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Miniyeti's Collection
soo this is the thoery.....WE ALL KNOW that there a 3 GREAT TREES in One Piece... THE TREE OF an old gigantic 5,000 year old library tree in Ohara, where it was destroyed by the Navy when robin was a child. THE TREE OF ADAM....This is the wood that MADE Thousand Sunny and the Oro Jackson(gol d roger's ship). This is known as the STRONGEST wood in all of one piece... TREE OF a colossal tree that absorbs sunlight and transfers it to its roots that also supply air to the ocean floor through respiration As You can see ODA has based these tree's from the garden of Eden from the bible. Adam, Eve, and the devil were characters in this. There was also a tree of life. So far we have seen the tree of Adam, Eve and knowledge. I believe that the "DEVIL TREE" would represent the ORIGINAL devil fruit tree. it is the FORTH great tree in One Piece. This is the tree that originated the devil fruits that we know of now(except the fake ones by smile, will get to that.) This is the SMILE factory that was in Dressrosa on Dolofmingo's island. As you see there are tree's that look like the artificial trees the could possibly be made from the Devil Tree. SO the tree;s we see produces SMILE which means doflomingo somehow know's the mystery of the devil fruit? UMMMM FK YES HE DOES. In this Manga text doflomingo says he knows the secret TREASURE of Mariejois. sooooo is the national treasure the devil tree? I dont think so... I believe the original devil fruit tree was either destroyed or not in use anymore. This is why devil fruits regenerate to the nearest fruit instead of going back to the original tree.HOWEVER.... THE National TREASURE doflomingo mentioned is the "TREE OF LIFE" aka ANCIENT WEAPON URANUS I mentioned in the beginning that there is also a FIFTH GREAT tree in one piece which is also from the Garden of Eden. The "TREE OF LIFE" grants immortality to whoever eats from it according to the bible im also guessing Oda is using that same logic as he as with the past tree's. The tree of life connects to the tree of eve below fishman island through the red line into mariejois Also that the Gorosei have been eating from this tree, and this is why they seem immortal. I believe the tree of life is the ancient weapon Uranus and if not still the POWERFUL national treasure. THIS is why the gorosei r the rulers of the world government at there age. ITS because these 5 men are IMMORTAL. As long as there sunlight the tree will continue to make fruit of immortality. THIS concludes my theory for now lol, thank you for reading if you guys want to tel me what you think that would be awesome..let me know!:D