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ChristianRankmo's Collection
Smartphones that stand out from the crowd -
There's are hundreds of smartphone manufacturers, thousands of different smartphones. But, these smartphones stand out from the crowd. They look and feel different. Some are mix of modern and traditional styles, and on other hand some are futuristic looking piece of tech. These are some of the best unique looking smartphones. If you're looking for something different to buy, these should definitely on your list. And even if you're not going to buy them, it worth knowing about them. So, guys take a look. Scroll down. 1. Blackberry Priv Remember the old Blackberry Curve days? Imagine, how cool it'd be have to that comfortable hardware qwerty keyboard with today's smartphone design. All in one sleek and slim looking package. Other than hardware keyboard it has dual curved-edge screen, just like current Samsung Galaxy lineup. Blackberry Priv has an 5.4 inch 2K AMOLED display, Snapdragon 808, 18MP camera with f2.2 aperture, 3GB of RAM, 3410mAH battery, 32GB on board storage with micro SD card support to keep you going with day-to-day life with awesome performance overall. 2. LG V10 We all like good looking metal and glass phone, but are they going to be good looking even if you drop them from the height of your shoulder or even waist? Obviously not. They're not going to be good looking after you drop it a even once. This is the reason why LG's V10 is on the list. V10 sports a different looking design with steel frame on the sides and rubberized plastic on the back which is completely user accessible. Rubberized plastic back is dubbed as Dura-Skin, which is supposed to give good durability and grip to hold. Other than unique looking design with military-grade durability it has secondary display on the top just like on Samsung phones but it's on the top. Secondary display can show you always on clock or keep your signature on your phone, quickly switch between apps which improves multitasking speed. LG V10 features 16MP camera which has incredible imaging and video quality. For me, this is the best Video Camera phone. Video Recording is amazing on this phone as you can change the direction of audio from where you want to record it, from front or the back side. Multiple microphones also helps with "Wind Noise Cancelation" feature. It has Snapdragon 808, Fingerprint scanner, Built in DAC, 4GB RAM, 64GB on board storage with SD card. 3. Nextbit Robin A fancy designed smartphone with 100GB cloud storage, free for lifetime. This is the smartphone for those who are looking for smartphone that has cute design that make people stare at it with capable of giving good media experience. Nextbit Robin automatically keeps your less often used media files, apps, pictures and videos on the cloud storage. It does it while it's kept for charging or stationary for long with less battery consumption. It has 32GB on board storage, 3GB of RAM, Snapdragon 808, 13MP camera, 5.2 inch full HD IPS LCD display, and very loud and clear dual front facing speakers. It runs Android Marshmallow out of the box, with heavily skinned user interface. The UI is pretty different from what we usually see on Android Smartphones these days, also it is nothing like iOS. So we get completely refreshed UI design which a plus or not, depends on person really. For me it's a plus. 4. Galaxy S7 : Injustice Edition Let me be perfectly clear : there is nothing special about the S7 Edge Injustice Edition in terms of hardware features or capabilities. It is the same S7 Edge that's been on sale for a few months, complete with 5.5-inch, curved Super AMOLED display, 12-megapixel camera, and water-resistant features. The same can be said for the Gear VR headset that comes in the kit : in terms of capabilities, it's the same Gear VR that's been available for purchase since last fall. Galaxy S7 Edge with all kind of Batman Customization are mainly for DC and Batman fans all over the world. This phone was already a looker, but with new Batman styles makes it even better and which definitely stands out from crowd. People are going to look at it when you're out and it's in your hand. 5. Futuristic designed smartphones - Solarin by Sirin Labs and Huawei Nexus 6P by Google. Solarin sports snapdragon 810, 5.5 inch 2K Display, 4000mAh battery, super-expensive price tag, 5.1 Android Lollipop, 4GB of RAM, fingerprint scanner, 128GB of non expandable storage and worlds best security system. Also, it's called world's most secured smartphone. Nexus 6P sports 5.7 inch 2K AMOLED display, 3450mAh battery, 3GB of RAM, 32GB, 64GB or 128 GB of non expandable storage, best in class Dual front facing speakers, 12MP camera with f2.0 aperture, built in DAC (most people don't know about it), fingerprint scanner and USB Type C support. Follow this collection for more awesome stuff coming soon, and share this card to the people you want this to know. Have a great day ahead.!
