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Helpful Tips
Top 5 Shows for Anime Beginners
We can't all be anime experts. And even if we were, we need to be ready to give recommendations to anime newbies who might not be ready to take on the monstrosity that is HUNDREDS of episodes of Naruto, or, they might be someone who's not ready to read a ton of subs just yet. Here's a list of 5 anime for the anime beginner! Use this list for yourself, or, as a recommendation guide for those people that just "don't get" anime yet! They'll love it!!! Cowboy Bebop Twenty six episodes of wild, western space fun...who wouldn't love that?! It's an older anime that's still great, and for those that "aren't into the Japanese stuff," it has a very western style media feel to it which can be a great thing for someone who isn't quite ready to accept anime. Plus, it has a pretty great English dub (which is rare) so anyone who tells you "but I don't want to read subtitles" can eat it XD The soundtrack is amazing and the animation is, too!! Plus, there's a corgi. So I don't know what's not to like. Durarara! Another show with an outstanding English dub, so you can get past those subtitle haters until they come around XD Durarara has about 48 episodes right now, and has really, really interesting characters. Whoever watches this show will find at least one character they want to see more of! The plot is intriguing as well, which gives you something to come back for even if you're not always into animation, plus, the animation doesn't go too crazy (it's got a very smooth art style), so you won' be thrown off by that!!! Gurren Lagann I just love this show you should watch it everyone should watch it why haven't you watched it?! I waited SOOOO long to watch this because I didn't think it'd be my style, but it totally was!! I like Mecha, and this has fun Mecha fights and characters that I love to go with it! Twenty six episodes may be a lot for some people, but I think they're worth it! It'll make non-anime fans want to see more anime for sure ^-^ Sword Art Online SAO is like....hmm. It's got a wretched second half, sure, but at the same time, it's got everything you can usually expect in an anime...aka lots of cliches. Which might annoy some people, but when you're trying to get to know the genre of anime, cliches are the way to learn them! Plus, the action is GREAT and there's some really cool characters, some romance, tons of action, a really interesting setting/world......there's just a lot of stuff to like here, okay? Sailor Moon It's Sailor Moon; come on!!! Some people saw it when they were young, and might be intrigued by the revamps. Others have never seen it. You've got the option of original/new here, as well as sub/dub, so there isn't a lack of variety. Plus, it's about magical girls fighting against the forces of evil through their own strength and friendship and what isn't there to love about that?! Are there people in this world that don't like magical girls?!! SHOW YOURSELVES!!!! And that's a wrap! Go forth and use this list to educate those new to our wonderful community of nerdom XD Am I missing an anime you thought should be included? Make your own list & tag me in it, or just comment below so people have more options :D