JacobWilson's Collection
JacobWilson's Collection
Years ago, I was intrigued by tarot and other forms of divination. It had started with a desire to figure out the "trick to it", but continued because...well, I was sort of urged on by friends and family that tried to convince me I had some sort of gift. Eventually, I had a collection...a scrying bowl, pendulums, rune stones, and tarot decks. I interpreted palms, tea leaves, and dreams. To be honest, I made surprisingly accurate predictions, for someone as skeptical as I am. Then, I stopped, quite suddenly. I got rid of everything. I had predicted something that unsettled me deeply. My brother was engaged, and his wife-to-be asked me to read her palm. When I did, I didn't really want to reveal what I had gleaned...it seemed outlandish and impossible to me...but she insisted. After a couple hours of her begging, I offered that I would tell my brother, but not her, because I was more worried about the power of suggestion than actually predicting something. I left it up to him to decide whether or not to tell her. He never did. Less than a year later, though, my prediction came to pass. She was unfaithful with someone that was a close friend of his. By then, I had forgotten about the reading. When he told me about it, he asked, "Remember when you read Sxxx's palm? [Yes, but I don't remember what I saw.] You were right. She cheated on me with Jxxx." I was terribly shocked. His wife NEVER struck me as the type of person that would cheat. He told me he had never told her what I had seen, that he had actually made something up to tell her because he felt similarly about self-fulfilling prophecies. As he is more skeptical than even I, he never would have entertained the idea that it would come to pass, either. So, I doubt that it had created any big ripples in their young, passionate romance. Whatever was in her to be unfaithful, it was already there before my reading. (Woah, I'm going to need a moment to process this breakthrough; it wasn't MY FAULT.) All of this contradicted everything I believed about divination. I mean, I had been SO SURE that it was all a clever, "just vague enough" system of generalizations that can be interpreted any number of ways, and that any more pointed predictions usually only came to pass due to the power of suggestion. My mother's response was to start telling me about things I "knew" when I was much younger...gifts that I shouldn't have known the contents of, when certain people were coming to visit, when the phone was about to ring...just random stuff. (Actually, I still always know when the phone is about to ring, but I think there's more of a scientific explanation for that.) Anyway, a friend of mine just gave me a new set of tarot for St. Patrick's day, and he's trying to encourage me to get back in touch with that part of myself. He says that sure, there will be some bad things that I will see, but there will be positive things, as well. He says that I can inspire people through readings, too. I'm not so sure about it. It still scares me a bit. What do you all think? Should I give divination another go? Would I really be able to help anyone this way? @nicolejb @danidee @alywoah @2Distracted @LAVONYORK @shannonl5 @EasternShell @AlloBaber @ButterflyBlu