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Desperate Love Part 2
This Part 2. Happy Reading!!! *Warning! Contains Mature Content* You wake up from your sleep and check your time on your phone. 7:30 a.m. You groan, not wanting to get out of bed. You set your phone back on your nightstand and roll on your side, facing Chanyeol, who is resting peacefully. You smile. He's so handsome, even when he sleeps. You reach out your hand and push his hair out of his eyes. His nose twitches, making you giggle. You lean forward to kiss his cheek. Then, you feel his hands wrap around your waist. "Good morning, angel," he says in a low, growly voice. You giggle as you place your hands on his chest. "Good Morning, Happy Virus." you say, teasing him. He chuckles, "I thought I told you not to call me that." "Guess I don't listen very well," you say. He laughs again. You love hearing him laugh. You lean in and plant a kiss on his soft lips. He grins and pulls you closer. Your mind pushes away all the questions and all the uncertainty. The only thing you can think of is kissing Chanyeol's sweet lips. His kisses start getting deeper as his hands travel higher on your body. He then lifts himself up, not breaking your connection, and starts to sit up. He grabs your hips and pulls you on his lap. He kisses your cheek, then starts trailing to your neck. He starts kissing your neck and sucking on your soft spots, causing you to moan out his name. He response by moving his hands from your hips to your waist. He moves his lips from your neck back up to your lips. "Jagiyah," he groans, "I love you so much." "I love you, too," you say before he slams his lips back onto yours. You moan as you feel his member press against you. Chanyeol moves his hands to the hem of your shirt. He pulls it up to your waist. Then you hear a loud knock on your apartment door. "Chanyeol!" you heard a voice scream. "Chanyeol! Time to get up!" Chanyeol groans and lays his head in your chest. "Don't make me come in. I have a key, remember?" "Is that Baekhyun?" you ask. Chanyeol nods. "I promised we'd hang out today." "That's fine," you say as you cup his face in your hands. "You better let him in, though" you whisper as you plant a kiss on his forehead. He smiles and gets up from underneath you. He walks out of the room to let Baekhyun in. You sigh, as you get out of bed and head to the bathroom to take a shower. You turn on the water just as Chanyeol enters. "I'm leaving. I'll be back this afternoon." he says before kissing you. "Be safe," you say as he exits the out the door. You get undressed and hop in the shower, getting ready for the day. ***** You sit on your bed reading a book when you hear shouting coming through the door. You set your book down and slowly walk into the living room. You peer your head around the hallway and see Chanyeol pacing across the living room floor. "Channie," you say. He stops pacing and looks up at you, tears coating his cheeks. You quickly walk up to him and put your hands on his cheeks. "What's wrong?" "Nothing," he says as he takes your hands off his face. "Everything's fine," he says a littler louder. "No, it's not," you say to him. "If nothing was wrong, you wouldn't be acting like this." "Acting like what?" he asks. "Acting like a complete dirt bag." "What?" You shut your mouth, instantly regretting what you said. "I'm not acting like that," he shouts. "I'm not acting any different than when I left." he walks away from you and enters the bedroom. "Yes, you are," you shout, following him into the bedroom. "You've been distant from me. Every time I ask you what's wrong, you push me away. I want to help you, but you're not letting me. Please-" "Shut up!" he shouts. You take a step back, shocked by his words. "Can you just shut up for one fucking minute?" He turns away from you. You take a step forward. "Channie," "Don't call me that!" he shouts. "God, you are so fucking arrogant." "I'm just trying to hel-" "No, you're not," he turns to face you. "You don't care about how I feel. You don't care what's going on in my life. When are you going to stop being such a bitch?" He storms out of the room, grabbing his keys and slamming the apartment door shut, leaving you paralyzed in your spot. Part 3 will be up soon! @AnimeKpopLover, @thePinkPrincess, @JohnEvans, @ninjamidori, @chinabarrier16, @tiffany1922, @ammagrande, @JaiiPanda, @MomoChamie, @KaeliShearer, @EXOChanyeolOppa, @flxvour