100 Days of Anime, 61: What Anime Am I Watching?
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo I'd never heard of this one until @LuffyNewman featured it in his Just Binged collection [here's the card], and I was convinced! I'd been looking for some good slice of life since I haven't seen much, so I decided to give this one a shot! I'm almost done with it, and I'm loving it! I really hope Sorata ends up with Nanami, but I don't think he will... Naruto Shippuden I decided to finally try Naruto about a year ago. I kind of thought it would be stupid or something, I think, but I try not to prejudge, so I set those thoughts aside and dove in. I thought the original series was cute, and I certainly enjoyed it, but Naruto Shippuden has really stolen my heart! I'm just past episode 300, so I've still got a ways to go before I'm caught up, but I'm certainly enjoying the ride (even the fillers, not gonna lie!)! One Piece Another one that needs no intro! This was my Day 6 feature, and I finally took the plunge! I'm only about 50 episodes in, but I'm already in love! Why did I not start this sooner!? Oh yeah, long anime intimidate me... Shokugeki no Soma I made the mistake of judging this one based on only 1 episode. I was hanging out with that roommate I always talk about, and he made me continue in exchange for his checking out Assassination Classroom, and now that I'm getting more into things, I'm quite enjoying it! Just goes to show you can never write off that 3 episode trial period! It also probably helps that I've loosened up a bit and gotten more used to the weirder side of anime since he first tried to shove it down my throat like one of Soma's terrible squid concoctions! Since I've met the other students at Soma's dorm and am starting to learn about the hierarchy of the school, it's giving me kind of a crossover vibe between Sakurasou and Kill La Kill, but with orgasmic food. Glad I gave this one another chance, and with season 2 under way, there's no better time to catch up! On Hold, Recently Finished, and Starting Soon So I think this prompt probably actually meant which anime from the current season am I following, but I'm not to the point where I follow current seasons; my viewing is more random, and I still tend to be a bit of a laggard. I thought these anime were worth mentioning as well! Fairy Tail (On Hold) As you probably know, Fairy Tail is one of my first anime, so, naturally, I started dubbed. Even though the dubs are released kind of sporadically, I haven't brought myself to switch for a number of reasons: I have tons of other anime on my radar, so I have more than enough to watch that I can wait for those batches; I like the dub voices, and I'm used to them; I understand I'm pretty close to the end* anyway, so might as well stick it out! Once I've seen it all, I plan to start all over subbed and experience this beloved anime all over again! Bottom line, this anime is currently on hold for now until the next batch of dubs comes out for me to binge! *I think it was recently announced that Mashima will be heading up another Fairy Tail series. Thanks, @SarahMcCartney for posting that! [Sarah's card] Assassination Classroom (Recently Finished) If you got into this anime, you know how heartbreaking it is that it's over! And if you haven't, you really should check it out! This was truly a masterpiece, and I never expected it to shoot up to one of my favorites (one of my top 3, even, I think!). I really must get my hands on the manga! Free! (On Hold) I decided to check this one out because of how much I enjoy 50% Off (abridged series, I recommend!), and it was kind of a 2 birds 1 stone as a sports and slice of life, trying to prepare for future prompts in this challenge. I actually quite enjoyed it! It kind of took me back to my brief days as a swimmer myself! Super adorable! I haven't continued with Eternal Summer yet because I've been trying to sample other anime in the meantime. Boku no Hero Academia (Sooooon!) I have seen so much about this on here, and you guys know your shit, so there must be something good about it! Hunter x Hunter (Sooooon!) I've heard a lot of good things about this one as well. My roommate and I once sat down and decided to check out something neither of us had seen before, so we watched the first episode of HxH. So far so good, but I was still dealing with school stuff at the time, plus juggling all my other on season fandoms and a handful of other anime, so I didn't continue it then. As always, hope you enjoyed! If you wanna learn more about me/ be my friend/ be tagged in these, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm nice, I swear (mostly ;p)! Or I guess you can follow my 100 Days of Anime collection, or both if you feel so inclined! Until next time! Tagging some nakama! @SAMURXAI @NikolasSatterwh @assasingod @KurosakiJess @KennyMcCormick @JessicaFerrier @JasmynAnchondo @kouvarisb @alliepetey @fairydemon15 @msfancysunshine @kazam98 @ovvhr @midnitestar421 @SimplyAwkward @HiwaRasul @HunnaBallue @RazChaosRender @choppabelle