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hello again this is AloraGrimm here to bring you more comedic manga for you to enjoy this one I just found a little bit ago and have started getting into it's about a brother who has an extremely large sister complex and his sister is a bit of a tsundere as everyone knows such things nothing can go wrong am I right welcome to the wonderful world of ~Amentia Manhwa we are main characters for the moment tell me what you think about them and the relationship he fantasizes he has about his sister first starting off what the reality is versus his expectation if that wasn't bad enough his imaginations are starting to become real so the sister he's thinking is starting to turn up into reality and is actually becoming a physical embodiment Now if going to the doctor wasn't enough to tell him he's a little bit of a psycho who should not be imagining his sister in a much more inappropriate way and being a live versus his imagination but her warning leads into the situation a but..... after standing up for the first time against the sister when she pushed him a little too far now he's worried what he's going to do to make up for it so he tries using his imagination to see if he can deal with the not real sister on how to deal with the real one but that turns out to be a little harder then not, with a spoiler after trying to cop a feel he realizes that this one is not his imagination but the real deal.... some of the more mature content was left out for photo viewing tell me what you guys think about this manga I found it absolutely hilarious and I'll send the link down below if you want to read it right away as always so don't forget to subscribe and tell me what you really think and would you actually read this or not mature content warning again more mature photos edited out for Content reasons sorry I know a lot of you would have loved them but that's a little too much nudity frontal enjoy comment below what you think about it and if you would actually read this series and don't forget to subscribe so you can follow up on every time trending Tuesdays in Throwback Thursdays come around don't forget to check out the rest of the team Mod @CreeTheOtaku Action packed adventure @Captpeter Blossoming love and harems @BlackoutZJ Borderline echhi @KillerJugglo38 Gruesome horror @AshChrimson Slice of life @Lovelywhite13