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BTS Story Time: Suga Strip Pt2
For @MichelleIbarra Get your own BTS scenario here or here Suga undressed me because I came home drunk *Note: •Pardon my language in this! •This is no longer the original scenario, rather a continuation. •Our character now has a name! View part one Part three is here Part four right here You'd been there, sitting and staring out, not moving very much for hours. It was well before dawn when you set the mug on the coffee table, now the sun's rays were covering the apartment. Hot tea long turned cold and stale tasting, yet you continued to sip at it whenever the need for a drink surfaced. Your phone buzzed every now and again, messages or calls you didn't care which because it all meant the same. Another argument with someone, another hour or more spent trying to calm the other person while you drowned in misery. Between your sister and mother, you were never going to get a moment of solid peace. It always went back to the same thing, blaming themselves for how screwed up your life was and how they should've done more. You honestly couldn't take much more of them, the whole reason you moved was to get away but nothing was changing. When keys jiggled at the door and the handle smacked the wall, you turned your attention to the visitor. He walked down the short hallway, simple his essence had you staring in awe. You were always like this when he came over still dressed from a photo shoot or show. "What are you doing here?" The first words you'd spoken in days. "You stopped answering your phone. Your sister wanted me to check on you." He collapses into the small computer chair and watches you. "I'm fine, I just don't want to talk to them." You shifted around, pulling your knees to meet your chin. "You can go now." "I'm worried about you, Michelle, we all are. Ever since you moved here," He motioned to the nothing and everything ",you've been ignoring us. You don't take our calls or messages anymore and JungKook has been here twice this week to try to get you out." "I just don't want to see anyone, that's all." You watched him, his anger growing ever so slightly. "Micy..." "YoonGi, I'm fine, really. I just needed time to think and straighten myself out. You know how my mom and sister can be, they always think its their fault when something goes wrong in my life and they have to let me know about it." You'd straightened up and your hand gestures were wild. "I know, I know, but locking yourself away like this isn't healthy. Michelle-" "Stop. You don't get it YoonGi, you just don't." Tears burned at your eyes and you turned away, trying to hide. YoonGi ran his hands across his face, trying to maintain his cool. He cared to much, you loved it and hated it. Sometimes you were so grateful he was there to care for you when others wouldn't and other times you just wanted to be left alone, like now. "I get that you're upset over it-" "Upset? You think I'm upset? I'm fucking crushed, YoonGi, absolutely crushed. The man I was supposed to marry decides to up and leave for Europe, without a word to me. Then a week later I get a text message, a fucking text message, that he wants the ring back." The tears started there, rolling hot down your cheeks. "So yes, I want time. I want to be alone and to think and to just get this period in my life over. I want to move past it but every time my phone rings, its someone calling or messaging to remind me of it." It's been two months since you yelled at YoonGi about needing time. The phone calls stopped, not only from your family but from the boys as well. YoonGi only stopped by once or twice a week, usually falling asleep on the couch. Lately, you'd been laying together and falling asleep well before he did. Your home was quiet, almost void of life except for the lamp in the corner. You laid across the couch, propped up, watching the city outside. Watching the world moving forward and living the life they were given. You were jealous of those people who were out living. You were better, feeling less like the world was caving in and you were suffocating. Time had really gone by since everything had started, it'd been months. Eight months since he left Seoul and seven months since you left your sister's apartment. "Why do I find you there every time I come over?" The couch dipped next to you. "Because the city is pretty." You shifted around, resting your head on the back of the couch. "I figured that's why you wanted this place." He poked your forehead ",Wanna go see that city?" "Sure." His expression had you snorting into the cushion ",Buy me dinner too." Pushing off the couch and heading for the wardrobe, you started to get ready. YoonGi stayed on the couch, watching you walk around the small space. - "Micy hurry up, you're so slow." YoonGi was several steps ahead. He'd stopped, turning back you, watching as you gawked at every little thing. You'd never been to this market, usually just hitting the one closest to the apartment and going home. Work didn't even take you far from home anymore. "You're the one walking to fast, slow down." Half jogging to catch up to him, you lopped your arms with his. "I'm walking to fast? You just have short legs." YoonGi retorted with a look of utter boredom but you caught the small smile as he turned away. "I like being short, its cute." You did your best aegyo only for him to give you the 'ew' face. "You're like satan, evil little spiteful thing." You punched his arm ",See?" "Feed me Min YoonGi or I'll really get mean." Pretty soon you'd found a café on some street corner. Few people crowded in the small shop, most getting their order and leaving. Less than a handful of people sat around the tables, engrossed in books or electronics. YoonGi was ordering the drinks while you hunkered up in a corner booth. You watched the idol tapping at the counter, waiting. Smiling at his impatient behavior, you failed to notice he'd caught you until he smiled. YoonGi wiggled his eyebrows as you scrambled to look as if you hadn't been staring. "Geezus what am I doing?" You whispered to yourself, hiding your flushed face from view. Soooo? Whatca think? *Note: The apartment used is available to rent in Seoul using the Airbnb app. I think it was $83 a night (plus other fees). SO! if you're planning a trip, I recommend this place cause its so nice. If requested I can do a small "tour" of what I'm dubbing as Michelle's apartment (this apartment will not be used for other story times) Some Suga stans: @KaiTakashima @destiny1419 @aguileragissel @kchavens09 @Taehyungie @shelbyhusband @jenjenkhreim @ARMYStarlight @VixenViVi @adikiller @MayraCastro @thedopeshow1994 @AshleyMeowmeow @annevictoriaaa @ryanparriola @Pickles440 @SamanthaRae19 @moonchild03 @BaekYeolBaby @Rebecca22 @APinchOfSuga @exoxerox @CaitlynMaharrey @Akiuka