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Fairy Tail OTP
Hi everyone! This is for the contest hosted by @hikaymm so check her out if you want to enter too! The prompt for the contest was to make card and Sell Your Ship! I'm gonna choose one of my favorites which is.... Nerza! Or Natza or Naza or whatever you want to call it. Lol. Fairy Tail is very well known for having hardcore ships and this is definitely not one of them. NaLu and NaLi are the two biggest regarding Natsu and Jerza is the main ship for Erza. Why Natsu Shouldn't be with Lucy or Lisanna Natsu has a strong belief that his friends should fight for themselves. Even refusing to enter battles that he feels the other should handle. While he will and does protect his friends, it's not until after they have already tried and failed. That being said, Natsu should be paired with a fellow powerful Mage. Let's face it, neither Lucy nor Lisanna are very powerful compared to Natsu. While they both have improved, I still feel that neither of them are very comparable. Natsu and Lucy are the two main characters but that would be too much of a cliche and predictable to do. Naruto didn't end up with Sakura, so Natsu shouldn't be with Lucy. Granted, there are moments in the anime that point to NaLu but most of them involve Natsu being his usual self and acting like he would for anyone else. Also, Lisanna is just a terrible character ;) Natsu should be with a much more important one. Lisanna plays zero role in the series and should have stayed dead, she was a much better character then. I've ranted enough about Lisanna in the past so I'll leave it there for now. Lol Why Erza Shouldn't be with Jellal Jellal may have given Erza her last name but that's no reason for them to be together. My Dad dictated my last name, that doesn't mean we should be together. Also, Jellal is terrible and Erza deserves better than him. Jellal is like my most hated character in the entire series and Erza is my favorite so of course I want them as far apart as possible. Jellal was another one of those characters who was a great villain but was then given back story to make us feel bad for him so we'd be okay with him becoming good guy. I don't understand why everyone loves Jellal y'all need to get off his d***. LOL (x Another thing, Erza and Jellal are at least 7 years apart in age which is kind of gross. Lol Why Natsu and Erza should be Together Natsu and Erza have been together since childhood. They have a much closer relationship than any of the other mages in their age group and Erza can be found pondering things about Natsu and is worried for his safety. They trust each other implicitly in a fight and give one another strength. Now for some examples of their relationship :) Now I've been shipping Natsu and Erza since the Tower of Heaven arc. I felt that was the first time we saw Natsu really express his feelings for someone. We've never seen Natsu so desperate to save someone. He went as far as to knock her out when he saw her cry because he didn't want to see that. Natsu was even able to pull Erza out of the magic space that she was stuck in. In the battle of fairy tail arc when it was decided that Natsu would be the one to fight Laxus he told Erza to make sure she came back to him. He also tried his best to free her when she was turned to stone. In the Oracion Seis arc Natsu attacked the council dudes trying to take Jellal just because he knew it would make Erza sad. At the time, Natsu hated Jellal as much as I do but he sucked it up for her sake and did what he could to try and help her In the Tenrou Island arc when Erza was fighting against Azuma Natsu's voice was the one she heard to give her strength to keep fighting. Her first instinct was to think of Jellal but Natsu was the one who came to her to give her strength. And when they're holding hands in a circle as Acnolgia is attacking Natsu and Erza are holding hands. Also, Natsu got in the line for Erza when she was in her sexy nurse outfit. Lol Just recently in the manga, when Erza was falling from the sky after defeating one of Zeref's goons, Natsu ran to catch her so she wouldn't get hurt. This scene mimics one of NaLu's fans favorite moments on the Key of the Starry Sky arc where he also caught Lucy as she was falling. HOWEVER, that arc is filler and therefore noncanon, the moment with Erza actually did happen. Thanks for reading my card and remember to tell me what you think of my ship and tell yours down in the comments below! The card is being judged by comments so everyone comment away! Have a great day! Ja ne
The True Lives Of First Generation Kids
