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TOP Of The Food Chain Part 1
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You get up as your eyes open to a grey cloudless sky. You go look through your closet find today's outfit. You had put on a white tanktop covered by a grey jacket, For shoes, You worn a pair of white converse with a pair of skinny jeans. As for an accessory, You topped it off with a chain-like necklace. You kept your hair down and natural and sprayed on some perfume called, "Girl" which was promoted ny SNSD. You grabbed your backpack as you also get an umbrella. You opened the black and white checkered patterened umbrella as you head outside and walk to school. *20 MINUTES LATER* You arrived at school before the bell rings, You head to your first class, Math. You get into the classroom and sit in your assigned seat. As the assention was about to start, Everyone's heads turn to see a tall, pretty boy opening the door and standing there awkwardly as he looks down at the floor. You look at his embarrasing pose as the teacher tells everyone, "Good Morning Students, Today we have a new student joining us." He turns towards the student, "What is your name young man?" He looks up at everyone as he blushes hardly, "Seung-hyun, Choi Seung-hyun." You smile at him lightly as he justs look down. "Well, Let's all make Choi feel welcome, alright?" You look at Seung-hyun and see that he was gonna speak but he justs stops. You raise your hand, "Excuse Me?" The teacher looks at you with concern,"Yes?" "Well, His name is Seung-hyun and his last name is Choi." You corrected. Seung-hyun looks at you with fearing eyes as the teacher speaks up angrily, "Are you him? No, So be quiet. Is this true young child?" he rubs his neck as he snickers quietly, "Ummm, Yeah. She's correct and I'm Korean soo." The teacher looks at him with confusion," Your Korean? I thought you were Asian? Also, You said Choi Seung-hyun,I don't understand." He just stands there in embarrassment as his cheeks turned so red in a milli-second. You stood up for him, "In Korea, People use their last name first then there first name. So in America, His name would be Seung-hyun Choi. Plus, Korean is a type of an Asian race." "Of course (Y/N) would know because she was abducted by Korean Aliens!!" A boy yelled, You yell out, "Shut up! I don't want to deal with you." In your mind, When he said Alien, You immediately thought of Kim Taehyung AKA V from BTS. The teacher justs whispers to him as he points at the seat next to you. He walks towards you as his cheeks flush with cuteness. He sits next to you as a boy whispers to you, "Hey (Y/N), There is your future Korean baby daddy." You felt yourself creeping into a ball as you start to tear up. That same boy kept kicking your chair and pushing you into the desk. You heard a growling loud like sound coming from your left. You turn to see Seung-hyun punch his foot as he whispers, "Treat the girl with respect or else you get socked." You touch his fore arm as you whisper to him shyly, "It's okay, You don't have too stand up for me. I don't want you to get in trouble on your first day." He sighs loudly as he turns around. *LUNCH* You had gotten your tray and you were planing to sit with your friends as usual. But you see Seung-hyun sitting all alone as he just picks and plays with his food, Not really eating. You squel happily as you set the tray in front of him, "Hey Seung-hyun." He looks at you with an judgemental expression, "You can just call me T.O.P. if you want." You sit there as your eyes squint slightly, "Hmmm, T.O.P. I like that." After about 10 minutes of having a wonderful conversation about his life in Korea. That same boy that was bulling you, Had came over and rubbed your head, Making your hair look all frizzy and messy. You just ignored him as you fix your hair. T.O.P. moves his body across the table and fixes your hair as well, Making you blush. He asks you, "Who is that guy? And why are you accepting his actions?" You pause for a moment before responding," His name is Daniel Springs, He has been my bully for the past 2 years. I try to stand up for myself but he just brings me down." T.O.P. looked upset as he touches your hand,"It'll be okay, As long as I'm around to protect you." You blushed hardly as his foot accidently touches yours. *NIGHT* You out your hair in a braid and bundle up into bed. You stay on your phone listening to "Hide and Seek" By Astro. You sang along as you thought about Seung-hyun and his thoughtful actions. You blush and smile during midnight's sleep... I hoped you guys enjoyed!!! So sorry if this was short, I'm sort of busy but soon Part 2 will be posted. Tomorrow, A hoping love story part 9 will come out! Finally I know!!! Ha love you peeps...
Bittersweet Smiles (Oneshot)
Because someone mentioned Kookie as their bias πŸ˜‰ Credits: ExoBtsImagination Tagging all the beauties! πŸ’• @emealia @bambamisbae @JessicaEvaristo @Ercurrent @amooon13eg @RinaBea @RinaBea @NEOisRealo @terenailyn @VikaAlex @LaurenDimalanta @Vixxstarlight1 @dchapple45 @vlargo @myylifeisnow @jessicacheung97 @loftonc16 @lunastormnoona @StaceyNguyen @drummergirl691 @MyriamMadla98 @DonnaLykaRoxas @DasiaB @abby177 @KarlythePanda66 @cutiecookie @Baekyeol27 @Msrayray95 @evieevelyn @megancurrent9 @aishwaryashrest @MsLoyalHeart @IsisMayaVelasco @Jocelynne03 @LizbethOrtega @HaleyLamoureux @Helixx @PrettieeEmm @VKookie47 @bbyitskatie @QueenLele @yaya12 @Valerie816 @SarahVanDorn @roseeoh @Allyson3333 @AshleyAndino @merryjayne13 @KaylinJones @GossamoKewen95 @JadeOwens @TracyLynnn @dlphn100grl @SugalessJams @kelseyblair @jojojordy2324 @MichelleIbarra @SusiBosshammer @MelissaGarza @shelbiisonfire @DeyaniraEstrada @AuraKyoshiro @FalseLove @KaeliShearer @roseeoh @BTS34443 @taisiakaps90 @elizabeth1234 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