergirl691 @AmberRelynn @sarahdarwish @JasmineWilliams @MariRu @MadAndrea @sierrakuper @desesoray @EunwooTrash @DarciAragon @minimonkey07 @IsoldaPazo @Znae @KellyOConnor @VKookie47 @pharmgirlerin @HappyGLAlexis @aiisson @ParkKyungSoon @BabydollBre @NaBi7 @Emealia @CrystalGuerra @DanaMichelle @SimplyAwkward @panouvang123 @StarishaRichard @BrennaHarding @cardboardart @DenieceSuit @BrendaPham @micahirene @punkpandabear @Ercurrent @kimiyabrooks555