Pick VIXX's N's Best Hair Color
I love Hakyeon in any way, shape, or form so I to me all of these colors are perfect. Which is your favorite?! The Red Era GR8U is one of my favorite VIXX songs and the video was so fun! This entire era of red headed Hakyeon just makes me feel happy and proud to be a red head too ;D The Grey Era I fell in love with Hakyeon during their On and On promotions, when he had this really great silver hair. People would call him an old man for it but really it will always be fabulous to me. The Blonde Era This was a short era but also a great one. I prefer the darker colors on Hakyeon but he totally worked it as a blonde too! The Blue Era This literally last a DAY cause it only happened for a concert, but my god it was the best day of my life. Look at him! ITS THE PERFECT COLOR FOR HIM. MY LOOOOOVE. The Black Era Natural Hakyeon is my favorite Hakyeon so if you made me vote I'd have to go with the black hair as my pick for best N hair :D He's just so sweet and happy and doesn't need any hair colors to make him more special! The Green Era Honestly when I saw this teaser image I just about died. This hair is so sooooo nice and with that choker? Game over. I like it when it is more messy like this but the sleek look he does for live shows is lovely too. It's a hard decision but WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE!? @JustinaMclean @ToriDaldegan @ashelynlandon15 @StarlightDria @RecklessYouth @TaeJinMaknae @kpopular @AletheaOwan @JazminOrozco @Adetoro @kpopgirl42 @babodwaejitokki @LateashaChantae @GloriaAlvarado @mariahybarra96 @paksaedi @Nikkitty @KaoriHikaru5 @FelicianaRomero @neonhamskittie @Elanana @squeakk @NayizX3 @JessicaSchnipke @kaylacdiamond @HayleyGilbert @BTSinfires @JojoT3 @caitiesu @EliStacy87 @UlysesTorres @reallychelsea @kskatie82 @Viresse @NatMarie @KhrystinaLee @sugajin94 @kpopandkimchi @B1A4BTS5ever @netchtiBates @KpopGaby @lamrotamrot @XergaB20 @AgentLeo @AimeeH @DianaBell @Miss148 @CheyenneJessee @StephanieDuong @allischaaff @ocherrylimeadeo @baileykayleen @Meeshell @ravirie @DeeNice @HappyGLAlexis @AlmaRangel @edwinb94 @IzzyPerkins @Baekyeol27 @solodaywithB1A4 @edwinb94 @StarBabes @AlmaRangel @YvonJerzak @wonsikbrah @AlmaRangel @TaeJinMaknae @TesneemElAlami @Mastermind2K16 @kelseyblair @ciabri22 @Dahliadang @KellyOConnor @JustinaMclean @ToriDaldegan @ashelynlandon15 @StarlightDria @RecklessYouth @TaeJinMaknae @kpopular @AletheaOwan @JazminOrozco @Adetoro @kpopgirl42 @babodwaejitokki @LateashaChantae @GloriaAlvarado @mariahybarra96 @paksaedi @Nikkitty @KaoriHikaru5 @FelicianaRomero @neonhamskittie @Elanana @squeakk @NayizX3 @JessicaSchnipke @kaylacdiamond @HayleyGilbert @BTSinfires @JojoT3 @caitiesu @EliStacy87 @UlysesTorres @reallychelsea @kskatie82 @Viresse @xxxtina @chaerica @natmarie @atomshair @StarBabes @baileykayleen @CreeTheOtaku @KellyOConnor @kelseyblair @sosoaloraine23