Vixx is actually killing me!
Group photos! and they look darn amazing! now I will show the individual members photos from the Feltics photoshoot. First is our leader-nim Hakyeon/N. Not sure why he has more photos than the rest of the members. But who am I to complain? Any pictures of Hakyeon are amazing! And he looks so good! Next we will do our loveable rapper Wonshik/Ravi. Ravi is one of my biases in Vixx and I have to say he looks damn sexy! Especially in the second picture! He looks like a right bad boy! And I love him! Now for one of the main vocalists and my other bias...... Taekwoon/Leo! My God! He is killing me with the blonde hair and the eye stare that he is giving in each photo is just wahh. He killed me again in the mv for 'Chained up' when he kept on doing those body rolls... especially the solo one he had near the end. Next up is our other main vocalist Jaehwan/Ken. Now I never used to pay any attention to Ken in their past mvs. But all that changed when he had his parts in 'Chained Up.' Holy Crap did that boy gain my attention! He looked so sexy in that black suit (all of them did really) and he looked so damn good in his box of flowers. It really suited him and made the picture (or scene/s) look so serene. I think I have my bias wrecker picked out. Now is our cutie pie (yet sex on legs) Hongbin. Now I'm sure you all know why I called him sex on legs... Let's talk about him in the 'Chained Up' MV... Not only did he give us the sex eye look... he also looked sexy just sitting in the water. And can we talk about those arms for a minute. Wooooo! Damn Hongbin! Last but by no means least... we have our maknae, who by the way is not acting like a maknae, Sanghyuk/Hyuk. Hyuk had quite a few lines and slayed it! He is no longer classed as a maknae in my book. He's more of a sexy man now! He just looked so flipping hot in every scene he had. The blonde hair just did it for me too... and the Adams apple.. damn that is a sexy body part (on some people) Lastly I'd like to say thank you to Vixx's stylist for making them have a suit jacket on with no under shirt on... and the black suit jackets were basically showing all their top halves of their bodies! So thank you to the stylist for doing this to us Starlights!