BTS random stuff
BTS random stuff
Orange Hair Jimin was a blessing (ღ✪v✪)
Compilation Orange Jimin Remember that time Jimin spammed a staff's(?) phone with pictures of him at MV Bank Stardustㅋㅋ @kbs2stardust tweeted a reply (about his spam) afterwards when Jimin tweeted😂😂 OkaYy!! BUT.! Imagine you working at Kbs, then one time you accidentally left your phone back at work so you had to go back.. Looking around KBS, you easily spotted your phone which was laying next to where Jimin is sitting,you went over to get it. As soon as you grabbed it you heared small giggles coming from Jimin... You didn't mind him cause you thought he was just laughing at the webtoon comic he was reading.. Opening your phone you saw the camera open.. you don't remember opening your camera last until you saw a picture of Jimin at the corner.. Jimin silently jumped up from his seat as soon as he saw that you saw, he patted you on the head and walked off with a smile one his face leaving you blankly staring at your iPhone screen seeing- - +3K pictures of him... =What will you do next??= [Comment down below!! I wanna know the ending of your story!! ㅋㅋ♡] ============================= JIMIN's selcas at Stardust are just life seriously 😍😍 More pics.. And more.. 😂😂😍 Tagging these Beauties: 💕 • A @AimeeH • B @BackwardsRain • C @CuteBabyLay • D @DocLee • E @ESwee @elainarenea • J @jiminakpop • K @kpopandkimchi @kpopxanime @kolai4 • L @luvexobts @LovelyHana17 @LizaNightshade • M @Maribelita • R @rosajlm2 • S @sarangseoltang • T @thatphamily • X @xojuliettexox • Shout me out in the comments if you want to be added to or removed from this list thank you~😊