I've been wanting to write a card about this for a while because I feel like this is a really unique experience that, at the same time, a lot of people can relate to. My mom was born in the Middle East, raised in Mexico, and moved to New York City when she was a young girl. Because of this, she had a really different way of raising us than maybe the 'normal' American parent would, and I don't think I really understood why I felt so weird and different growing up until I could look back at the whole experience and realize - hey, I'm a first generation. My favorite show on television right now is 'Fresh Off The Boat', a loosely biographical comedy based on the life of celebrity restaurateur Eddie Huang and his childhood as a first generation Taiwanese American. The Huangs might be from Taiwan, but I feel like the things they experience and the way that they handle situations are so reminiscent of anyone who comes from a similar family situation. Inspired by that show, and facets of my own life, I figured I'd put together a list of ABSOLUTELY TRUE (AND TRULY HILARIOUS) experiences first-generation kids deal with when growing up. Granted, many of these are my own experiences and might not be true for all first generation kids. However, I hope you all get a laugh! Your grandparents don't speak English - and taught you all the best insults in the language they DO speak. Okay, maybe Teta (aka 'Grandma') didn't want me to know how to call people sloppy, dumb, and fat in Arabic, but she talked so much Middle Eastern smack that those are some of the only words I know. You never get to eat the cafeteria lunch - just whatever was left over from last night's dinner. There's nothing quite like trying to explain to the other kids at the table what falafel is. (Not many 4th graders have come across it before, and don't realize that they'll be devouring them by the dozen when they become the 'trendy' foreign food 15 years later.) You have so many cousins that family photos require the panorama feature. So you've got your first cousins, your second cousins, your third cousins once removed, the cousin who is a cousin of your other cousin (which also makes you cousins, according to your mom), and the cousins who aren't actually cousins but are so close to your family they're treated just the same. Your mom isn't saying you have to marry someone of the same background, but she isn't NOT saying that. Just like she's not telling you that your wedding ceremony has to be in your family's church/mosque/temple/religious center of choice and that you must give her lots of small, chubby, adorable grandbabies. You have to warn your non-ethnic friends about your family before they show up to a party. Take your shoes off, sample the hummus, and I apologize in advance that no one on my mom's side knows how to pronounce the 't' in 'Courtney'. (You guys, my uncles paid for a bellydancer to show up to our Fathers' Day party one year. I cannot make this up.) You have an uncle that pushes alcohol on everyone even though half of your cousins are still in high school. Here's looking at you, Uncle Alfif. (Or as we say in my family - Alcoholic Al.) And your parents aren't really fans of the fact you never tried learning 'the language'. Why do I need to learn how to speak a language I'm only going to be able to use when I'm talking to old people at family functions? I already learned all the good words from my bilingual cousins anyway. Are you a first generation American kid who has their own stories? Let me know in the comments below!
Dating Advice From Tony Stark
He actually knows what he's talking about. That's right, he's not just Iron Man: Tony Stark is an actual self-help guru. And he's here tonight to help solve your dating woes. Make use of has compiled some of the worst dating advice on the internet, and Tony's here to shut it down. Don't: Pretend to be gay to trick women into dating you. Sure, there's a stereotype that women want to spend more time with gay men than they do with straight ones- and maybe there's some truth to that. Maybe women just want to spend time with a guy they don't think will hit on them. Or maybe women have just bought into the stereotypes about gay men being well-versed in the things they care about. Either way, it's never okay to violate someone's trust, whether they're a potential partner or not. Do: Be honest and up-front about who you are and what you're about. Life is too short to pretend to be someone else. Instead of wasting your effort on people who don't want the real you, expend that energy with people who actually care about who you genuinely are. Don't: Toy with someone's feelings, or play "hard to get". Shut it down. Our society is confused enough about what consent is, no need to make the situation worse. Playing games like this is really not funny. All it does is mean that you're sending indecipherable messages- and if you do feel like you need to revoke your consent for real it won't be clear what you mean. Do: Be clear and direct about what you want. Anyone who can't deal with that does not deserve you. Don't: Stop giving a crap about anything to avoid being hurt. Sure, it can be appealing to just throw logic to the wind and stop caring. And maybe if you were going to die tomorrow, that might be a viable option. But chances are you're going to have to deal with the consequences of your actions some time soon. Do: Be a responsible human being. Seriously. Unless you are a toddler you probably need to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. That means not treating other people like garbage. Now get out there and make the magic happen!